Popcorn is a fantastic snack to munch on when you’re watching a movie or just have the munchies but aren’t too hungry. While it is absolutely delicious on its own, popcorn can be flavored in some seriously creative ways. If you aren’t a fan of popcorn, these flavors can help you finally jump on the bandwagon and enjoy a delicious snack everyone else loves.

1. Ranch

If you are a die-hard Ranch salad dressing fanatic, then making ranch flavored popcorn will be your jam. The popcorn has the salty and fresh flavors of your favorite dressing and just takes a couple minutes to make.

Drizzle butter over your popcorn and then sprinkle some powdered ranch dressing mix on top. If you want to get extra gourmet, you can also add some chopped chives into the mix. Delicious!

2. Truffle

Are you a foodie who is uninspired by the same old popcorn? This is your time to make that popcorn shine for the first time in a long time. The best part about popcorn is that everything is added “to taste” which means you don’t really need exact measurements, therefore freeing you up to get creative.

After your popcorn is popped, drizzle with melted butter. Then add truffle oil until you’ve achieved the optimal flavor. Add a little freshly grated parmesan with salt and pepper, and you have yourself a decadent movie treat.

3. Salted Chocolate

Salted Chocolate popcorn is not only a great treat to make for an upcoming family movie night, but it can also be a wonderful party favor to give out as well.

Drizzle your popcorn with melted butter, then drizzle on the melted dark chocolate. Take some freshly ground sea salt and sprinkle it on top as the finishing flavor.

4. Brown Sugar & Cinnamon

Brown sugar and cinnamon is one of those flavors that is so simple and never gets old. Whether you are flavoring your oatmeal in the morning or wanting to add a sweet twist to your popcorn at night, this flavor is a winner every time.

After you have popped your popcorn, cover the kernels in melted butter. Mix the brown sugar and cinnamon ahead of time so that you can get an even distribution of sweet and cinnamon-y. Sprinkle the mixture on the popcorn, and enjoy!

5. Vegan Cheesy

For all those vegans out there who once loved cheese, we feel you! It can be a tough transition but with the help of nutritional yeast, aka “nooch”, and you won’t have to feel like you’re missing out at all.

After you add some coconut oil to your popcorn, sprinkle some of the nutty cheesy nutritional yeast onto your popcorn and mix. Finish by adding some salt, pepper, and paprika for extra flavor.

6. Spicy Dill Pickle

Selena Gomez has claimed to absolutely love this combination of flavors, and we think that as crazy as it sounds, there will be a few of you out there thanking us for sharing this flavor combination.

Drizzle some pickle juice onto your popcorn – not so much that you make your popcorn soggy, but just enough to add some flavor. To finish off this delicious flavored popcorn, add some Sriracha into the mix and enjoy!

7. S’More

Remember how much you loved Rice Krispie Squares when you were younger? Well, this is like Rice Krispie Squares on whole new level of fantastic.

Melt butter and marshmallows together as you would for Rice Krispie Squares, then instead of Rice Krispies add the popcorn! Once this mixture has cooled down, drizzle melted dark chocolate on top and finish with some graham crumbs.

8. Taco

Tacos are really having their moment right now on social media and in the real world, so why not bring the taco craze into your popcorn?

After you drizzle your popcorn with butter, sprinkle on taco seasoning until you’ve achieved the level of spice you are comfortable with. Feel free to add a sprinkle of grated cheese as well.

9.  Salt & Vinegar

Salt and Vinegar chips are one of those flavors you just can’t stop eating once you start. If you’re trying to steer clear of chips, opt for popcorn as a healthier choice!

For your vinegar, you can choose regular vinegar or balsamic if you want to be a little more gourmet. Don’t add too much as it can make your popcorn become a little soggy. Finish with some freshly ground sea salt and add to taste.

10. Candy Cane

If you are constantly in the Christmas spirit, you’re not alone! While Christmas may last only one month of the year, you can extend that holiday until you’re sick of it with some specially flavored popcorn.

Crush a bunch of candy canes using a heavy rolling pin and roll them until they are in almost powder form. Drizzle your popcorn with butter, sprinkle on your candy cane pieces and add a few drops of peppermint extract. Merry Christmas!

11. Old Bay

If you’re a huge fan of seafood, this Old Bay popcorn has your name written all over it! Instead of the same old buttered popcorn, try this new seasoning out for a delicious new flavor.

Simply spray your popcorn with no stick spray, sprinkle on the old bay seasoning and enjoy!

12. Buffalo Wing

No one can get enough of those delicious chicken wings. When it comes to popcorn, it’s a very similar sentiment so why not combine two amazing foods to achieve the ultimate popcorn snack?

Melt your butter and then add a little cayenne pepper and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce into the mix. Drizzle on top of your popcorn and toss.

13. Everything But The Bagel Spice

When you can’t decide what bagel to get, get the everything bagel! It has all the flavors you can imagine in it and tastes absolutely delicious. The same goes for popcorn when you can’t decide what to season it with, make your own everything popcorn!

Drizzle your popcorn with butter and then add some Trader Joe’s famous spice into the mix. Toss your popcorn and you have one amazing snack. You can also make your own everything seasoning mix if you don’t have Trader Joe’s Spice on hand.

14. Garlic Parmesan

You won’t be able to get enough of this flavor of popcorn even if you tried! It basically tastes like garlic bread and is highly addicting once you get eating.

Drizzle your popcorn with butter and then sprinkle with some garlic salt and freshly grated parmesan cheese. It’s so simple yet so delicious.

15.Cake Batter Popcorn

We have a lot of savory popcorn options but what about sweet? If you are having a birthday party, this mixture is a great snack or a good party favor.

Drizzle your popcorn with butter and add a splash of vanilla. Toss the popcorn and then add some birthday cake sprinkles!

Lindsay Duncan

Lindsay loves cooking fun and creative meals for friends and family. At home, you can find her trying out a new recipe found on Pinterest while trying to balance her husband's sweet tooth with her healthy eating habits. If she's not in the kitchen, you'll find Lindsay photographing people she loves and going out with friends to try the newest restaurant in her small town.

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