Going out to eat is a great way to treat yourself plus it means you don’t have to put any effort into cooking and not to mention, the dreaded cleaning. However, there are many delicious restaurant copycat recipes you can make at home that will not only help you save money but will be just as satisfying as dining out.

We’ve created a list of crave-worthy Asian-inspired recipes that will quench any takeout craving. We’ve made sure to include popular favorites such as spring rolls, chicken ramen, and orange chicken but have also included a few unique recipes too such as egg roll in a bowl. The next time you find yourself craving Chinese, Thai, or any Asian takeout put your cooking skills to good use and prepare a delicious dinner at home!

1. Fried Cream Cheese Wontons

Cheese wontons are one of the most sought after restaurant appetizers. They’re crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside! However, wontons are actually quite easy to make at home, which means you can dig into this appetizer whenever the craving strikes.

The best part is that this recipe requires just 5 ingredients. Additionally, while these would be a great treat to enjoy at home, they would also make an excellent party or potluck appetizer too.

https://www.theovenlight.net/2018/09/wontons-cream-cheese-filling/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE OVEN LIGHT

2. Vegetable Spring Rolls

Enjoy savory ingredients bundled in a crispy spring roll wrapper with this recipe. Spring rolls are another popular appetizer and this recipe proves you can make them effortlessly at home!

Say goodbye to the frozen packages of spring rolls because there is no going back once you try the homemade version. The rolls cook in a wok of hot oil, so be sure to approach this step with caution.

https://indianambrosia.com/vegetable-spring-rolls-recipe/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: INDIAN AMBROSIA

3. 15-Minute Instant Pot Orange Chicken

Orange chicken is boasting with savory and tangy flavors. The combination of sweet bbq sauce and orange marmalade will certainly excite your taste buds.

Additionally, this is an Instant Pot recipe which means this meal will come together quickly and effortlessly, in fact, it will come together in about 15 minutes or less. If you weren’t a fan of take-out orange chicken before, once you try this homemade version you’ll certainly become one!

http://www.forkly.com/food/15-minute-instant-pot-orange-chicken/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

4. 20-Minute Sweet And Spicy Noodles

This Thai-inspired dinner can be ready to eat in just 20 minutes making it a great contender for busy weeknights. These noodles have the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors thanks to ingredients such as soy sauce, hoisin, and honey.

The rice noodles are also paired with shredded carrots and are garnished with peanuts, and fresh cilantro and green onion. Enjoy the noodles as they are or serve with a protein of your choice.

https://www.servedfromscratch.com/20-minute-sweet-and-spicy-noodles/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SERVED FROM SCRATCH

5. Beef And Broccoli

Beef and broccoli is a crowd favorite, especially at Chinese American restaurants. Tender pieces of beef and broccoli florets are smothered in the most savory sauce and is served with a side of white rice.

You’ll be making a homemade sauce for this recipe, but rest assured, it only requires 3 simple ingredients that you’ll likely already have on hand.  Finally, the best part yet, this delicious meal comes together in 35 minutes or less.

https://www.savorytooth.com/beef-broccoli/?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=2 PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SAVORY TOOTH

6. Sheet Pan Cashew Chicken And Veggies

Put down the phone and skip the takeout order because this cashew chicken and veggie dinner is dressed to impress! This dinner is not only quick and easy to throw together, but it’s budget-friendly too.

Toss all the ingredients onto a sheet pan, drizzle the homemade sauce on top and then toss the sheet pan in the oven. This one-pan dinner makes dinner preparations a breeze and the cleanup even easier.

http://www.forkly.com/recipes/sheet-pan-cashew-chicken-veggies/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

7. Asian Cucumber Salad

Balance those wonderful savory flavors with a light and refreshing salad. This Asian cucumber salad may be simple but it is packed with flavor.

You can slice the cucumber by hand or to make things easier, use a mandolin slicer. The cucumbers are tossed in a simple dressing made from rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, and a dash of salt and pepper.

https://thedeliciousspoon.com/asian-cucumber-salad/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest&utm_campaign=tailwind_tribes&utm_content=tribes&utm_term=561049930_20671886_209645 PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE DELICIOUS SPOON

8. Easy Chicken Lo Mein

This recipe puts a healthy spin on a classic Chinese recipe. This easy chicken lo mein combines lo mein noodles with chicken strips and fresh veggies.

This dish is also tossed in a simple garlicky soy sauce. Further, you’ll be provided with tips and tricks on where to find lo mein noodles and what to do if you can’t find them.

https://www.justataste.com/easy-chicken-lo-mein-recipe/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest&utm_campaign=tailwind_tribes&utm_content=tribes&utm_term=491489338_17430970_492996 PHOTO AND RECIPE HERE: JUST A TASTE

9. Quick And Easy Instant Pot Chicken Ramen

Ramen is known to have a wonderful depth of flavor and with the help of a handy kitchen gadget, the Instant Pot, you too can replicate this flavor. This also means you’ll no longer have to rely on takeout to enjoy this delicious meal.

Our recipe is full of fragrant ingredients, from sesame oil to chili garlic sauce and several other flavorful ingredients. The most impressive part of this recipe is that you can simultaneously cook the ramen and the boiled egg all in one pot!

http://www.forkly.com/recipes/quick-easy-instant-pot-chicken-ramen/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

10. Shrimp Spring Rolls With Peanut Dipping Sauce

Deep-Fried spring rolls are delicious but fresh spring rolls are great too. These shrimp rolls combine vermicelli noodles with shrimp, fresh lettuce, and mint leaves to create one refreshing appetizer.

