As a little old lady once famously asked: “Where’s the beef?” Well, normally you only have to look as far as the nearest burger to answer that question, but today we’re switching things up! Lots of people are choosing to eat less red meat these days so we thought this was the perfect opportunity to talk about some non-beef burger options. So if you don’t eat beef, or if you’re just looking for a change from the same old, same old, you’re going to love these 15 burger recipes that don’t involve the cows.

1. Teriyaki Turkey Burgers

There are plenty of other carnivore-approved burger options out there, and these turkey burgers are proof that you don’t need beef to make a lip-smacking good burger! These teriyaki turkey patties are topped with sweet grilled pineapple slices and smoky charred red onion for an awesome taste sensation. Photo by: Recipe Runner

2. Spicy Chickpea Veggie Burgers

The problem with many veggie burgers is that they’re often lacking in the flavor department, and they can have a hard time staying together on the barbecue. Not these spicy chickpea burgers though! They’re packed with flavor and hold their shape when cooked, meaning they won’t leave a mess behind on your grill. Photo by: Running on Real Food

3. Thai Chicken Burgers

If you love the bright, fresh flavors of Thai cuisine you’re going to love these delicious chicken burgers that bring all the best flavors of Southeast Asia into your home. Flavorful chicken patties are topped with Thai slaw and peanut dressing for a burger so pretty you won’t even want to eat it (well, almost.) Photo by: Nutmeg Nanny

4. Chunky Portabella Mushroom Burgers

Mushrooms are always a great beef alternative since they’re hearty, meaty texture and umami flavor satisfies even the biggest carnivores. These delicious burgers use portabella mushrooms (like portobellos but smaller) and steak seasoning for a burger with big, bold flavor. Photo by: The Kitchen Whisperer

5. Chipotle Pork Burgers

If you crave the smoky spicy flavors of chipotle and barbecue, you have to try these tempting pork burgers. Chipotle pork patties are topped with gooey melted cheese and fresh sliced avocado. Top with your favorite barbecue sauce for a scrumptiously satisfying burger. Photo by: Spicy Southern Kitchen

6. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burgers

There’s no combination that satisfies quite like sweet potato and black beans! Meat-atarians and veggie lovers alike will love these tasty burgers that pack in tons of flavor and healthy fibre between two buns. Photo by: Cherished Bliss

7. Salmon Burgers with Avocado Salsa

I don’t know about you but I’m wild about salmon these days, so these amazing looking salmon burgers are going to be on my menu very soon. Plus who could resist a burger topped with fresh avocado salsa?? Photo by: Cooktoria

8. Spicy Cauliflower Burgers

Lately we’ve been seeing cauliflower used in so many different ways, from gluten-free pizza crusts to the infamous cauliflower ‘rice’, it was only a matter of time before it broke into the burger world as well! Photo by: Pinch of Yum

9. Vietnamese Pork Burger

This mouth-watering pork burger combines all the best parts of Vietnamese cuisine with fresh herbs, a sweet and spicy dipping sauce and tangy pickled carrot and daikon radish ribbons. It’s a real showstopper that will have guests talking at your next barbecue! Photo by: Andrew Zimmern

10. Baked Falafel Burgers

Falafels have been a tasty vegetarian option for a long time, but I’m not sure why someone didn’t shape them into burgers sooner?! These easy falafel burgers have only seven ingredients and have a crispy, crunchy crust with a moist, tender interior. Top with garlic-tahini dressing for an outstanding alternative burger. Photo by: Minimalist Baker

11. Cheddar-Stuffed BBQ Turkey Burgers

I’ve seen beef burgers stuffed six ways from Sunday with all sorts of things like bacon, butter and ooey gooey cheese, but you don’t need beef to make a scrumptious stuffed burger! These turkey burgers are stuffed with melty cheddar and topped with smoky barbecue sauce and sweet sauteed onions. Photo by: Baker by Nature

12. Mediterranean Quinoa Burgers

Ok the words “quinoa burgers” don’t exactly make many people get excited or jump for joy, but trust me, this recipe is a must make! Chickpea, quinoa and feta patties are topped with a delicious blend of tomatoes, olives and herbs that will leave you dreaming of days in the Mediterranean. Photo by: Well Plated

13. Greek Chicken Burgers

Don’t leave the Mediterranean just yet! These Greek-inspired chicken burgers are packed with feta cheese, roasted red pepper and mint and get topped with a savory blend of Greek yogurt sauce, fresh mint and parsley. Photo by: Nutmeg Nanny

14. Banh Mi Burgers

These burgers take the much-loved sandwiches of Vietnam and turn them into a flavor-packed burger. The crusty baguette is replaced by a soft burger bun with a crusty shell and the patty is topped with the traditional fixings of cucumbers, shredded carrot and fresh cilantro. Photo by: Half Baked Harvest

15. Ahi Tuna Sriracha Burger

Beef burgers are usually heavy and loaded with post-consumption guilt, but that’s not the case for these light and tasty ahi tuna burgers! Sushi grade ahi tuna is diced and combined with Asian seasonings for a burger that’s anything but ordinary. Photo by: Scaling Back Blog

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