One of the best parts about spring (other than the beautiful weather, of course) is dusting off the grill and cooking up delicious mouth-watering meals outdoors. BBQ’s are the single most popular way to prepare a meal in the spring and summer months and there are many reasons why. Not only is it a no-fuss way to whip up a meal but the food you cook on the grill tastes delicious every time.

If you’re looking for unique meals for the BBQ, consider grilling up one of these fabulous meals this season:

1. Stuffed Chicken Roll-Ups

This is a great option for a quick, weeknight grilling recipe. Why just grill boring old boneless skinless chicken breasts when you can roll ’em up with prosciutto, provolone cheese and basil? Here’s the best part, after you roll them up and put them on the grill their done in under 20 minutes.


2. Grilled Beef Kabobs

A perfect BBQ recipe for spring or summer, these beef kabobs have been a huge hit among family and friends for years. They’re incredibly easy to make and a delicious mix of grilled beef and vegetables.

3. Grilled Jambalaya

Jambalaya on the grill? Who would have thought? This meal is so good, and packed with amazing New Orleans flavor. The jambalaya cooks in foil packets on the stove, which makes for an easy meal and even easier clean-up! Great for entertaining, or even just a family meal on a weeknight, this is sure to be a hit!

4. Teriyaki BBQ Ribs

If you’re a fan of “regular” BBQ Pork Ribs then you’ll want to give these teriyaki ribs a try. They’re an interesting alternative to the regular routine and provide an Asian inspiration to your next meal. Soaked in a teriyaki marinade then on to the grill where they’re basted in that familiar japanese sweet ginger teriyaki sauce.

5. Chicken on a Stick

Chicken is a popular choice among many families when it comes to grilling and these delicious and healthy chicken kabobs packed with vegetables are a great weeknight meal idea. You can use a different vegetables and mix them up each time you make them to add a little variety.


6. The King of Steaks

The rib steak is called the King of Steaks for very good reason. A rib steak with the bone-in has just the right amount of marbling (fatty streaks throughout the meat) to keep it juicy and full-flavored from the grill to your plate. It’s from the short loin next to the rib so it’s also a very tender cut of meat. Ask your butcher to cut you a rib steak (bone-in) at least 1″ thick. A very light rub with olive oil, crushed black pepper and kosher salt and it’s ready for the grill.

7. Grilled Jerk Chicken

If you’ve been to Jamaica (and if you haven’t, you should go!) you’re likely familiar with this classic dish that you’ll crave as much as we do. This is an easy recipe for grilled jerk chicken that you’ll want to make over and over again. Enjoy, mon!

8. Spicy Thai BBQ Shrimp

I’m sharing what is possibly my all-time most favorite recipe for the grill, if you enjoy shrimp then I think you’ll love these guys too. I come back to this recipe often because it’s got this incredibly perfect blend of Thai flavors and I’m addicted to Thai cuisine.

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