Turkey is really the star of the Thanksgiving meal. All the side dishes and desserts are there to complement the bird. The goal of course, is to make a moist and delicious turkey. Unfortunately things can get a bit messy in the kitchen and you could end up with a dry, tough bird. We searched for the top tip to making a moist turkey. The easiest way to getting a delicious bird is to cook it breast side down. That way all the juices fall into the white meat. Brilliant and simple! This list are the 6 most unique turkey recipes that still end up delicious and moist. Have fun this holiday season and wow your family with these amazing dishes!


1. The Classic Roast. This recipe is for the classic roast turkey, but with a twist. Instead of roasting it right side up, they flip it upside down. This lets the juices flow into the breast  meat, resulting in a moist meat. This can leave some unsightly dents on the top of the bird, so you might want to carve it before it hits the table. Once your guests try it, they’ll forgive you!

[Source: simplyrecipes.com]

2. Grilled Turkey. We love the idea of grilling a turkey if it’s warm enough. If you live in the south or on the coast, Thanksgiving could be hot and muggy. Save your house from the heat of your oven by roasting the turkey on the grill! You’ll also get a delicious smokiness in the meat that you can’t get with a conventional oven. It’s important to fully cook the bird, so use a thermometer for safety.

[Source: 5ivedollarfeasts.com]

3. Bourbon Molasses Turkey. You wouldn’t normally think of mixing bourbon or molasses with your turkey, but these earthy flavors go perfectly! Give your bird an adult kick, but don’t worry. You will be cooking it long enough to cook off most of the alcohol, so it will be child friendly too. This recipe would also be brilliant for duck and goose.

[Source: blogs.courier-journal.com]

4. Bacon Wrapped Turkey. Adding bacon to turkey might seem strange, but it is actually a great idea. Laying the bacon strips over the breast will keep the skin from cooking too quickly, and it will baste the meat with extra fat.The only problem with this recipe is that the skin won’t get brown and crispy. But you’ll have bacon instead, so that’s a fair trade.

[Source: chow.com]

5. Beer Can Turkey. This fun cooking technique can be used for more than chicken. You’ll  need a bigger can of course, but the method is the same. The steam from the beer will keep the turkey super moist. Use a dark ale to get some flavor from the beer into the chicken. If you use a light beer it will taste like you just used water to steam it.

[Source: cookingforengineers.com]

6. Turducken. We can’t talk about cool Thanksgiving dishes without mentioning the famous turducken. It seems gross and just a trend, but this dish can be traced back hundreds of years. Impress and shock your friends by making this monster for Thanksgiving. Ask your butcher to debone the birds to make your life easier. This dish takes many hours to cook properly so plan accordingly.

[Source: thesalmons.org]

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