One of the hardest things about cooking for little people is trying to figure great meal options the kids in your life will actually love. Let’s face it, kids are picky eaters. And, having more than one picky eater can make meal planning an impossible task. Luckily, we’re here to help! We’ve scoured the web for the best dinner recipes that we’re sure your kids will love (or hopefully they’ll at least love some of them!) From unique dishes like tater tot nachos to classic kid-friendly meals like mac and cheese, we have great meal ideas that will hopefully help make weeknight meal planning easier for you!

If you’re looking for fun and easy dinner recipes your kids will love, consider these 40 awesome meal ideas below:


1. Pizza Casserole

Invented by a kid, this recipe is 100 percent kid-approved. Pepperoni and pasta combine to make a mouth-watering meal that will satisfy meal-eaters of every age!

2. Tater Tot Nachos

Talk about a crowd-pleaser! Even if your kids don’t love Mexican food, they’ll go nuts over a plate of tater tot nachos. So will the adults, for that matter!

3. Pizza Quesadillas

Most kids love pizza, and this is a fun new twist on the old standard that they can help make! Pizza quesadillas are simple to prepare and I guarantee that your kids will love them. Let them pick their own fillings and help instill a love of cooking. Let the fun begin!

4. Buttermilk Chicken Tenders

My kids love ordering breaded chicken tenders when we go out to eat, so I decided to make my own version so they could enjoy them at home as well. The tenders are soaked in buttermilk, which makes them juicy and moist. Needless to say, my kids love them!


5. BBQ Chicken Pizza

The next time you make grilled chicken, grill some extra to use for this delicious BBQ chicken pizza the next night! This pizza is simple and comes together in no time, and you won’t believe how delicious it is. The tangy sauce, the melted cheese, and the juicy chicken make for such a flavorful, yummy combination!

6. Bacon Pierogi Bake

In this comforting casserole, pierogies are smothered in a creamy sauce and then topped with gooey cheese, crisp bacon and fresh tomatoes. This is a family favorite for sure!

7. Baked Macaroni and Cheese

My mom always made this Baked Macaroni and Cheese recipe when I was growing up – we never had the boxed kind. Toss up a salad or steam some broccoli and you have a full meal that is delicious and very comforting.

8. Tater Tots Casserole with Cheddar Cheese

This is a fun dish that is easy to assemble and makes for a hearty meal for a family. It is a very interesting way of serving tater tots (or fried potato rounds), which everyone loves. Feel free to remove the cheese from this dish — it works with or without it. Enjoy!


9. Tex-Mex white Cheddar Chicken Spaghetti

Unlike most chicken spaghetti recipes, this version doesn’t contain any condensed soups, and it doesn’t require baking in the oven. This spicy, creamy, cheesy spaghetti dinner is a delicious and different weeknight meal.

10. Italian BLTs

The good old BLT gets an Italian makeover in this delicious spin on a classic favorite. Iceberg is replaced with romaine, Roma tomatoes are used, pesto is added to the mayonnaise, and each sandwich gets a generous helping of mozzarella cheese. You’ll never look at a BLT the same way again!

11. Crispy Oven-Baked Chimichangas

The crispy, crunchy shell and delicious filling of these healthy chimichangas are the perfect weeknight meal for families. You get the same great taste as traditional chimichangas but less fat and calories. Serve your kids a meal that’s equally as healthy as it is delicious!

12. Rotini with Sauteed Chicken Sausage and Vegetables

This pasta dish makes a wonderful family meal. It’s chock full of beautiful fresh vegetables, whole grain pasta, and Italian chicken sausage, which has 70% less fat than regular pork sausage. I hope your family enjoys it as much as mine does!


13. Pizza Stuffed Peppers

I think everyone’s mom or family member had a recipe for stuffed peppers they remember from their youth. Maybe not everyone feels this way, but I always loved stuffed peppers. This recipe is different than my Mother’s, but still very very yummy.

14. Baked Parmesan Fish Sticks

Charm even your pickiest eater with this family-friendly fish dish! Healthy, tasty and quick as a wink to put together, this crispy, flavorful meal is perfect for a busy weeknight.

15. Chicken Tacos

Tasty chicken tacos – an easy weeknight meal for busy parents. My kids love these and ask for them all the time. You can switch the recipe to beef or even fish if you start to get bored of the chicken.

16. Prosciutto Wrapped Turkey Meatloaf Cupcakes

Get the coolest parent of the year award with these savory meatloaf cupcakes. Topped with creamy mashed potatoes, this meal is perfect for a family on the move.


