Keeping your kids busy and entertained is no easy feat. Luckily for us, McDonald’s is helping us make mealtime fun! The fast-food chain just released the template for their iconic Happy Meal Boxes so you can make them at home! All you have to do is go to McDonald’s website, download the template, and then print it.

It’s worth noting, it would be best to print the template on heavy-duty paper such as card stock to ensure the box holds its shape. Alternatively, you could also print the template on regular printer paper and then trace it onto cardboard. If you choose to go this route you could then allow your kids to paint their Happy Meal boxes. There is plenty of fun and easy ways to keep you and your kids busy!

Source: McDonald’s

Once you have you have your boxes prepared you could fill them with their favorite McDonald’s treats by picking up your order in the drive-thru or ordering for delivery. Alternatively, you could also fill the boxes with homemade versions of their favorite restaurant treats. Let’s explore that next.

McDonald’s Copycat Big Mac Bites

These copycat Big Mac Bites are incredibly easy to make and taste just like the real deal! We’ve also included a copycat recipe to make the iconic Big Mac Sauce, to ensure you have an authentic experience. Since these are slider-sized, they’re the perfect size for your kids. You could make these with a side of homemade fries, and add them to their Happy Meal boxes! Check out our easy copycat Big Mac Bites recipe.

McDonald’s Sausage & Egg McMuffin

Perhaps your kids are craving breakfast instead! McDonald’s shared the recipe for their iconic Sausage and Egg McMuffin sandwich with Mirror UK, so you can effortlessly make it at home. The best part is you’ll only need 5 simple ingredients! Get the full recipe and instructions HERE. There are plenty of other copycat recipes that will help you enjoy your favorite restaurant foods at home.

McDonald’s also has a Family Hub section on its website which hosts plenty of fun activities for your kids. From creating your own bookmarks and coloring sheets to online games there is something for everyone. Check out their full list of online activities on McDonald’s website.

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