Halloween parties are amazingly fun to attend. Many offices host their own Halloween potluck parties where all the staff brings in one spooky dish. If you’re invited to a Halloween potluck party, it could be hard to think of what to bring. There are some spooky and disgusting looking dishes that taste wonderful. We found some cute dishes, but also some scary ones for you to bring. Have fun this holiday season and scare your co-workers!

1. Ham Head

 This yucky looking skull is just a plastic head covered in prosciutto.

2. Veggie Dip Pumpkin

 This cute skeleton gets his body from some diced veggies.  Ranch dressing makes up this pale face!

3. Meatloaf Feet

 This yucky looking meal is actually just made of meatloaf. Get the scary factor by baking it with ketchup and cheese over top.

4. Funny Bones

 These cute candies are made from pretzels and marshmallows dipped in white chocolate.

5. Meat Man

 Explore your zombie tendencies by making a meat man. Fill the inside with sausage and chicken and cover with two racks of ribs.

6. Watermelon Brain

This fun fruit tray sports a watermelon head. Carve your watermelon into any shape you like!

7. Guts Pastry

 Make a puff pastry into a tube filled with meat filling. Wind it in a baking pan and cook for a spooky meal.

8. Ghost Pizza

 Using fresh mozzarella, cut out the shape of ghosts and bake the pizza as directed. Little olives for the eyes.

9. Brain Jello

 Many Halloween supply stores sell brain jello molds. Make this dish extra spooky with red syrup poured over top.

10. Guacamole Witch

Have a healthy amount of fear and nutrients with some delicious guacamole and chips in the shape of your favorite or not so favorite neighbourhood witch!

Angela Nightingale

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