Pasta is a family favorite meal. You can create infinite number of unique dishes with pasta. We love pairing beef with our pasta, whether it’s in the sauce, or by making meatballs. Ground beef is a great choice for pairing with pasta because it will cook quickly and you don’t have to worry about it getting tough. Add ground beef to fortify sauces and add some great protein. Look for lean ground beef to cut some calories from the fat.

1. Slow Cooker Cincinnati Chili

Want that Cincinnati Chili flavor, even when you’re short on prep time? This is the perfect answer! Just a few simple steps and a few hours in the slow cooker will leave you with chili that can rival that of any 3-way chili parlor. It’s deliciously different! Photos and Recipe By: Family Fresh Meals

2. Classic Lasagna

This classic Italian dish is not for those on a diet! This recipe is rich with ricotta cheese, ground beef and Italian sausage, and topped with tons of cheese. Adding the sausage with the beef will keep everything moist and flavorful. Photos and Recipe By: Nerds With Knives

3. Taco Macaroni and Cheese

This delicious mac and cheese was inspired by a couple of guilty pleasure boxed dinners, but it’s made from scratch and tastes a lot better. It’s spicy and creamy and loaded with flavor! Photos and Recipe By: Mostly Home Made Mom

4. Cheesy Macaroni and Ground Beef

This homemade recipe will remind you of the famous grocery store boxed meal called Hamburger Helper. This recipe is infinitely better than that thought! Your kids will love the familiar flavors and you’ll love the great nutrition it has. Photos and Recipe By: Spend With Pennies

5. Classic Ragu Bolognese

Anyone who cares about what they eat knows that Ragu is not the sauce that comes out of a jar. This is the classic Italian meat sauce. It can be served with fresh tagliatelle egg pasta, or spaghetti. This is also the same sauce that is used to make a traditional meat lasagna  A delicious meat sauce is the ultimate comfort food, and it never disappoints. Photos and Recipe By: Pinch Of Yum

6. Meatballs with Spaghetti

These spaghetti and meatballs will make you weep. The meat mixture is superb, but the sauce is what makes it. It’s deep. Taste it and you’ll swear you’re in the Godfather movie. Photos and Recipe By: Recipe Tin Eats

7. Beef Stew with Pappardelle Falso

Pappardelle is a very broad kind of fettuccine  and you can simulate a similar effect in the mouth using my improvised broken lasagna pieces (careful, when you break them bits of shrapnel will fly everywhere). Of course, if you have real pappardelle, use that. Photos and Recipe By: Pinch Of Yum

8. Italian Sausage and Beef Ragu

Wrap your fork up with these thick, rich noodles covered in the perfect amount of Italian Sausage and Beef sauce. The only thing you absolutely must have on hand that you may not already, is fresh parmesan. Photos and Recipe By: Recipe Tin Eats

9. Homemade Hamburger Helper Beef Noodles

Running low on groceries? How about a tight budget? This meal will deliver some major protein for a fraction of the cost that you would normal spend on a regular meal. Photos and Recipe By: Cincy Shopper

10. Skillet Beef Ziti

Oh boy. Save this recipe up for a cheat day like no other! Doused in piles of cheese and beef, this pasta is rich in flavor and is extremely filling. Serve this up at a family get together to fill lots of stomachs. Photos and Recipe By: Add A Pinch

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