So your best friend, sister or daughter get’s engaged and it now comes the time you need to plan her an epic bridal shower. You want it to be one she’ll never forget, a day to spoil her on this new chapter in her life. Once you pick your theme that’s half the work. Next, you’ll need to plan all the food for the shower to provide for the guest.

Preparing food for guest doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s keep it fun and memorable for her as well as super delicious! From drinks to apps to desserts we got you covered, we have found 20 recipes you can make for the bride-to-be’s bridal shower, that will simply take your guests (and more importantly the bride’s) breath away.

1. DIY Glitter Ice Cubes

There’s something about weddings that makes everything feel like a magical time, and the wedding shower should be treated no different. This recipe is an easy and simple way to dress up something ordinary!

These little beauties may not be edible but you’ll definitely want them at your wedding shower. They’re cute, fun and will definitely be a conversation starter. Keep your champagne or sparkling beverage chilled in a bucket full of glitter ice cubes. If you can get your hands on edible glitter then you could make the same recipe for your drinks too. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SOMETHING TURQUOISE

2. Sherbert Mimosa

Keep your bottle of champagne chilled in the bucket of glitter ice while you make these beautiful and delicious sherbert mimosa’s. The fun thing about mimosa is that you can make them in so many different ways with a variety of flavors.

Why not make these sherbert mimosas for the bridal shower you’re planning. The sherbert provides enough sweetness for this beverage so there is no juice cocktail needed. This fun and easy drink can be quickly assembled with scoops of the bride’s favorite sherbert or sorbet flavors. You could even consider using a few different flavors to off choices for the guests. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE COOKIE ROOKIE

3. Love Potion Number 9

If you’re seeking delicious mocktails for the wedding shower you are throwing then look no further. You can achieve a stunning cocktail with delicious sweet flavor but without the alcohol! It’s good to have options available at the shower especially if you have guests who don’t enjoy alcohol or for any underage guest or expecting Mommas.

This beverage is a bubbly non-alcoholic glass of pink deliciousness! Everyone will be snatching these up because they’re just so darn cute. This drink is made with sparkling berry lemonade, raspberry sherbet, lemon juice and fresh raspberries. Finish off the drink with edible glitter for some added pizazz. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SUGAR HERO

4. Individual Seven Layer Dips

One of the best parts of bridal showers, especially for the guest is the spread of food. Making fun appetizers for everyone to indulge in is a game changer. Seven layer dip and nacho chips are often a crowd pleaser. Better yet, this recipe shows you how to make single serving dip cups.

Having ready-made single servings is a great way for each guest to get their own instead of scooping from a communal dish. While that is still a fine option these might be a little prettier! These will be snatched up quickly for sure. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE GIRL WHO ATE EVERYTHING

5. Easy Vegetable Pizza

Pizza is a favorite of a lot of people so there is no doubt the guest will love these vegetable pizzas at the wedding shower. This recipe allows you to serve pizza at the party but with a healthier and maybe a slightly classier way.

This recipe is super easy and these pizzas are served cold. The dough is made from store-bought crescent roll dough and then is cooled after it has been baked. Instead of melted cheese, these pizzas have a cream cheese and ranch layer. It is then topped off with fresh chopped veggies and chilled in the fridge until they’re ready to serve. These pizzas make a great light appetizer that everyone will enjoy. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: WANNA BITE

6. Turkey Pepper Jack Roll-Ups

The fun thing about crescent roll dough is that it is very adaptable to many recipes and you can use it in so many ways. Not mention it’s very inexpensive and easy to use. This recipe uses crescent roll dough in a traditional way.

These crescent rolls are made with turkey deli slices and shredded pepper jack cheese to give it a unique flavor. You could even make these rolls ahead of time and store in the fridge until the event. Before you serve this appetizer to the guest all you’ll have to do is place them in the oven to quickly heat them up. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: AMANDA’S COOKIN

7. Cucumber Sandwiches

Bridal showers always make me think of finger foods. This is probably why little sandwiches are always a great idea. It’s an easy way to present something simple but filled with flavor that will fill the bellies of the guests at the event.

