Thanksgiving is one of those holidays we love and look forward to so much. Aside from the delicious food, it’s the people you’re with, and appreciating all that you have, that truly makes this celebration unique. If you can’t make it home for Thanksgiving this year, how about hosting a Friendsgiving? If you are home for Thanksgiving and want to make the holiday last longer, host a Friendsgiving just for fun. It’s a great opportunity for your friends to gather in gratitude and appreciate one anothers’ company. To help you plan for first Friendsgiving, check out this list of tips to get started.

1. Send Out Legit Invitations

Everyone loves getting snail mail, so why not make your friends’ day with a special invitation in the mail? You can get some lovely Friendsgiving invitations on Amazon that will show up at your doorstep extremely quickly.

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2. Friendsgiving Decorations

Deck the halls with some fun banners, autumn themed linens and a touch of love. These are just a couple examples of amazing decorations Amazon has to offer for your Friendsgiving.

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3. The Host Makes The Turkey

When inviting your crew over for Friendsgiving, treat them to your finest delicious turkey and stuffing. When your guests arrive and they smell that bird cooking in the oven, their senses will take them back to their childhood and they will be so thankful for your cooking skills! Article By: Forkly

4. Reliable Friends Bring Side Dishes

We all have that friend that we really hope the best for, and try to help them contribute but they always underdeliver. Don’t ask those friends to contribute to Friendsgiving. Instead, have your reliable friends bring the side dishes so no one misses out on cranberry sauce or mashed potatoes! Photos and Recipe By: Forkly

5. Go The Extra Mile

Create a side dish of your own that is a little out of the ordinary for Thanksgiving but is completely fantastic. Check out this incredible Thanksgiving Poutine! Photos and Recipe By: Rock Recipes

6. Dessert: Pie Bar

Why just serve up pies when you can create a fun pie bar with all sorts of options?! All you need is a decorative tablecloth, cake plates, a banner and some pies! Photos and Recipe By: B Lovely Events

7. Excellent Friendsgiving Soundtrack

Whether you turn on the Spotify Friendsgiving playlist, or delegate a friend to make a sweet soundtrack, you will definitely need some music playing in the background to bring some festive cheer to your gathering.

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8. Make It Cozy

Add a few extra blankets to your couch and light some candles to create a cozy glow in your home. And, of course, make sure those candles are Pumpkin Spice!

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