17. Super Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie is a classic family meal that can now be made in less than an hour. The best part is, it doesn’t come from a box!

18.  Homemade Spaghetti O’s

Skip the canned food section and opt for a homemade version of your child’s favorite instant food.

19. 7-Layer Dip Burritos

If you’re looking for something quick to make as you run out the door to drop your little one off at soccer, this burrito will do the trick! Ready in just minutes, your child will be shocked at how good it is!

20. Quinoa Taco Bowls

This is one of my favorite meals to serve up and to eat myself! Packed with tons of nutrients and ready very quickly, this meal makes great leftovers and is best served with homemade guac!


21. Easy Meatball Sliders

Whether you’re looking to feed a group of people for an upcoming party or event or just to feed the mouths around your dining room table, you’ll definitely want to give this recipe a try. It’s full of tasty flavors that adults and your kids will love. Not to mention is extremely easy to assemble which means less time in the kitchen and more time for you!

22. Cheeseburger Casserole

If you have kids at home that love cheeseburgers from your local fast food joint then you’ll definitely want to give this recipe a try. Think about all the flavors you love about a tasty cheeseburger all combined into an easy ready-to-eat in 30 minutes casserole. From the savory meat to the cheesy pasta and pickle toppings you’ll definitely satisfy your next cheeseburger craving with this recipe and the best part is your whole family will love it too.

23. Cresent Mozzarella Sticks

If you’re seeking a quick and easy dinner that your children will love, then it doesn’t get much easier than this. Made with all store bought ingredients you’ll have these prepared and ready to eat in no time. If you and your children love pizza then try this fun twist by making mozzarella sticks for your meal before a busy night.

24. Taco Pizza

Do your children love taco night? Do they also love pizza night? Why not surprise them by combining two of their favorite dinners into one. This unique twist on pizza night will be sure to surprise them and make it fun for everyone. This recipe is made with easily accessible ingredients like store bought crescent rolls and packaged shredded cheese, you’ll have this whipped up in no time. You can even make this recipe the night before so it’s ready to eat as soon as everyone is home the next day.


25. Quick & Easy Instant Pot Macaroni And Cheese

As a child, macaroni and cheese was always a favorite of mine. If you’re like most people and purchased or received an Instant Pot as a gift this year then you’ll be happy to know you can make your kiddo’s favorite meal, mac and cheese in it too! This recipe only takes 15 minutes from start to finish that makes it a perfect dinner for nights your family is in a rush.

26. Mini Lasagna Cups

This super easy dinner recipe will not only save you time but will also quench your savory cravings. Filled with the delicious layers we love about lasagna but made in the convenience of a muffin tin these are perfect for dinner and your children will love their ready-made portions. This recipe offers a variety of substitutions to alternate ingredients you will have on hand and to make it easier for you.

27. Sloppy Joe French Bread Pizza

If you’re like me, sloppy joes were a classic dinner meal when I was growing up. An extremely easy meal to assemble and most kids love it. This recipe takes the easiness of sloppy joes and combines it with pizza that all your children or child will go crazy for. Cheesy, saucy on crunchy toasted bread-what is not to love!

28. Mini Macaroni And Cheese Bites

Muffin tin recipes are a great idea because your kids will love these easy to bite “muffins” and you can make extra batches to save you time for future dinners. Simply freeze your extras and take out as you need for lunches or for dinner times in a pinch. These tasty macaroni and cheese bites are both cheesy and crunchy that you and your kids will enjoy.


29. Instant Pot Chili Mac

Why not combine the savory flavors of chili with macaroni and cheese, the ultimate comfort food. Everyone is your household will be sure to appreciate this and will be coming back for seconds. Not to mention, this recipe makes a great choice for those picky eaters. This recipe is also made in the instant pot which means you can have a wholesome meal ready on your table in under 30 minutes, that’s a recipe I can get behind!

30. Cheesy Chicken Pizza Pockets

If your children love pizza pockets but you don’t want to give them all the additives and artificial flavors most boxed kinds come with, consider making them yourself. This very easy recipe will satisfy you by giving your children wholesome ingredients all the while satisfying their taste buds. Made with store-bought pizza dough and shredded rotisserie chicken you’ll have these pockets made in minimal time.

31. Ham And Cheese Pockets

This is another great take on pizza pockets but with a different filling. This homemade dough will surprise your family and yourself with how easy it is to make. These cheesy pockets are filled with sliced ham and lots of flavors that will definitely quench your comfort food craving. Say goodbye to your box-packaged pizza pockets.