If you haven’t tried cucumber cream cheese sandwiches before you definitely will want to now. They’re light, fluffy, crunchy and tasty. The cream cheese is mixed with scallions for extra flavor and the cucumbers are soaked in white vinegar before they’re added to the sandwich. The white vinegar gives the cucumbers a sharp yet delicious flavor. Once everything comes together all the flavors compliment each other ever so nicely. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: BAKING CHIC

8. Avocado Egg Salad Sandwich

It is quite popular to see egg salad sandwiches at a bridal shower because it is a crowd pleaser yet very simple to put together. This recipe takes that same sandwich that everyone loves but gives it a little extra something-something!

Avocados are all the rage as of late, so there is no question that many of the guests will love it too. They have a lot of health benefits to offer a sandwich like healthy fats, fiber, vitamin B6 and so much more. Avocados are also naturally creamy which will enhance your egg salad sandwich overall! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: HONEY WHAT’S COOKING

9. Loaded Creamy Ranch Dip

Chip dip is another crowd favorite when it comes to finger foods. It’s the type of food that you tend to always graze and can’t seem to stop your lack of self-control. That will definitely happen with this dip, but no need to worry who’s judging?

This ranch dip is creamy, flavorful and has the perfect crunch from chopped veggies and kernel corn. Serve this creamy ranch dip with some crunchy potato chips. The dip can store for up to 24 hours so feel free to make this the day before the bridal shower to save you some time. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE RECIPE CRITIC

10. BLT Tea Sandwich

Turning BLT sandwiches into little bite-sized appetizers make them not only adorable but they’ll taste heavenly too. This recipe uses thinly sliced white bread so that you can double the stacks without making them too tall. You’ll also use a round cookie cutter to give the bread it’s round shape.

The trick to this crispy bacon is to cook it in a toaster oven on parchment paper. This means you can let the oven do its work instead of having to supervise a stove top. To save yourself some time prep and cut all ingredients prior to the shower and then have the bridal party help you assemble these cute BLT bites prior to the event. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: OH HOW CIVILIZED

11. Mexican Pinwheels

Pinwheels are another popular food item when it comes to bridal showers. For good reason, they’re easy to assemble, you can make large quantities quickly and they taste great.

This recipe gives pinwheels a unique twist with its creamy texture and Mexican flavor that the guests may not have tried before. These pinwheels have a bold flavor and a pop of color that will catch everyone’s eyes and satisfy their taste buds. These pinwheels are full of nutrition too, from the chopped peppers to shredded chicken and bold cheddar cheese, what’s not to love? PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: BREAD BOOZE BACON

12. Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches

If you’re like me and like to take the simpler route when it comes to prepping large quantities of food then this recipe will fulfill just that. These smoked salmon sandwiches are very simple yet exquisite.

The vibrant salmon color will attract your guests but its delightful flavor will keep them coming back for seconds. The smoked salmon canapes sit on top of a garlicky and dill flavored cream cheese. Both toppings are placed on a soft baguette making it a delightful little finger food. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: NATASHA’S KITCHEN

13. Caprese With Pesto Bites

These Caprese bites come together quickly which makes them another great contender for food choices at a bridal shower. This recipe includes a delicious homemade pesto recipe to make these standout on the table. These little delightful bites are simple and easy finger foods to serve the guests.

To start, these bites begin with Italian bread cut into little squares. You’ll then add a layer of the homemade pesto and top it off with a cubed piece of mozzarella cheese and half a cherry tomato. Hold everything together with a toothpick. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: REAL HOUSE MOMS

14. Simple Tomato Basil Bruschetta

Bruschetta is another timeless recipe that a lot of people will love. The combination of the bruschetta mix on top of baguette both light and savory at the same time.

This recipe starts with Roma or grape tomatoes that are chopped and combined with onion, garlic olive oil and fresh chopped basil leaves. The trick is to let the bruschetta mix marinate for a minimum of 30 minutes so that all the flavors can blend together. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SIMPLY WHISKED

15. Cake Batter Dessert Hummus

Hummus is traditionally thought of as a salty savory snack that you can dip veggies or pita bread into. This recipe is far from traditional and takes a fun spin on regular hummus and making it an awesome dessert item.

