Ahhhh movie nights! Where everyone puts on their slippers and cozies up under a big quilt to watch a new release or an old classic. Whatever your movie pick, you know that a selection of munchable snacks will be the real feature presentation.

That’s why we’ve selected these eight finger-licking, sweet and salty movie snacks for the perfect night in…

1. Caramel Nut Popcorn

Sweet, salty, crunchy, and chewy come together in one bowl to make the perfect movie popcorn. This salty popped corn is covered with a sticky coating of vanilla and caramel with some serious crunch thrown in with the peanuts and cashews, but you can add whatever nuts and dried fruit your rom-com heart desires.

Source: Canadian Living

2. Sriracha, Cilantro, and Lime Roasted Chickpeas

What’s better than a serious crispy movie snack that’s actually good for you? Northing when it comes to these protein-packed, zinc-enriched roasted chickpeas. Plus the flavor of spicy sriracha, zesty lime, and zippy cilantro will have you reaching for multiple handfuls.

Source: InSockMonkeySlippers.com

3. Cereal Mix with Olive Oil and Parmesan

We’re not expecting you to eat the plain old boring dried cereal mix on movie night! This particular recipe calls for some added zest by mixing the traditional pretzels, shredded wheat, squares, and cereal O’s with heart-healthy olive oil and tangy parmesan cheese.

Source: Martha Stewart

4. Roasted Rosemary Almonds

Do you go a bit nutty on movie night? You’re entire guest list will after you treat them to this crunchy appetizer of roasted rosemary almonds. Slip a tasty bowl onto the snack table and see what happens. It’ll be red carpet mania.

Source: Shutterbean.com

5. S’mores Mini Dippers

Bring a little outdoor charm to your next movie night with this sweet and sticky snack recipe for s’mores mini dippers! They’re just like the campfire version—minus the actual campfire, but the ooey-gooey sweetness will make your movie night a giddy one—especially if you dip them in hot cocoa.

Source: KevinandAmanda.com

6. Chocolate Drizzled Trail Mix

Don’t you hate when you put out a bowl of trail mix and your guests pick all of the sweet bits out? Not so with this ingenious recipe for chocolate drizzled trail mix. It starts off the same, with an mélange of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, but instead of bites, the chocolate is melted and poured over the mix so everyone gets treated to a chocolate taste.

Source: Spoonful.com

7. Salted Chocolate Frozen Banana Bites

Let’s face it; chocolate frozen bananas are just awkward to eat during a movie.  However, these cute little salted chocolate banana bites are perfect for popping between scenes with zero mess!

Source: GimmieSomeOven.com

8. PB&J Pie Sticks

I used to make peanut butter and jelly on toast as my movie snack—what, it’s the perfect comfort food for a night in. But that was before I discovered this recipe for these fun pb&j pie sticks.  They’re simple to make and even easier to eat, and if you don’t like peanut butter, you can add another fruit or pie filling of your choice.

Source: SpoonForkBacon.com

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