A fairy garden party is becoming an increasingly popular birthday party theme – especially for those elementary school kids who enjoy some serious imaginary play. Tracking down recipes and decorations to suit this theme can be quite challenging when princess accessories and recipe dominate the internet. Here’s a complete list of foods and accessories you need to throw a perfect fairy party.

1. Crystallized Flowers

Your little fairies won’t believe you when you serve up some edible flower petals that are covered in sugar. How many years have you spent teaching them not to eat the berries on bushes and trees?

But today, your little ones are fairies and fairies need a very special kind of food to help them fly – crystallized flower petals!

https://leitesculinaria.com/99011/recipes-crystallized-flowers.html PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: LEITE’S CULINARIA

2. Butterfly Garland

Fairies are always caught playing in the garden among all those beautiful butterflies that come to rest on flowers and plants.

Use butterflies as your accent theme for the party because you already have a crowd of actual fairies coming over – right?

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3. Hibiscus and Rose Ice Tea

No one is ever too small or too magical for tea time! In fact, fairies love their tea nice and cool so they can enjoy it in the sunshine.

This hibiscus and rose iced tea is the perfect fairy flavor because it uses flowers to create a beautiful, sweet, floral flavor.

http://www.mattersofthebelly.com/hibiscus-rose-ice-tea/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: MATTERS OF THE BELLY

4. Flower Crowns

Fairies definitely need crowns to help them complete their daily tasks of gardening and fluttering among the butterflies, right?

These bohemian crowns are the perfect accessory to send home with every fairy so they feel extra special for the day.

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5. Blueberry Lavender Mini Cheesecakes

Cutting cake can get pretty messy, especially when you have a bunch of fairies fluttering around the fairy house (AKA children getting the party started in your home).

Instead, make mini cheesecakes that are the perfect size for each fairy to enjoy. Made up of lavender and blueberries, these sweet treats will satisfy everyone’s sugar craving.

http://www.awayfromthebox.com/blueberry-lavender-mini-cheesecakes/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: AWAY FROM THE BOX

6. Fairy Wings

Fairy wings are absolutely essential for a fairy party! Wings don’t grow on trees, of course, so we have to make sure all our little fairies get matched with the perfect pair of wings.

This is another fantastic option to have in place of a goodie bag that will actually do well as a fun dress-up option at each fairy’s home.

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7.  Edible Flower Lollipops

A fantastic activity to have available at your fairy party is making dainty little fairy lollipops. The clear coating of candy helps show off the lovely blossoms beneath.

Use a variety of different colors of lollipop sticks to make the lolli display a little more colorful and attractive looking. Your fairy guests will thoroughly enjoy selecting some blossoms for their candy.

https://abeautifulmess.com/2017/06/easy-diy-lollipops-with-edible-flowers.html PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: A BEAUTIFUL MESS

8. Butterfly Fairy Balloons

Balloons are simply a standard decoration at any party, but when you’re having a fairy garden party, they must be extra special!

These balloons are the perfect shade of light pink with some pretty little butterflies scattered on as the pattern of choice. Display bundles of them filled with helium at the front door of the party house.

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9. Mini Raspberry Pies

Fairies are small but mighty, which is why having mini pies available for consumption is a great fairy treat. No struggling with cutting slices here!

Fill the pies with your little fairies’ favorite fruits and top off with some extra pastry and granulated sugar. Your pies will be ready in no time for a fairy perfect snack.

https://www.dessertfortwo.com/mini-raspberry-pies/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: DESSERT FOR TWO

10. Fairy Garden Tableware Set

If you like making one big order from Amazon and get everything done in one shot, this is the perfect Fairy package for you!

Featuring plates, utensils, and napkins, this disposable tableware set is exactly what you will need to keep all your fairy food organized and sitting pretty.

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11. Rose and Raspberry Panna Cotta with Fairy Floss and Rose Petals

What’s fairy floss exactly? It’s cotton candy of course!

Top a simply layered (no skills required) panna cotta parfait and top with the candy “fairy” floss, and some edible rose petals!

https://foodandtravel.com/food/recipes/rose-and-raspberry-panna-cotta-with-fairy-floss-and-rose-petals PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FOOD AND TRAVEL

12. Fairy Garden Party Photobooth Accessories

No party is complete without photos for guests to take, share, post, and remember the event by.

This photobooth set gives you everything you need for a successful Fairy Garden photoshoot that everyone can participate in. All you need is a camera (which is conveniently located inside your phone).

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13. Fairy Pie

Soft, fluffy, and everything you’d expect fairies to eat.

This pie is almost like a cake and pie combination that will surely satisfy your little fairies. If you want this recipe to be a little more colorful, add some colored sugar to the top, and try food dying the cream centre!

https://inspiringcooks.com/recipe/nanas-fairy-pie-recipe/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: INSPIRING COOKS

14. Flower Placemat

You may have seen these grassy mats in the past without knowing exactly what to do with them.

With this place setting idea, you can create a tabletop garden masterpiece for little cost. It really completes the tablescape!

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15. Fairy Bites

Made in a sheet pan, these fairy bites are incredibly easy to make and serve up small. Perfect for your little fairy fingers to enjoy on

With the sprinkles added in, fairies will be drawn to their pixie dust appearance!

http://pinkpiccadillypastries.blogspot.ca/2014/02/fairy-bites.html?showComment=1392882299424 PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: PINK PICCADILLY

16. Floral Butterfly Invitations

No party can happen without the invitations themselves.

With these sweet floral invites, you can make sure that every fairy knows they are welcome to your event. For an added touch, try placing some confetti or glitter inside the envelope for a welcoming surprise when your invitees open the card.

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17. Raw Vegan Cheesecake with Dragon Fruit

With the number of intolerances, dietary restrictions and lifestyle choices, it’s important to make sure that everyone can participate in your party bites and treats.

These little vegan cheesecakes are gorgeously plated with a slice of dragonfruit on top, looking so magical, just as the fairies would want.

https://elavegan.com/raw-vegan-cheesecake-recipe-dragon-fruit/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: ELA VEGAN

18. DIY Fairy Garden Activity

Looking for an activity for your little fairies to participate in? How about creating their very own enchanted fairy garden?

The set contains everything you’ll need to create the garden, so just put those little fingers to work and a beautiful masterpiece awaits them.

?Buy it:   https://amzn.to/2GxFK6W

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19. Fairy Wand Cookies

Is there anything more adorable than cookies made into magic wands?

It may seem like a lot of work to put these together, but with a simple sugar cookie recipe embedded with lollipop sticks before baking, you can decorate these little wands (or have your guests decorate their own) and even better – eat them right off the stick!

https://www.gourmetgetaways.com.au/fairy-wand-cookies/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: GOURMET GETAWAYS

20. Ribbon Streamer Wands

Almost everyone had one of these at some point during their childhood, but when it comes to a party add-on, these take your gathering to the next level.

Watch as your little fairies flutter about the room with their wands, creating visual art with their ribbons flowing in the air. Seems simple, but if you’re dealing with kids – these are actually incredibly fascinating to them, and a great way to use up their pixie energy.

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