Some women (and men) dream of the big day their entire life, the wedding. A day where you make the ultimate commitment to the person you love. Nowadays these weddings tend to be quite extravagant with big hall rentals, fancy decorations but it all comes down to celebrating a big chapter of life with those you care about.

While your guests are there to celebrate with you some of the best parts about weddings is the food spread. A big trend that has been popping up for the last several years is food bar stations. These bars can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them, it all comes down to your style and the foods you love. We have found 15 of the most exquisite food bars to help inspire an epic food table that you and your guests will definitely enjoy.

1. French Fry Bar

I don’t think I’ve met a single person who doesn’t like french fries, and for that reason, a French fry bar would be a very cool idea to have at your wedding. Afterall, they make for some of the best comfort foods out there and after a night of crying, laughing and dancing it’s a tasty way to refuel.

To create variety for your guests you could serve regular fries, onion rings, sweet potato fries and copious amounts of toppings. The second best part of eating fries is dipping them into delicious sauces. PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: SOUTHERN REVIVALS

2. Rustic S’mores Bar

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding and or reception a s’more bar would be a very fun idea too! You could host a group bonfire to roast the s’mores or you could set up stations with candles instead. Whichever you choose, both methods can roast marshmallows perfectly.

Along with marshmallows and roasting sticks, you’ll want to make sure you have graham crackers and a variety of different kinds of chocolate. This delicious treat will make a lasting impression on your guest that will have them remembering your wedding forever. PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: CATCH MY PARTY

3. Ice Cream Sundae Bar

The highlight of desserts at weddings is the extravagant wedding cake. If you’re looking for something different than a wedding cake or a delicious dessert to pair with your cake an ice cream sundae bar would be a fabulous idea.

You and your guests can feel like a kid again building a delicious sundae filled with candy and sweet sauces. You may want to consider including a dairy-free option at your wedding because you’re bound to have guests who have lactose allergies or guests who follow a plant-based diet! PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: HELLO LITTLE HOME

4. Mimosa Bar

Mimosa’s might have a reputation for being a breakfast bevvy but their fruity flavor and bubbly texture is worth celebrating even at the reception. A classic mimosa consists of orange juice and champagne but you could consider having a mimosa bar at your wedding for some added fun.

First, start with champagne flutes with an (optional) stirring stick that could go along with your wedding theme. Then pick a variety of fruit juices so your guests have options. Keeping the juice and champagne separate allows your guests to cheese a non-alcoholic bevvy so they choose. Don’t forget a platter for fruit for a fun and fruity drink! PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: MICHELLE GOT MARRIED

5. Grilled Baked Potato Bar

This grilled baked potato bar is as awesome as the french fry bar. Like fries, baked potatoes are delicious comfort foods which are great for a late night snacking at weddings. The only work you’ll have to assign is grilling up the potatoes and set out the toppings.

When they’re ready each guest can grab their grilled potatoes and load the toppings up as they wish. You could provide toppings such as a variety of vegetables, meats and many sauces for a fun treat. PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: PLATINGS AND PAIRINGS

6. Pretzel Bar

Finding food that can fit in with the theme of the wedding might be cheesy but it’s definitely fun and nothing says tieing the not like a knotted pretzel. This food bar is incredibly easy to set up but its simplicity will have a big impact on your guests.

Doughy soft pretzels taste great on their own but dipped into sauces might just make them outstanding. Some popular sauces are ooey-gooey cheeses, honey mustard or something spicy. You could have this food bar set up for cocktail hour to help tie your guests over until dinner. PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: THE KNOT

7. Hot Chocolate Bar

Coffee and tea are popular beverages especially served with dessert. To go along with your coffee and tea you could set up a hot chocolate bar. Whether you’re wedding is taking place in the colder months or in the warm months, it will definitely be a crowd favorite.

All you’ll have to do is ensure a large batch of hot chocolate is made and then set that out an array of toppings to make a customizable drink. You could even provide fun to-go cups so your guests can grab a hot drink and then mingle. PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: LITTLE SPICE JAR

8. Rustic Popcorn Bar

Snacks are important especially to keep you and your guests fueled through a busy and exciting day. Along with chips, popcorn is often a popular choice and that’s why we have included a popcorn bar!

