BBQ Chicken is a common staple for any family who owns a BBQ in the summertime. Usually it is served on it’s own, or as a chicken burger on a bun. The best way to break your repetitive recipe habits, is to whip up a fun new sauce to go with your famous grilled chicken. Another way to mix it up, is to season the chicken differently or serve it as a salad topping or health bowl topping. There are so many ways to make chicken exciting without having to completely deviate from your favorite BBQ’d food, so we’ve listed some of our favorites below.


1. Mediterranean Grilled Chicken & Dill Greek Sauce

First off, Mediterranean food will always be a winner in any context. It’s the perfect balance between feeling like you’re eating unhealthy soul food and keeping with eating foods needed for a healthy diet. The fresh Dill sauce is the perfect creamy topping for this incredible dish. Photos By: The Mediterranean Dish

2. Tropical Grilled Chicken Mexican Salad

Do you ever want to just dump all the delicious things into a bowl and eat it instead of working on a big presentation of a meal? Well, this meal encourages dumping delicious things into a bowl and eating it before you have time to take a photo. Enjoy this medley of Mexican flavors with juicy grilled chicken! Photos By: Whole and Heavenly Oven

3. Grilled Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Wraps

These wraps are SO good. I’ve made these a handful of times at home and they are super easy and very filling. It’s also easy to create extras for lunch or dinner on the road. Photos By: Le Creme De La Crumb

4. Best and Juiciest Grilled Chicken

Looking for just a deliciously simple BBQ’d chicken? This recipe has your name written all over it. Fire up your BBQ and get ready to whip this meal up in half an hour or less! Photos By: So Damn Delish

5. Tequila Lime Chicken Kabobs

I really love the sound of this! Huge shoutout to Gimme Some Oven who has the prettiest food photography and the most creative meals! This chicken recipe is clearly going to be a crowd pleaser and just looks SO GOOD. Photos By: Gimme Some Oven

6. Grilled Chicken Bruschetta

It’s like having an appetizer and an entree all in one dish! Top your grilled chicken with some memorable ingredients that are sure to turn even the greatest critic into the biggest fan. Photos By: Eat Well 101

7. Grilled Asian Chicken

Bet you didn’t see this creative twist coming! These chicken breasts are packed with flavor and with a less than ten minute prep time, you will always have time to whip this up! Photos By: Chef Savvy

8. Grilled Chicken with Pineapple Avocado Salsa

I can never get enough of the pineapple and chicken combination. There’s something about the combination of the sweet and savoury flavors that have me craving this any day of the week. It’s a great low carb alternative to chicken burgers and it is packed with so many amazing flavors! Photos By: Gimme Some Oven

9.  Grilled Chimichurri Chicken Avocado

Chicken salad sounds so lame after you’ve eaten it a million times. But how about when we throw in the word Chimichurri? Isn’t there a tiny part of you that is dying to try this exciting-for-once chicken salad? Once you try this salad, you’ll never be able to go back! Photos By: Cafe Delites

10. Grilled Honey Lime Cilantro Chicken

Calling all sweet and sour lovers! This chicken is very good and filled with tons of flavor. Don’t forget to serve the chicken with lots of slices of lime to have guests decide how sour they want to get with their chicken. Photos By: The Recipe Critic

11. Creamy Lemon Grilled Chicken, Asparagus and Artichoke

Comfort. Food. It looks so dang good and will fill you up with all of that green asparagus goodness and high protein chicken. Definitely save this recipe for a rainy day. Photos By: Closet Cooking

12. Chipotle Maple Grilled Chicken

Chipotle Maple? YUP. It’s spicy, sweet and just overall amazing! Your BBQ party guests will give you two thumbs up for this dish that tastes like a guilty pleasure but fills you like any other healthy dish. Photos By: Carls Bad Cravings

13. Grilled Chicken Souvlaki

Grilled Chicken Souvlaki is one of my favorite dishes to make – it’s not overly difficult, it fills your stomach and is jam packed with flavor! I always love a home made Tzatziki sauce as well. Photos By: Closet Cooking

14. Grilled Chili Lime Chicken

This gourmet sounding recipe is actually very easy and can be whipped up using ingredients you probably already have kicking around the house. Don’t hesitate to try this recipe out tonight! Photos By: The Recipe Critic

15. Citrus Grilled Chicken

Citrus is such a fun, summery flavor and can be used in salad dressings, drinks and even on chicken! The benefit of this recipe, is that it’s a Clean Meal. It uses only whole ingredients that will fill your body with good quality food and tons of energy. Photos By: Yellow Bliss Road

Lindsay Duncan

Lindsay loves cooking fun and creative meals for friends and family. At home, you can find her trying out a new recipe found on Pinterest while trying to balance her husband's sweet tooth with her healthy eating habits. If she's not in the kitchen, you'll find Lindsay photographing people she loves and going out with friends to try the newest restaurant in her small town.

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