Halloween is our favorite holiday here at Half Hour Meals. Spooky costumes with sweet treats only comes around once a year. When else can you eat candy for a whole month and not feel guilty? There are thousands of recipes out there for Halloween treats for kids. We searched through them to find our favorite black and orange snacks. These recipes are all child friendly and not scary. If you want really spooky treats, keep an eye out for our other upcoming Halloween articles.

1. Chocolate Oreo Bats

[Source: theidearoom.net]

2. Pumpkin Orange Cups

[Source: pimpmydinner.blogspot.ca]

3. Ghost Cupcakes

[Source: jennysteffens.blogspot.ca]

4. Candy Corn Mousse 

[Source: glorioustreats.com]

5. Ghost Hot Chocolate

[Source: homeiswheretheboatis.wordpress.com]

6. Homemade Candy Corn 

[Source: seriouseats.com]

7. Halloween Trifle 

[Source: bluebonnetsandbrownies.com]

8. Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

[Source: sweetsugarbelle.com]

9. Carrot Eyes

[Source: familyfun.go.com]

10. Pumpkin Cupcakes

[Source: abitchinkitchen.blogspot.ca]

11. Ghost S’Mores

[Source: homeiswheretheboatis.wordpress.com]

Angela Nightingale

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