There’s no time like taco time! If you like a frequent fiesta, clearly you’re no stranger to the mighty taco. Like myself, I’m sure you can appreciate the subtle complexities of flavor and texture in this much loved Mexican staple. The options for filling and topping your tacos are literally infinite. Sure salsa, guacamole and hot peppers are all great choices, but today let’s take a look at some of the more unconventional toppings and see where your imagination takes you…

1. Mac and Cheese Steak

In today’s world of extreme foods, it wasn’t enough to just put mac and cheese in a taco, there had to be some steak in there with it.

2. Chili Dog

These chili dog tacos give new meaning to the phrase “think outside the bun.” Truth be told, I think they actually look pretty good!

3. Sashimi

By now you’ve probably heard of the sushi burrito, but have you met the sushi taco? Yes, raw fish is now a whole new category of taco toppings.

4. Fried Chicken

Finally, I no longer have to choose between my two greatest loves; tacos and fried chicken. If you need me, I’ll be at weight watchers.

5. Spaghetti and Meatballs

Craving tacos but too lazy to make taco filling and all the toppings? Just warm up last night’s spaghetti and meatballs and fill your shells for a ‘creative’ taco hack.


6. Sausage and Eggs

Tacos don’t have to be pigeonholed as just a lunch or dinner food, these sausage and egg tacos are a guaranteed winner to start your morning in the tastiest way possible.

7. Cheese and Pepperoni

That’s right, pizza tacos are a thing and they’re magnificent. Try it yourself and you’ll see what all the fuss is about, I assure you.

8. Grilled Avocado

If you’re tired of the same old guac in your shells, switch things up and try topping your tacos with some char-grilled avocado instead.

9. Fruit

Fruit tacos… the verdict is still out on this one, try them for yourself and let us know what you think, but either way the kids will probably enjoy this one.


10. Tuna Poke

Sushi tacos aren’t the only way to get your raw fish fix in taco form. As the Hawaiian poke craze sweeps the nation, it shouldn’t surprise you to see these tuna poke tacos.

11. Bugs

Yes you heard right, bugs are one of the next hot taco toppings just picking up steam. Sure they’re a supposed good source of protein, but I’m not sure I could get past the exoskeleton.

12. Peanut Butter

Well we’ve done just about everything under the sun with peanut butter, so I guess it’s not that big of a stretch to see it used as a taco topping.

13. Fried Avocado

I know that most of these crazy toppings are geared towards the meat-eaters, but here’s one for the veg-heads to try; fried avocado tacos. You’re welcome.


14. Pork Rinds

Pork rinds are really just the beginning of a new junk food taco trend. In L.A., chef Roy Choi loves to make tacos out of trashy ingredients you’d find in a gas station convenience store.

15. Duck Confit

On the other end of the spectrum from the gas station tacos, there’s a whole world of luxury taco toppings, like these duck confit tacos from Malcolm Bedell at From Away.

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