Start by providing fun bags that your guests can fill up with popcorn of their choice. You could provide a variety of different kinds such as plain, salted and butter, caramel, or even Chicago mix. Then provide lot’s of fun toppings so they can make their own party in a bag. PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: MINT EVENT DESIGN

9. Donut Bar

Gourmet donuts are gaining popularity quite quickly and many are choosing to opt out of a wedding cake altogether and replace it with epic donuts. Whether you’re looking for an option to replace a traditional cake or looking for other fun dessert tables to go along with the cake this donut bar will definitely be a hit.

Another popular item is foil balloons. They make a huge impact, are really fun and are definitely “Instagram-worthy”. Show off your donut bar with foil balloons, a banner and a table that displays an array of different flavored donuts, yum! PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: SOMETHING TURQUOISE

10. Bruschetta Bar

Cocktails and apps are a great opportunity to have your guests mingle before the real party begins! You could serve them bruschetta during cocktails or you could create this epic bruschetta station for all your guests!

It’s as simple as creating a large spread of toppings varying from cold cut meats, legumes, chopped veggies and awesome spreads like hummus or guacamole. Your guests won’t have to pick off any unwanted toppings because with this station they can build and then enjoy their very own! PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: OLIVIA CUISINE

11. Bloody Mary Bar

Many weddings have some sort of alcoholic bar run by quite often the hosts/bartenders of your venue but “build your own” bars make things interactive and fun for your guests. If there are any bride and grooms out there who seriously love Bloody Mary’s then this bevvy bar would be perfect for you.

Provide the alcohol, the tomato juice and copious amounts of toppings so your guests can make a cocktail perfectly suited for them. They’ll have the freedom to make their bevvy as spicy or extraordinary as they desire. PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: FOODIE CRUSH

12. Hot Dog Bar

A hot dog bar would be another fun late night snack idea or perfect for a quaint backyard wedding. The idea is simple but your decorations will make this bar stand out.

Start with fun trays that the guests can build their hot dogs in. Then provide endless toppings to make the perfect customizable gourmet hot dog. PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: I HEART NAP TIME

13. Taco Bar

A taco bar can be the highlight meal of your reception or the perfect late night snack to keep everyone dancing all night long. Tacos play an important part in creating the perfect fiesta and they’re often a crowd favorite which is why they would be a great addition to a wedding reception.

The fun thing about tacos is that they’re easily customizable. If you have guests that enjoy meat and guests who follow a vegetarian diet, a spread like this will accommodate both! Let your guests build their own tacos with their favorite toppings to keep the fiesta alive!–free-taco-bar-printables-l-10586-l-13.html PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: WEDDING CHICKS

14. Candy Bar

Feel like a kid again with a fun candy bar at your wedding reception. You could make it extra fun and include only the candies that you and your significant other love!

Make sure to provide bags or boxes so your guests can load up and keep the sugar rush running all night long. You could even consider using this candy bar in lieu of wedding favors. Have your guests stock up during the wedding but allow them to take some for the road as a thank you for celebrating with you. PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: MODWEDDING

15. Milk And Cookies Bar

Following the snack trend, another awesome idea would be a milk and cookies bar. Afterall, they are the perfect pair. Firstly provide the milk and consider offering a dairy-free option, regular milk, chocolate milk and maybe even strawberry milk.

Next, display a generous supply of cookies ranging from many flavors such as chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate. You could make this as simple or intricate as you please such as providing homemade cookies or store-bought. This particular cookie station is a rustic theme but the idea would work with whatever theme you choose to have. PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: KARAS PARTY IDEAS

Clarissa Vanner

Clarissa loves experimenting with food of all cultures to make unique healthy dishes. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for new recipe inspiration she likes to pick up a DIY project and use her creative hands to make art or crafts. In her down time you can find her watching the latest documentaries on Netflix or going for nature walks.

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