32. Hot Dog Nuggets

Growing up, like many other children, corndogs were a favorite of mine. If you want a super easy meal that your kids will definitely love and will eat their entire serving, consider this really easy recipe. Made with pre-made crescent roll dough and chopped hot dogs you’ll have these made very quickly. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce and watch these nuggets get diminished off the plate.


33. Easy Weeknight Leftover Chicken Quesadillas

Quesadillas are such an underrated meal! They’re simple, delicious, inexpensive, and kid and adult friendly. This recipe uses leftover or store-bought rotisserie chicken to simplify the meal and pairs it with our delicious 5-Ingredient Copycat Chipotle Burrito Sauce!

34. Baked Honey BBQ Chicken Fingers

Chicken nuggets and french fries have been a well-known staple dinner for years. There’s a reason why children love this meal so much because it’s so simple, yet so delicious. This recipe offers a healthier alternative that will satisfy you and your family. These chicken fingers hold a lot of smokey barbeque flavors and are baked, not fried in panko crumbs. And to top it all off who doesn’t love a meal you can eat with your fingers.

35. Easy Upside-Down Pizza Casserole

This tasty recipe gives you all the comforting satisfactions that casseroles have to offer with a delicious spin of pizza flavors. This recipe offers you a healthier spin without sacrificing flavor and not to mention your children will not even notice the healthy ingredients. To save extra time prepare the pizza casserole the night before so it’s ready to place into the oven as soon as you’re home from work the next day.

36. Easy Popcorn Shrimp

If you’re trying to get out of the pizza and pasta cycle try making popcorn shrimp for dinner. Your kids will love this delicious finger food meal that is packed full of flavor and crunchy texture. Not to mention, all the ingredients needed for this recipe you will most likely have on hand.


37. Instant Pot Pizza

This is another great recipe to put your Instant pot to work. Pizza casseroles can be made in so many ways with a variety of flavors and ingredient choices. Say hello to a whole new way of making pasta. Making this dish in your Instant pot requires no additional clean up with multiple pot usage-you don’t even have to boil your pasta separately. Simply place all the ingredients in your Instant Pot, and you’ll have this amazing dinner ready in only 15 minutes!

38. Left Over Spaghetti Nests

If you’re seeking to stretch one dinner into two then look no further, this is the recipe for you. These spaghetti nests are a great way to make leftovers new again. The muffin tin also offers convenience by binding the pasta together so you can eat them with your fingers, what child doesn’t love that! Muffin tin recipes are also a great way to make ready-to-eat portions and freeze them for later!

39. Easy Weeknight Instant Pot Copycat Hamburger Helper

There is perhaps nothing quite as easy to whip up on a busy weeknight as Hamburger Helper. It’s quick and inexpensive to make and most kids won’t say no to noodles, cheese, and meat. But you can clean up the ingredients of this storebought dinner and make it far tastier by creating it from scratch in your Instant Pot.

40. Kid-Approved Vegan Mac And Cheese

If you follow a Vegan lifestyle or have a lactose allergy no need to worry! Your children and yourself don’t need to miss out on a childhood favorite like mac and cheese, Forkly has got you covered. This recipe will satisfy your mac and cheese craving all the while providing you and your children with an excellent serving of vegetables that they won’t even bat an eye at.


41. Four Ingredient Mini Chicken Pot Pies

This recipe is so straightforward it only contains four ingredients and they’re all store bought options. That means you can have a tasty home cooked meal without all the hassle. This easy recipe only takes 30 minutes start to finish and is toddler approved! Another great finger food choice your children will enjoy.

42. Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups

This awesome recipe provides a fun twist on a regular grilled cheese. It has all the same flavor but in a different form. You and your family will love these grilled cheese roll-ups. They’re great on their own or make an excellent dipper to be paired with tomato soup.

43. Quick & Easy Instant Pot Deconstructed Lasagna

While I love to cook, I just don’t have the time that goes into a meal like homemade lasagna, even though I adore this dish. Enter, the Instant Pot. It takes a small fraction of the time and tastes exactly the same as traditional lasagna, making it a favorite in my books!

Clarissa Vanner

Clarissa loves experimenting with food of all cultures to make unique healthy dishes. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for new recipe inspiration she likes to pick up a DIY project and use her creative hands to make art or crafts. In her down time you can find her watching the latest documentaries on Netflix or going for nature walks.

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