Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating with friends and family and giving thanks for all that we have. This usually takes place around a giant dinner table filled with all the tasty dishes and delights we’ve come to expect with this Fall holiday. For many people, the Thanksgiving table is a thing of pride, a show piece and focal point of the holiday celebrations. If you want to add a little pizzazz to your Thanksgiving table, check out these edible Thanksgiving table favors that you can DIY, and show off your crafty side this season.

1. Candy Cornucopia

This adorable little table favor will take you almost no time at all, but will give your guests a sweet treat to take with them after the big holiday meal (or give them something to snack on while they wait for the turkey).

2. Reese’s Pieces Turkeys

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a turkey filled with treats! These Reese’s Pieces turkeys make a cute table favor that the kids at your holiday get together are sure to go crazy for.

3. Sugar Cookie Napkin Tie

For an elegant touch on your Thanksgiving table settings, try this easy DIY idea: bake up a batch of leaf shaped sugar cookies and tie a cookie over top of each napkin. When your guests sit down to dig in they’ll get an extra sweet surprise!

leaf napkin cookie2

4. Reese Cup Turkeys

Turkey can appear on your Thanksgiving table in more ways than one! These sweet little chocolate turkeys use large and small peanut butter cups, candy corn and candy eyes and are guaranteed to put smiles on your guests faces this holiday season.

5. Apple and Pear Place Cards

These seasonal name cards made from Fall fruits like apples and pears look especially elegant at your Thanksgiving table settings, yet they couldn’t be easier to make yourself!

6. Jelly Bean Pumpkins

Tiny turkeys aren’t the only thing you can fill with candies for a festive table favor. Fill orange tulle with mini orange jelly beans or other orange candy to make a whole patch of deliciously delightful pumpkins this Thanksgiving.

7. Candy Corn Husks

I’ll spare you all my corny jokes and just say that these DIY candy-filled corn husks will bring some seasonal splendor to your Thanksgiving table this year.

8. Turkey Cookie Place Cards

Another crafty project to use cookies at your Thanksgiving table is to turn them into place cards! The kids can even get in on this project as well, since their little hands make the perfect turkey shaped cookie cut outs!

9. Caramel Apple Table Favors

Caramel apples are synonymous with Fall so it’s only natural that they make a fun DIY favor for your Thanksgiving table! There’s so much you can do with these as well; roll in chopped nuts, wrap in cellophane or use a rustic twig as the stick. You can even attach name tags and use them as delicious place cards for your table.

10. Mason Jar Spiced Nuts

For a savory Thanksgiving favor option, consider making a batch of delicious spiced nuts and portion into mini mason jars that each guest can take home with them. If you have more of a sweet tooth, consider making some pumpkin pie spiced pecans instead!

11. Pomegranate Place Settings

The pomegranate is such a pretty fruit to look at, and that crimson color just screams Fall. This place setting idea couldn’t be more simple, yet it looks so pretty. Simply write the names of your Thanksgiving guests on a pomegranate in gold pen and use as a place setting name card. Since you peel off the skin before eating, your guests will still be able to take their personalized fruits home and enjoy them later!

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