Cactus themed everything has spread like wildfire as of late. Cactus shirts and sweaters, cactus lights, candles, salt and pepper shakers, you name it and there is a cactus version. They’re extremely trendy right now and I, myself have fallen onto this bandwagon too. There’s something about them, they appear to have a minimalistic look, are completely ordinary yet still overly beautiful that keeps me buying more and more cactus-themed items.

Real cacti’s are stunning too. They look like art but require minimal effort with a beautiful payoff which is part of the reason why they appeal to so many. You can literally water them once every several weeks sometimes once a month if I’m being truly honest and they still thrive! Party themes can be lame, and tacky but picking the right theme to throw a trendy party is easy with cacti. We’re throwing together everything you need to throw the best prickly party you and your guests will ever have. The best thing about a cactus theme is it’s suitable for all ages which means you can make it as juvenile or as grown up and trendy as you want it to be.

1. Cactus-Themed Party Invitations

Every party needs to start with an invite. An e-vite has been growing in popularity but there’s something about pen and paper that is a lot more exciting.

These invites would fit in perfectly with your theme and your guests will love receiving them.

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2. Cactus String Lights

I have these string lights and I’m obsessed. Copper LED string lights are awesome for decoration, especially for parties because they’re efficient, only require a couple batters and are easily bendable. They’ll provide the perfect twinkle for your party.

You could consider laying them on the table as a centerpiece, place in a mason jar, string across the wall like a banner, the options are truly endless. The best part is once the party is finished, these lights are so precious they deserve a space in your home. Multipurpose is what it’s all about.

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3. Cactus Marquee Light

To go along with your string lights you’ll want this cactus marquee light. I hate to admit it but I have this one too, they’re just so darn fun! This marquee light is LED which means the light bulbs are energy efficient and will last a really long time.

It’s battery operated which makes the cactus light easily portable. After your party, you can hang it on a wall, stand it on a dresser for decoration or even as a night light for your little ones. Assorted light decorations can really set a mood and create a fun ambience for a party.

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4. Cactus Pull Apart Cake

Face it, everyone looks forward to the cake at parties. This cake is special for two reasons. Firstly, it looks like a giant cactus and it couldn’t get any more adorable than that. Second, this “cake” is like cupcakes and a cake morphed into one amazingly clever pull-apart dessert.

This recipe recommends you start with any ordinary vanilla cake mix and your favorite buttercream frosting. With just 3 colors of food dye and a piping bag, your cake will transform effortlessly. This recipe walks you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to first create the design with cupcakes then how to ice it. You’ll be astounded at how easily you can make this yourself and your guest will surely be blown away that you didn’t order it from a cake shop. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: STUDIO DIY

5. Cactus Silicone Mold

This might be the first cactus-themed item I don’t own but I’m definitely adding it to my shopping list. This mold was originally designed to create ice, which would make an awesome addition to your party. Serve your favorite punch with cacti ice cubes, how exciting!

You could extend the use of this mold even further and make little chocolates, candy cacti or even tiny jello cacti. Your imagination can run wild this mold and because it is multi-purpose and is made of durable silicone you can use this cactus mold long after your party.

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6. Table Cloth

A table clothe serves a practical purpose but can also serve as a piece of art too. we’ve included two great options for your cactus-themed party. First, we’ve included a simpler choice. It’s a white tablecloth with a fun colorful pom-pom trim that will play into the theme but won’t take away from the rest of your decorations.

Second, we’ve included a cactus printed tablecloth that would make a big impact at your party. Your choice on which tablecloth would be personal preference. If you like clean and chic, choose the white one, if you like vibrant and bold then choose the cactus print. Once again these tablecloths are so pretty you’ll be using them after the party too which makes it a great investment.

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7. Cactus Rice Krispie Treats

Growing up rice Krispie treats were some of my most favorite treats to enjoy. They’re so easy too that I’d be allowed to help prepare them. They’re sweet, crunchy and inexpensive to make, there’s no wonder why so many adults and kids love them.

This recipe proves how you can transform an ordinary and classic treat like Rice Krispies and make them work with your cactus-themed party, You’ll need minimal ingredients, a little time and effort and you’ll have yourself a delicious and precious treat to serve at your party. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: A KAILO CHIC LIFE

8. Lime And Sherbert Party Punch

Every party needs a fun and delicious punch. Although this punch might not be “cactus” flavored (that might be weird), it is definitely green and will fit in nicely with your party theme.

This punch is fizzy and sweet and adults and children will love it. All you’ll need is 3 ingredients, lime flavored sherbert, sprite and ginger ale. Mix all the ingredients together and serve in your favorite punch bowl. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE FRUGAL GIRLS

9. Cactus Hummus Dip

The food spread is one of the best parts about attending parties. Make sure when creating your menu that you definitely add this cactus hummus dip to your list.

The hummus dip is made from layering hummus, greek yogurt, black beans and pico de gallo. You could make one large serving of dip or single sized portions served in mini mason jars. Then, the star of this appetizer is the cactus cut tortillas. We’ve included a cactus cookie cutter further down this lists that you’ll definitely want for this recipe. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORK AND BEANS

10. Cactus Party Decoration Set

The great thing about parties is that the decorations can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them. If you want to go all out with your cactus-themed party then you need this decoration set.

It includes basic balloons in a few shades and adorable foil cactus balloons. You’ll also be provided with a beautiful cactus felt banner that would look great hanging on a wall or strung across a table. Last but not least you’ll also obtain 16 cake or cupcake toppers that you can use on your dessert or on any food dish.

