In its essence, Halloween is about all things creepy, eerie and evil. Somewhere along the lines the gross factor was also incorporated and ever since, people have been whipping up foods that push the envelope when it comes to Halloween-inspired eats. The beauty of it all is the amount of creativity you can use and the fact that nothing is really off limits when it comes to Halloween gore, and that most certainly includes body parts. For something extra spooky this year, check out these Halloween treats inspired by body parts:

1. Floating Eyeball Jello Shots

The notion of knocking back a shooter of jelly that’s ACTUALLY LOOKING BACK AT YOU seems a little creepy, but if you’re brave enough, these adult beverages are one sweet treat, and make the perfect party drink!

2. Zombie Brain Cupcakes

You don’t have to be a master cake maker to create these zombie braaaaaiiiinns cupcakes, and you don’t even need a steady hand to decorate them either!

3. Monster Teeth Donuts

Watch out, if you don’t take a bite of these monster teeth donuts first, they might just bite back!

4. Rice Krispies Witch Fingers

Realistically, you don’t even need the green food color to make some spooky rice krispies fingers this Halloween, but add a few drops of green and these sweet treats go from regular to downright wicked.

5. Skewered Eyeballs with Bloody Dip

Not all gruesome treats take hours to prepare. These eerie eyeball skewers require only three things: strawberry preserves, candy eyes and powdered donut holes.

6. Rice Krispies Brain Treats

What’s that? You want more braaaaaiiiins you say? You’ve got it.

7. Stuffed Puff Pastry Intestines

These puff pastry intestines are stuffed with a savory meaty filling that when sliced, will spill out taking the creep factor of your Halloween-inspired foods to new heights.

8. Monster Toes

Severed monster toes anyone? Don’t worry these little bites made of mini corn dogs, ketchup and flour tortilla strips tastes a lot better than they look.

9. Deviled Eyeballs

By simply using some red food coloring and adding a sliced olive, you can turn your deviled eggs into creepy deviled eyeballs for your Halloween party. To make them angry eyes, use pickled asparagus spears for the brows.

10. Severed Finger Hot Dogs

Gross, but effective. With some careful carving you can turn the average hot dog into a gruesome severed finger that will make your kids sequel. Add ketchup for the full on, gross-out effect.

11. Shrunken Head Cider

Baked apples are used to make these withered little shrunken heads that you can float in your cider, punch or whatever other sinister drink you decide to serve this Halloween.

12. Blood Spatter Cookies

No need to analyse these gruesome blood spatter cookies this Halloween, just gobble them up and enjoy!

13. Meringue Brittle Bones

Sweet meringue makes these light as air treats that can be piped into whatever bone-like shape you want. Try creating a whole skeleton for a boneyard of fun this Halloween.

Angela Nightingale

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