This dessert hummus is still made with chickpeas but instead of salty flavors, it is sweet. This recipe is sweetened with maple syrup and then is garnished with cute little sprinkles. This hummus will make a fun dessert for a bridal shower that will get everyone talking. Serve it with a wafer cookie to compliment this sweet snack perfectly. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

16. Blood Orange Thyme Cake

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make a cake for the bridal shower instead of ordering something then why not make this pretty blood orange cake. Sometimes less is more and that’s what this recipe is all about. There is no crazy icing or decorating techniques needed here, this cake is focused on flavor.

This cake has bright flavors of blood oranges that has layers of a raspberry buttercream frosting. It is then topped off with a blood orange glaze and decorated with dried thyme. It’s simple yet makes a bold statement piece for the bridal shower. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: PREPPY KITCHEN

17. Easy Lemon Tarts

I love flavors of lemon because it’s taste is bold and vibrant yet still light. These easy lemon tarts will be a wonderful addition to the dessert table at the bridal shower you’re throwing.

Did we mention they’re easy? Like only three ingredients easy and takes under 30 minutes to throw together. When bridal shower preparations hit full swing you’ll want to take all the short-cuts you can get because all this food making can add up! If the vibrant yellow color doesn’t make everyone smile the delicious flavor definitely will. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: CRAZY FOR CRUST

18. Pink Champagne Cupcakes

Nothing says celebratory events like champagne and that is all the more reason to incorporate it into something like a bridal shower. These adorable pink cupcakes are pretty and flavorful.

Both the frosting and the cupcakes contain actual sparkling rose so make sure to warn any of your underage guests you have at the bridal shower or any expecting mothers that may be attending as well. The cupcakes start with a fluffy white cake mix and end with a sweet buttercream sparkling rose frosting. Everyone will be impressed with how you could incorporate champagne into a delicious treat other than a bevvy. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE NOVICE CHEF

19. Sweet Rose Cookies

A quick and easy way to dress up a simple cookie is to ice it in a decorative way. These tasty shortbread cookies are topped off with a pretty pink rosette’s swirled out of icing.

Shortbread cookies are a definite sweet tooth quencher which is why you’ll want them on the dessert table at the shower. They have a creamy buttery flavor yet still deliciously sweet. But the adorable rosettes definitely makes a basic shortbread cookie 1o times better! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: BAKING FOR FRIENDS

20. No Bake Pink Lemonade Cheesecake Parfaits

These luscious single serve cheesecakes are a perfect treat for any bridal shower. They have hints of pink lemonade flavor giving this dessert a tangy and sweet flavor.

This cheesecake is served on a crumbly graham cracker layer making a perfect combination. Considering the graham cracker layer doesn’t need to be baked you could even have multiple layers of cheesecake and graham cracker. How simple or intricate you want this dessert to look is all up to you. Make sure to serve this delicious treat in a clear glass so you can show off the pretty layers. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: HOMEMADE HOOPLAH

21. Super Simple Mini Cinnamon Bun Pops

Cinnamon buns are perhaps one of the most beloved baked goods of all time. Serve them warm and gooey and they’re sure to disappear! But while they’re great for brunch or coffee/tea time, they can be quite messy making them less than ideal for events, despite how delicious they are!

To make them event friendly we created these cinnamon bun pops that can be eaten handheld mess-free. Plus, they’re inexpensive and easy to make, despite looking like you spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

22. Quick and Easy Party-Pleasing Charcuterie Kabobs

Charcuterie in kabob form. It’s all the deliciousness of charcuterie without the mess and lingering around (read, crowding) the table. You can use your favorite charcuterie components but some ideas include lettuce, roasted red pepper, feta and old cheddar cheese, a variety of pickles and other pickled items, smoked meats, sausages, olives, fresh basil, and whatever other cheeses your heart desires! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

Clarissa Vanner

Clarissa loves experimenting with food of all cultures to make unique healthy dishes. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for new recipe inspiration she likes to pick up a DIY project and use her creative hands to make art or crafts. In her down time you can find her watching the latest documentaries on Netflix or going for nature walks.

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