I don’t know about you, but chili is a common Sunday dinner in my family. It’s easy to put together in the morning, then spend the day resting or hustling around town only to join together again at suppertime to enjoy a nice, hot, hearty meal. Sometimes with football on the TV in the background, making it a traditional, cherished time together. There’s always this one problem though. We always cook as if a small army is coming over…and well, we end up with leftovers. Every. Single. Time. Not a horrible thing when it’s chili, because chili can be the base for SO many other recipes! Amazing ones. Here’s some that really stand out, and will basically solve your leftover issues, and your meal planning for the week (and then some!).

1. Chili Cheese Burritos

This is a great way to reinvent the chili for lunches on-the-go. Another bonus element to these, is that you can make them, freeze them, and have them for perfect grab and go meal options.

2. Chili Cheese Dogs

Going away from the classic chili cheese dog, and into a more family friendly (easier on the chef) version, made in the oven. These will sure to be hit in your home. Using a fork and knife, will hopefully also keep your shirts and floors a little cleaner, too.

3. Cornbread Crusted Chili

Making small repeats of your chili dinner with an incredibly complimentary topping of a cornbread crust? Taking chili away from being the main dish, this makes it the perfect side.

4. Jalapeno Cornbread Waffles & Chili

Oh, heck yes! I really don’t even have much to say about this one, but lets just all bask in it’s glory for a hot second. Goodness… #getinmybelly

5. Chili Cheese Cups

Save up that chili for the perfect appetizer! These little chili cheese cups, are super easy to whip up and bake, leaving you lots of time to focus on whatever else you have going on!

6. Chili Loaded Baked Potato

I love meals that literally mash up all in to one. This loaded  baked potato is everything your weeknight dinner needs, with none of the fuss.

7. Individual Frozen Chili

This really isn’t a recipe, rather – a concept. Simply ladle your chili into muffin cups, and freeze. Then remove and bag them in freezer bags for individual chilis when you need!

8. Chili Mac & Cheese

It just makes sense that you’d combine comfort food with comfort food to make an entire new extra-comforting food. Right? Right.

9. Leftover Chili Potato Nachos

So yes, chili on nachos would be an obvious choice for using up leftovers. Not downgrading that majestic option one bit. However…what about a more homemade version, using potatoes as the base, and layering that chili on top? *drools*

10. Chili Cheese Lasagna

The most effort in a lasagna is always the making of the sauce. While chili probably wouldn’t work in a traditional lasagna recipe, once you tex-mex that whole thing up? Well, yeah. It definitely works. In fact, it’s freaking amazing.

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