Parties are always fun to attend especially ones that are themed. What makes themed parties even better is when they’re a potluck party! Not only does this make things easier for the host but it also means there is definitely going to be a larger variety of food to choose from. Whether you’re attending a Halloween party at work, sending your kids off to a potluck at school or hosting one yourself, make sure to contribute one or a couple of these recipes!

Each recipe will be perfectly themed for Halloween. The more creativity, the better! If you make one of these recipes your contribution will definitely stand out from the rest. We’ll include a few cute and fun Halloween-themed recipes and few disgustingly cool and scary ones too! However, you might want to save the scary food recipes for older kids or for your adult Halloween potluck.


1. Mummy Dogs

These mummy dogs are so easy to throw together and you can make large quantities effortlessly. For this recipe, you’ll only need 4 ingredients and less than 15 minutes!

Crescent roll dough is what you’ll use to wrap the dogs and olives are used for the eyes. These are actually adorable but perfectly spooky for a Halloween potluck! Alongside the mummy dogs, you may want to bring a side of ketchup for the perfect dipping sauce.

2. Cheese And Pretzel Broomsticks

Edible broomsticks are utterly adorable and kids will gobble these up. This snack is so easy to put together and you can make a plethora in the nick of time.

Send this Halloween-themed snack with your kids to their school potluck. It’s school-friendly and fun! However, if you choose to serve these at an adult party, they’ll love them too. I mean, it is cheese and pretzels, YUM!

3. Edible Fake Blood

Fake blood can be the perfect touch that every Halloween party needs. While fake blood is often incorporated into the decorations, with this recipe you can bring it to the food table too.

If you don’t love cooking and baking then this is a really great option for you. Whip up some fake blood and drizzle it over a store bought dessert to instantly upgrade it to a Halloween-themed treat. We’ve also included three dessert ideas where you can easily add fake blood for a spooky appearance.

4. Grave Yard Taco Cups

There are so many great ways to present taco chips and dip. Sometimes single-sized portions are great for parties so you don’t risk any double dippers.

This recipe for graveyard taco cups is incredibly easy and thriving with fresh and delicious ingredients. We’ve included a link to buy Halloween-themed cookie cutters so you can create your own fun dippers.

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5. Jeepers Creepers Slime Filled Cookies

Slime is all the rage with kids these days. Turn a fun activity into an edible surprise with these jeepers creepers slime filled cookies!

They’re chocolatey, delicious and spooky enough to bring to a Halloween potluck. The slimy center comes from gummy candies. These are so easy to make you could even have your kids help you prepare them.

6. Harvest Hash Trail Mix

Many parties will have bowls of chips or other assorted snacks but if you want your contribution to stand out make sure to bring a big bowl of harvest hash trail mix. This bowl is full of sweet and salty flavors and crunchy textures.

To create this trail mix you’ll want to have pretzels, Bugles chips, Honeycomb cereal, candy corn, candy corn pumpkins, Chex Muddy Buddy and M&Ms. This treat comes together as easy as mixing all the ingredients into one bowl, no baking required!

7. Spider Eggs

Almost every potluck I’ve been to has had deviled eggs. They’re a crowd pleaser and that is why they make a great potluck contribution.

However, for Halloween, get created and bring these spider eggs to your potluck. Firstly, the eggs are naturally dyed from blueberries and water. Further, unlike a traditional recipe, the center is flavored and naturally colored with avocados and wasabi.

8. Marshmallowy Monster Rice Krispies

Another popular potluck food item is Rice Krispie treats. Both children and adults love them and that is why you’ll want to bring them to your Halloween potluck.

This recipe gives an ordinary Rice Krispie treat recipe an upgrade and turns them into intriguing marshmallowy monsters. Their funky colors and googly eyes will stand out, they’ll definitely be eaten up in no time!


9. Halloween Jalapeno Popper Mummies

Bring a fun appetizer to your potluck and add a punch of heat to the table with these Halloween jalapeno popper mummies. They’re not scary at all, they’re actually adorable but would be a great addition to the party.

Make sure to handle jalapenos with gloves or your eyes might be hating you later. Follow this recipe for a fun and easy tutorial on how to achieve these cute little treats!

10. Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups

I’m sure you’ve had dirt pudding before, often filled with gummy worms but have you had a pumpkin patch dirt cup? Essentially its the same idea but this cup is perfect for your Halloween potluck.

