When Halloween comes, people are divided into two groups- those that love candy, and those that want to spoil it for the rest of us. It’s hard to come up with a top 10 worst candy list because there’s so many that deserve to be on here! For the purposes of this article, we’re going with the idea that trick or treating kids should get the candy with the highest sugar content and the least health treats. While eating lots of candy is horribly unhealthy, the great thing about Halloween candy is that it’s individually packaged. If you’re concerned that your children will be eating too many treats, restrict their candy intake to only a few bars a day. Our top 10 worst Halloween candy is grossly incomplete, so add your least favorites in the comments.

10. No Named Soda. Giving our soda seems like a good idea for kids, as they’re eating so much candy as they’re walking to houses. Unfortunately many no named soda tastes awful and it’s very heavy in their bags. A better option would be mini water bottles.

9. Homemade Candy. While you might make your candy with love and care, it’s not a wise choice to give to strangers. Every year it’s reported that needles or razor blades were found in trick or treating bags. Skip making your own candy for strangers and instead buy prepackaged treats. Save the home made goods for your close neighbors and friends.

8. Rockets. This was on our top list, but it’s also making an appearance on the worst side. People either love these or hate them with a passion.

7. Old Fashioned Taffy. These hard blocks of candy are wrapped in nostalgic paper and have a very strong flavor. While adults might love them, they’re always the last candy that kids eat. They’re too hard for young teeth and the flavor is too strong for picky palates.

6. Suckers. Call them suckers or lollipops, these hard sugar candies are a big no! They’re medicinal in taste and no fun to eat. The exception to this are caramel apple pops and tootsie roll suckers with chocolate filling.

5. Tootsie Rolls In Other Flavors. The classic tootsie roll is a real winner, but they have a line of other flavors that are pretty awful. They lack flavor and just pale in comparison to the chocolate ones.

4. Rice Crispy Treats. These might be good for kids lunches but make a poor Halloween treat. Save them for every day and go for some real candy for Halloween.

3. No Named Chips. This is another controversial choice, but I hate them with a passion! They’re much too salty and burn your lips when you eat them. If you want to give out chips, go for something that you would eat yourselves.

2. Healthy Snack Packs. Many manufacturers now produce 100 calorie snack packs. These are too expensive to give away and are also not very Halloween-ish. Save these for your lunch and skip giving them out.

1. Fruit! Giving out fruit is an abomination to everything Halloween is today. Save your house from being egged or messed with toilet paper and skip handing out fruit.

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