Many schools have a morning snack break to help keep the children’s energy levels up. This can be a difficult time for those with nut allergies. Many healthy options for snacks contain nuts for their high protein content. While many brands are coming out with nut-free prepackaged treats, they are loaded with corn sugar and preservatives. We collected the best 10 recipes for nut-free snack options. Many of our choices will last for weeks in the pantry for storage. There are healthy snacks, but also some treats for nut-free desserts. We included coconut in some recipes as they are not technically nuts. If you know your child or a classmate reacts with coconut then please skip that recipe. We don’t want people getting sick!

1. Fruit Leather

This fun snack can be made with almost any fruit combination. They look like another popular store bought snack and so it will be easy to introduce this to your child. Roll them up in strips with parchment paper for that extra authentic look. Photos and Recipe By: Well Plated

2. Apple Chips

 While the recipe calls for the use of a dehydrator, you can make these with an oven kept on the lowest setting. The result is crunchy like potato chips, without the worry of peanut oil. Spice them up with cinnamon for a dessert option. Photos and Recipe By: Jennifer Meyering

3. Nut-Free No-Bake Granola Bars

Instead of buying expensive store brands, make your own with their favorite ingredients. They are much more delicious and you know exactly what ingredients are included. Try some fun combinations like chocolate chips and dried cherries. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

4. Cheese Crackers

 These cheesy, crunchy crackers are a great finger food for little hands. Don’t risk cross contamination from the factory and make your own at home. Cut the dough out in fun shapes, like the classic fish store brand. Photos and Recipe By: Chew Out Loud

5. Pretzel Bites

These soft bites of pretzel can be made sweet or savory. Use them as a dessert with icing to dip them. The savory type with salt give a good option instead of buying chips. Photos and Recipe By: Two Peas and Their Pod

6. Animal Crackers

These little bites are neither cracker nor cookie. This recipe amps up the classic treat with some kid friendly icing. You can make animal crackers in any shapes that your child loves. Try dinosaurs or cars for a fun treat that your child can play with. Photos and Recipe By: Dessert First Girl

7. Ambrosia

Mix up a classic fruit salad with the addition of marshmallows and coconut with a creamy dressing. You can sneak fruit into a dessert for picky eaters. If your child is allergic to coconut, simple leave this out. Photos and Recipes By: Erin Cooks

8. Chocolate Pudding

There is no reason to buy pudding mixes when it is so easy to make! The ingredients at home are few, while the store brands might have 50 different additives. Make a mix of the ingredients to keep in your pantry for later. Photos and Recipes By: The Frugal Girl

9. Mini Muffins

Sneak some fiber into your child’s diet with these cute mini muffins! Make a large batch and freeze them for later. Be careful because these will disappear on you! Photos and Recipe By: Family Food On The Table

10. Chocolate Bars

These little treats are packed with sugar, but are a good alternative to store bought chocolate bars. Make them small for an individual portion. While these are not for everyday they make a great treat. Photos and Recipe By: Elana’s Pantry

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