The cups create the perfect single sized serving. They’re filled with layers of chocolate pudding and chocolatey cookie crumbles. Then on top, they’re filled with candy pumpkins and candy vines, everyone will love these!

11. Pumpkin Shaped Cheese Ball

Cheese balls are great for parties to bring a platter to your Halloween potluck. The cheesy goodness is the center of attention and is surrounded by a platter full of crunchy crackers.

The other great thing about cheese balls, especially if you make your own, is that they’re easily molded into whatever shape you want them to be. Our recipe will prove how you can turn an ordinary cheese ball into a pumpkin shaped one and the best part is that there is no pumpkin mold necessary! Follow the recipe and the instructions to make this exciting dish.

12. Ghost pizza

It’s safe to say pizza is a crowd favorite and for this reason bringing pizza to a potluck would be an excellent and safe choice! These mini pizzas are the perfect single sized servings.

They get a Halloween upgrade with the ghost-shaped cheese! Use a cookie cutter to cut the perfect ghost shape. Then use olives to add eyes and a mouth for a boo-tiful treat! If you don’t have one, we’re including a link to a ghost cookie cutter. Use it for the pizza but use it for so much more too!

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13. Chocolate Crescent Witch Hats

Crescent rolls are awesome because if you put your imagination cap on you can turn them into much more than a dinner roll. Follow this recipe and turn refrigerated crescent rolls into delicious witch hats.

You’ll trade savory rolls for a sweet dessert with this recipe! The rolls are filled with irresistible chocolate and a sprinkle of sugar on top, truly magical!

14. Halloween Feet Loaf

This recipe is sort of hysterical yet also genius. It’s also a little spooky so you may want to save this for an adult party or one without little kids.

This recipe is quite easy and only requires a few ingredients. The magic comes to play when you shape the meatloaf into feet. The finishing touches are what make this recipe stand out such as a few onion toenails, a severed bone (onion slice) and some blood (ketchup). All these creative touches make for one terrifying bite!

15. Breadstick Bones

Dinner rolls are often great for potlucks. They pair well with so many different kinds of foods and are easy to make or often in my case (purchase)! If you like easy then you’ll appreciate this recipe.

You won’t need to make bread dough as this recipe calls for refrigerated breadsticks. Shape the breadsticks into fun bone shapes before you bake them and finish by seasoning with a few ingredients.

16. Puff Pastry Intestines

This is another atrocious yet amazing potluck idea, puff pastry intestines! The creative thing about this recipe is you can fill the “intestines” with anything you want. Make it a sweet pastry and fill it with jam or keep it savory and fill it with ground beef, the options are endless.

The creative element comes to play when you form the pastry into the shape of intestines. Serve this treat on a platter and everyone will be excited to try this at your potluck.


17. Meatball Mummies

Meatballs are another popular potluck food item. Instead of bringing a slow cooker full of meatballs, you have to make these meatball mummies for your Halloween potluck.

To make things easy you’ll want to use frozen meatballs and store-bought crescent roll dough. Wrap the meatballs with the dough and add marinara and olive eyes for a clever mummified snack!

18. Stuffed Mushroom Eyeballs

If you want to participate in the Halloween theme but like to keep things healthy then these stuffed mushroom eyeballs are a must-try! They’re so easy and made of wholesome ingredients.

The base of the eye comes from button mushrooms and the filling is a homemade tofu ricotta. This also means this recipe is dairy-free and vegan-friendly! The finishing touches are what turn these stuffed mushrooms into an awesome eyeball appetizer.

19. Spider Web Taco Dip

Instead of the single serving cups we talked about earlier, you could make a big bowl to share with a crowd. This taco dip has a few different ingredients that make it unique.

Besides the beautiful layers and delicious flavors, the design will definitely stand out. The spider web is creatively made from sour cream. Add a few artificial spiders to your dip to really enhance the spooky ambiance.

20. Zombie Finger Cookies

Lastly, we’re sharing another spooky treat, zombie finger cookies! These are quite realistic looking so this is another recipe that you might want to save for older kids or an adult only party!

The cookies are made from a simple sugar cooker recipe. They come to life with the decorating techniques. Follow the recipe and tutorial and you too can achieve this amazingly freaky treat.

Clarissa Vanner

Clarissa loves experimenting with food of all cultures to make unique healthy dishes. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for new recipe inspiration she likes to pick up a DIY project and use her creative hands to make art or crafts. In her down time you can find her watching the latest documentaries on Netflix or going for nature walks.

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