Additionally, you’ll also be provided with a recipe for a homemade Vietnamese peanut dipping sauce that pairs perfectly with the spring rolls. The recipe provides step by step instructions on how to assemble this appetizer effortlessly. While it may seem like these require quite a bit of work, this appetizer can come together in just 20 minutes.

https://www.recipetineats.com/vietnamese-rice-paper-rolls-spring-rolls/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: RECIPE TIN EATS

11. Easy Chinese Fried Rice

Chinese fried rice makes an excellent meal or side dish. Full of protein, veggies, and carbs, it has a bit of everything!

This recipe demonstrates how you can make your favorite takeout dish in the comfort of your own home. This delicious recipe comes together in just 15 minutes and yields 4 servings.

https://www.everydayeasyeats.com/chinese-fried-rice/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: EVERY DAY EASY EATS

12. Teriyaki Tofu Sheet Pan Dinner

If you’re following a vegetarian or vegan diet, or perhaps you enjoy trying new things, be sure to give this teriyaki tofu dinner a try. This is another super easy sheet pan recipe that once again, makes preparation and cleanup a breeze.

This dinner combines cubed tofu with broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and bell peppers to create a wholesome dinner. You’ll also need to make the teriyaki sauce from scratch but that also comes together quickly.

http://www.forkly.com/recipes/teriyaki-tofu-sheet-pan-dinner/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

13. Potstickers

Potstickers can seem like a daunting recipe to make at home, especially if you have never tried it before. Rest assured, this recipe is here to show you how you can achieve juicy potstickers effortlessly.

With the help of a food processor, you can have the filling for the potstickers made in a hurry. These potstickers serve well with several different dipping sauces such as soy sauce, sweet and sour sauce, or the homemade sauce recipe that you’ll be provided with.

https://carlsbadcravings.com/potstickers/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: CARLS BAD CRAVINGS

14. Pad Thai

Share this pad thai with your family and they’ll think you ordered takeout. What makes this recipe great is that it’s very customizable. You can change the protein, veggies and the amount of spiciness to suit your taste buds.

You’ll also be provided with a recipe to create a sweet and savory sauce that complements the pad thai perfectly. Serve the pad thai with crushed peanuts and freshly squeezed lime juice.

https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/pad-thai/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: GIMME SOME OVEN

15. Egg Roll In A Bowl

Much like spring rolls, egg rolls are also very popular. Our recipe takes the insides of an egg roll and serves it up for dinner. This meal is not only flavorful and filling but it’s also a great low-carb option as we’ve omitted the egg roll wrapper all together.

Our egg roll in a bowl recipe is prepared in the Instant Pot so that you can have a flavorful dinner ready in a hurry. This meal comes together so quickly you could even serve it on the busiest weeknight.

http://www.forkly.com/recipes/better-than-takeout-low-carb-instant-pot-egg-roll-in-a-bowl/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

16. Asian Sweet Chili Chicken

This Asian chicken is smothered in a sticky and delicious sauce. It’s a little bit spicy and a little sweet but together, the flavors pair perfectly.

Begin by preparing the homemade sweet chili sauce. Then you’ll need to toss the chicken in a batter and fry the chicken pieces in hot oil until they’re perfectly crispy. Try this dish once and you’ll find yourself craving it all the time.

https://dinnerthendessert.com/asian-sweet-chili-chicken/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: DINNER THEN DESSERT

17. 20-Minute Honey Garlic Shrimp

A delicious wholesome meal can be ready to eat in just 20 minutes with this recipe! This recipe comes equipped with instructions to make a homemade honey garlic sauce that is not only easy but incredibly delicious.

It’s important to marinate the shrimp. You can allow it to marinate for anywhere from 15 minutes up to 12 hours, whatever works best for your schedule. Then, when you’re ready to prepare dinner, you’ll cook the shrimp in a skillet and serve it with a side of brown rice and steamed veggies.

https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/quick-healthy-dinner-20-minute-honey-garlic-shrimp/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SALLY’S BAKING ADDICTION

18. Low-Carb Cauliflower Sushi

Sushi is delicious but it can be an intimidating meal to make on your own. We were determined to prove to you that it’s actually easy to make at home. We also decided to put a low-carb spin on a traditional recipe by substituting regular rice for cauliflower rice.

It’s important to note that you’ll need a sushi roller or a bamboo placemat to roll the sushi. We also highly recommend using a food processor to create the cauliflower rice.

http://www.forkly.com/recipes/low-carb-cauliflower-sushi/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

19. Korean Beef Sloppy Joes

You may not find sloppy joes on your favorite Asian takeout menu but this recipe puts a unique Asian spin on a traditional sloppy joe recipe. These Korean beef sloppy joes have a combination of sweet and spicy flavors with a hint of garlic that sets these over the top.

This recipe requires a few unique ingredients such as sesame oil, hoisin, and rice wine vinegar but these ingredients work together to provide that authentic Asian flavor. Serve the saucy meat in a bun and enjoy!

https://dinnerthendessert.com/korean-beef-sloppy-joes/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: DINNER THEN DESSERT

20. Instant Pot Kung Pao Chicken

Our kung pao chicken recipe combines the convenience of takeout with good ole’ home cooking with the help of an Instant Pot. This quick and easy recipe is packed full of flavor and not to mention wholesome ingredients.

Along with the protein-rich chicken, this meal also contains fresh veggies such as bell peppers and zucchini. This meal comes together in about 30 minutes or less and serves well over rice.

http://www.forkly.com/recipes/instant-pot-kung-pao-chicken/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

Clarissa Vanner

Clarissa loves experimenting with food of all cultures to make unique healthy dishes. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for new recipe inspiration she likes to pick up a DIY project and use her creative hands to make art or crafts. In her down time you can find her watching the latest documentaries on Netflix or going for nature walks.

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