Rainbow foods are all the rage right now and we aren’t mad at it! Rainbows make everyone feel good and can often fill your plate with nutritional benefits in the form of produce. Other times, rainbow foods can fill your plate with the perfect dessert you’ve been craving all week. Regardless of whether these meals are healthy or not, they are really fun to make and delicious to eat. Check out these recipes that will help you achieve a rainbow themed meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

1. Rainbow Antipasto Pasta

Turn your favorite Italian appetizers into a meal with this amazing bowl of pasta.

2. Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

Kabobs are an easy meal to make on a hot day and look so colorful. Better yet, they are filled with all those good nutrients!

3. Tie Dye Cheesecake

You know I always include a cheesecake in these articles, so here’s your rainbow tie dye cheesecake!

4. Rainbow Salsa

This is definitely a snack that is filled with color and good food, which makes it delicious and nutritious!

5. Rainbow Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Make a low carb pizza alternative for supper tonight. Load up with your favorite veggies and top with some cheese.

6. Rainbow Citrus Infused Water

Infuse your water with a rainbow of citrus flavors! Rainbows don’t have to be limited to the sky, they can be underwater too.

7. Funfetti Cupcake

Sometimes, you just want to go crazy with color when you’re baking – so go for it! This cake actually requires you to dump a ton sprinkles into the cake batter.

8. Rainbow Sangria

Sip on this pretty little sangria and celebrate all the fruit that is in season this summer!

9. Rainbow Bowls

Keep it clean and healthy with this amazing rainbow bowl that will nourish your body!

10. Rainbow Hummus Wraps

Pack up the rainbow into your lunch for work tomorrow with this simple yet flavorful wrap. It’s filled with all the good stuff to get you through the long afternoon.

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