We adore the bounty of the Thanksgiving meal. All the side dishes around one big turkey? Amazing! The fall harvest brings delicious foods to the market that work perfectly for this holiday. Root vegetables are our favorite this time of year. Roasted carrots, potatoes, and parsnips are brilliant. The best part is they’re healthy for you and go great with turkey! We collected our top 10 user submitted recipes that we think would make great Thanksgiving side dishes. Submit your recipes for a chance at getting featured!


1. Roast Potatoes

This is the classic roast potato recipe, flavored with garlic and rosemary. The potatoes can take a long time to cook and you don’t want them raw! Rosemary pairs beautifully with potatoes to create an earthy/herby combination. Don’t worry about them burning in the oven! Rosemary is a woody plant and can take high heat when other herbs would turn to ash.

2. Stuffed Pumpkin

This beautiful presentation is a roasted pumpkin stuffed with a variety of roast vegetables and sausage. The fennel is a beautiful addition. We love the idea of stuffing pumpkins. It would be a great bowl for some squash soup, or the container for your turkey stuffing. Be careful when roasting a pumpkin as they can get quite watery.

3. Roast Sweet Potato

We love the color and sweet flavor of sweet potato. The cranberries give it a punch with some bright acidity. Mix up your traditional Thanksgiving sweet potato marshmallow dish. Sweet potato matches beautifully with orange peel, ginger, Chinese 5 spice, cranberries, and much more. Let your imagination go wild.

4. Grilled Beans

Green bean casserole is a classic Thanksgiving side dish. This grilled bean recipe makes the dish a bit healthier but keeps all the flavor. The fresh mushrooms add a ton of flavor but keep it low fat. You don’t need to use a can of mushroom soup. The key is caramelizing the mushrooms and onions to kick up the savory flavors they have.

5. Bacon Brussels Sprouts

These tiny cabbages can be bitter for children, so convince them to eat their vegetables by adding bacon! Brussels sprouts can take a long time to cook if you’re roasting them. If you roast them in the oven, keep them at a high heat for a shorter amount of time. For an extra kick, drizzle a good quality balsamic vinegar over the top when you’re ready to serve. Divine!

6. Vegetable Tian

This French dish is reminiscent of ratatouille. It comes out beautifully and will really be a show stopper of the meal. Use a food processor or mandolin so that you’re not chopping for hours. Salt this dish generously. The bottom will collect some beautiful juices that will make a natural gravy. Top the dish with your favorite woody herbs, such as thyme or rosemary.

7. Maple Baked Beans

Maple is a brilliant flavor for the autumn weather. Go classic with this sweet bean dish. It’s not a classic Thanksgiving side dish, but everyone will love it. Beans are super easy to make from scratch, so don’t buy them from cans anymore! Add in all your favorite bean topping, such as bacon or brown sugar. We love pineapple in our beans, so go crazy.

8. Potato Au Gratin

This potato dish takes some time to prepare but the result is beautiful. Make sure to fully cook the center as the dish is dense and can turn out raw. Different cultures make this dish differently, but I like the full fat way. Add in heavy cream and old cheddar cheese to make a luxurious dish. The end dish should be creamy with layers of potato and sauce.

9. Beet Salad

This warm salad has only 3 ingredients! The earthiness of the beets pairs beautifully with the turkey. Beets are in season right now, so they’re at the best flavor right when we want to devour them. Roasting beets brings out their natural sweetness. If you hate pickled beets and haven’t tried roasted, give them a shot! Their earthiness is delicious.

10. Roasted Root Vegetables

Highlight a number of different tastes and textures with this roasted root vegetable dish. Roasting really brings out the natural flavors. Different vegetables roast at different rates. If you want to roast dense root vegetables, cut them in smaller pieces and keep the soft vegetables large. Roasting at a high temperature caramelizes the natural sugars, so keep it hot!

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