It’s that time of year when we ditch the elegant and cute desserts, for something a little more…gory.

Here’s the thing with edible blood… you can drizzle it on almost anything, and it makes it creepy immediately.

We were able to make THREE different Hallowe’en desserts by making one batch of edible blood, and drizzling and splattering our little hearts out over store-bought pre-made sweets such a donuts, cupcakes and cheesecake.

If you love themed party planning and treats, but lack the time or energy to make something from scratch, this is a perfect bloody middle ground that everyone will love!

Servings: endless


  • 1 cup corn syrup (clear)
  • No-Taste Red Food Coloring Gel
  • Blue Food Coloring Gel
  • 1/4-1/2 cup Corn starch
  • Desserts to drizzle onto!


  • Starting with your corn syrup, add in some food coloring gel, using about 1/3 blue to 2/3 red (plain red comes off too pink, adding in the blue gives it that true blood appearance and richness).
  • Mix until the colors are blended into the corn syrup, and begin adding your cornstarch about 1 tbsp at a time until the desired consistency is reached. We used about 1/4 cup, but could add more if we wanted it to be thicker.
  • Continue to add more food coloring gel until you are satisfied with your bloody, gory drizzle.
  • Drizzle your edible blood over any desserts you choose. For the donuts we did - add some fake teeth to the centre before drizzling for an extra spooky factor.
Sarah Nicole

Since successfully losing 100lbs by changing her relationship with food and her body, Sarah has taken her passion for food and balanced it between cucumbers and cupcakes. When she's not bustling her way around a kitchen, you can find her working out or winding down at home with her 3 kids and pug. Follow Sarah's journey on Instagram @TheBirdsPapaya.

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