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11. DIY Cactus Balloons

If you have the time and the creativity then you might appreciate these DIY cactus ballons. They’re actually incredibly easy, anyone could it.

All you’ll need are 5 simple tools to achieve these cactus balloons all of which you can find at either your local dollar store or hobby/craft store. The more decorations for your cactus-themed party, the better! PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: DESIGN IMPROVISED

12. Cactus Paper Plates And Napkins

When feeding your party guests, you’re going to need plates and napkins. Disposable plates are the most popular choice because it allows easy cleanup once the party is over.

Go all out at your cactus party and get these precious cactus plates and cactus printed napkins. The set comes with 12 plates and 20 napkins. Your guests will get a kick out of them and they’ll go along nicely with your theme.

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13. Cactus Printed party Cups

Speaking of practical party items, drinking cups is another item you need to add to your list. Once again, disposable options are great for easy cleanup.

If you’re into matching decorations, then, these cups have the same cactus print as the napkins we previously talked about. They’re not just practical but they’re fun too!

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14. Cactus Popsicle Mold

Go the extra mile and instead of providing a store-bought cold treat for your guests make these adorable cactus popsicles. The molds help you create the perfect cactus shape treat in a hurry.

You could make popsicles out of fruit juice, frozen yogurt or even out of ice cream, the choice is yours! After the party is over and because these popsicle molds are reusable you’ll be using them time and time again.

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15. Cactus Pool Floaty

This cactus pool floaty would be a great addition to any pool party but especially a cactus-themed party! Afterall, pool floaties are all the rage right now.

The floaty is a large size, about 70 inches tall and can hold up to 300 pounds. This means it’s great for kids and for adults. If you buy this floaty you can save it for your party but you’ll be using it all summer long too.

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16. Cactus Cookie Cutter

Cookie cutters are great tools to expand your creativity with food. This cookie cutter is very fitting for a cactus-themed party.

It’s made of heavy duty tin plated steel and is food safe. You could use this cookie cutter for the cactus cut tortillas we talked about earlier, for cookies, cute sandwiches, cheese, soft fruits or even as a craft tool such as with play dough.

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17. Cactus Butter Cookies

You might want to make sure you order that cookie cutter because once you see these precious cookies, you’ll want to make them too! This recipe provides a simple butter cookie recipe that will truly melt in your mouth.

Once the cookies have baked and have cooled it’s time to decorate! Within the recipe, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the perfect icing and how to decorate the cookies. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SPOON FORK BACON

18. Activity: Cactus Party Photo Booth Props

Once you’ve established your party theme, thought up your decorations and curated a delicious menu it’s time to decide what fun activities you want to have at your party. It’s a good idea to have a variety of different activities to entertain your guests.

A popular trend at many parties is a photo booth. It’s a great way to let your guests (and you) capture a fun moment at the party. Every stellar photo booth starts with some great props. This set is very on trend with your theme and your guests will have a fun with it. For a simple backdrop consider taping green streamers in strips on a wall.

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19. Activity: Painted Mini Cactus

Crafts are always a fun activity, especially at parties. It will keep the hands busy, and the mind full of imagination. This painted cactus activity would be fun for kids and adults too.

All you’ll need are a few supplies, most of which you’ll be able to find at your local dollar store. Then scavenge the outdoors for some “cactus-shaped” rocks. This craft actually looks adorable and is trendy enough to deserve a place in your guests home. PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: HOME TALK

20. Activity: Cactus Ring Toss

Another fun party game would be this inflatable ring toss. If you’re having a pool party this inflatable ring toss game can float and be played in the water.

If you don’t have a pool you can still have fun with this game! The way it was designed allows someone to wear it on their head or you could attach it to a post of some sort. Then, your guests will use the inflatable rings and play for points! It’s definitely a way cooler version of any ordinary ring toss.

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21. Activity: Mini Cactus Pinatas

Every kid (and adult) loves a good pinata. This tutorial isn’t any ordinary pinata, they’re charming mini cactus pinatas. For this reason, we’ve included them as a fun activity that you and your guests can partake together.

Make sure to stock up on your empty toilet paper rolls because that is what makes up the base of these cacti. Along with that, you’ll need some old newspapers, tape and a few different colored streamers. These mini pinatas are so cute you might not want to destroy them afterwards. Instead, you could fill them up with treats and send home with your guests as a fun party favor! PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: OH HAPPY DAY

22. Party Favors: Real Cactus

When it’s time for your guests to leave, many parties will end with a party favor. It’s a chance to thank your guests for coming to your party and spending time and celebrating with you.

Cacti and other succulents are so timelessly popular because they require minimal effort. They’re all unique and would make a fun gift that definitely won’t get thrown into the trash. To put this gift together visit your local garden center and pick out your favorite succulents. You can present them however you like but this burlap wrapping is pretty darn precious. PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: 100 LAYER CAKE-LET

23. Mini Favor Boxes

Party favors don’t have to be extravagant nor do they need to be expensive. You can achieve a thoughtful gift for your guests by being creative.

These favor boxes are adorable and play along with your party theme. You could fill the boxes with candies or a delicious treat for a fun and edible gift.

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24. Party Favor: Cactus Necklace

Party favors are usually one of the last things you think of and sometimes can be a pain to think of something fun for your guests. You want to gift them something that won’t meet the trash can as soon as they arrive home yet still want it to follow suit with your theme.

That’s why I’ve included this gold cactus necklace. This is yet, another item I have and I’m obsessed with. Dainty pendant necklaces are so on trend right now and you know this is a thank you gift your guests won’t throw out. While you might not want to give this to everyone you can save it for the extra special guests like Grandma, Auntie and anyone else who is special to you.

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