Thanksgiving is the perfect time to connect with your family. Bring your children into the celebration by making fun and healthy snacks with them. There are so many unhealthy snacks on the market that it can be hard to find healthy food for your children. We found 6 great Thanksgiving snacks that are both fun and healthy!

6. Turkey Toast

This fun toast snack is cut into the shape of a turkey. The pumpkin butter in this recipe is canned pumpkin puree, peanut butter, sugar, and spices. To make it allergen free, replace the peanut butter with soy butter or almond butter. Use healthy toppings to decorate your turkey. Dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate chips are great options. This cute turkey can be a great craft along with a healthy snack.


5. Turkey Dips

This adorable turkey is a dipping cup for little hands. Use a disposable cup for the body and pour your choice of dip in the bottom. Ranch dressing or humus would be great. Make the turkey head from pink construction paper and stick on some googly eyes for fun! Red, yellow, and orange peppers are used as the tail feathers. This healthy snack is a ton of fun and it’s really easy to throw together.


4. Apple Chips

These delicious apple chips are actually really easy to make! Use a mandolin (or a steady hand) to slice your apples very thin. Mix spices with sugar and sprinkle on the apple pieces. Bake them for two hours in a 250 degree oven, flipping half way through. The sugar is completely optional and your children might not even notice if you leave it out. The author notes that red delicious don’t dehydrate well, so experiment with what apples you like as chips.


3. Cheese Crackers

These pretty crackers are very easy to make at home. The dough is simple, with only flour, cheese and butter in the mix. We love these with the tiny leaf shape cut outs, but feel free to make them any shape you like. This author users tiny playdough cutters to make her mini crackers. Use this same recipe to make homemade gold fish crackers. They’ll taste great!


2. Acorn Bread

This super fun craft uses simple ingredients to make a delicious Thanksgiving snack. To make this treat, cut a slice of bread into a heart shape. Spread on peanut butter, almond butter, apple butter, or anything you can imagine. Use a piece of cookie or wheat square for the stem. Breakfast cereal is used for the acorn cap. You can also make the cap with nuts and seeds. Let your imagination run wild with this snack.


1. Orange Pumpkin

Sometimes the best snacks are the easiest. Oranges and clementines are delicious this time of year. Turn this yummy fruit into a quick treat with the addition of a celery stalk. This snack is great for young children. There are easy peel varieties of clementines and they can make this snack all by themselves. Making fruit fun will help convince picky eaters to eat.



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