Cupcakes are really popular for holiday desserts. Christmas is a great time to make cupcakes, because you can have your whole family help make them with you. Cupcakes aren’t just for children either. They’ve gone very mainstream and you can find cupcake baking shops all over. We found 12 great Christmas cupcake designs. Some are fun and for children, like the Grinch cupcakes. Others are more sophisticated and are flavored more for adults, like the fruitcake cupcakes.

Will you be making cupcakes this Christmas season?

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12. White Chocolate Mocha Candy Cane Cupcakes

These adorable cupcakes have a double colour swirled frosting. If you’re trying to replicate this look, don’t put both frosting’s in one bag. The trick to this look is using two separate bags of icing in one larger bag. This will keep both colors separate until you go to ice the cupcakes.

[Source: Angie River]

11. Snowman Cupcake Cake

This cute cupcake cake would be perfect for a Christmas party for children. To achieve this look, arrange the cupcakes in the pattern you want. Use a dab of icing on the bottom of the cupcake papers to stick them in place. Then ice the whole shape like you would a cake. When you pull a cupcake off, it’s perfectly iced and all together they make a great pattern.

[Source: Cake Central]

10. Christmas Wreath Cupcakes

This super simple cupcake decoration uses just a star tipped icing bag. Make green starts in a circle on the top of your cupcake. Use gel icing to draw a bow, and decorate with red sprinkles. The result is a really professional looking cupcake that was deceptively simple to make.

[Source: Channel 4]

9. Grinch Cupcakes

These adorable Grinch faces are a cinch to make. Melt colored chocolate, which you can find at a baking supply store, in the microwave or a double boiler. Draw or print the shapes you want onto paper and cover it with parchment paper. Use the lines as a guide and spread the chocolate on the parchment paper in the shapes you want. When the chocolate is set, peel and decorate with them.

[Source: Sugar Swings]

8. Christmas Tree Cupcakes

This really cute Christmas tree decorate is really easy to make. Color you buttercream icing and pipe it into an ice cream cone swirl with a 1M tip. Use sprinkles to make the Christmas lights, and use star candy to top the tree. You need a stiff icing to make the trees, so buttercream is a safe option.


[Source: The Weekly Sweet Experiment]


7. Fruitcake Cupcakes

These sophisticated cupcakes are made with a fruit and spice batter. Orange and walnuts are added with fruit to pack each bite with a ton of flavor. A great option is to soak the dried fruit in your choice of alcohol; brandy is a great option. This really takes home the festive flavors. Remember to subtract the added liquid from the total liquid in the recipe.

[Source: Taste]

6. Cupcake Wreath Cake

This adorable cupcake wreath is a great centerpiece for your holiday party table. Use a star tip icing bag and make spikes all around the cupcake cake. Finish the look off with fondant holly leaves and berries, and miniature candy canes. A licorice bow gives the final touch.

[Source: Delicious Deliveries]

5. Rudolph The Red Velvet Cupcake

These adorable cupcakes are almost too cute to eat. To make this cupcake decoration, cover the cake with a thin layer of chocolate icing. Add on a small cookie and stick on a red chocolate piece with royal icing. Broken pretzels make the antlers. To make the eyes, pipe white circles slightly larger then a chocolate piece. Then stick the chocolate on top!

[Source: Skinny Taste]

4. Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

Hot chocolate is the perfect drink for cold days, so these cupcakes a real treat at Christmas. Hot chocolate mix is actually included in the cupcake batter. Choose a good quality of hot coca mix for best results. These cakes come out moist and delicious with the help of the buttermilk. It adds a great tang to the batter.

[Source: Fields Of Cake]


3. S’Mores Cupcakes

Bring back memories of sitting around a campfire with these s’mores cupcakes. A graham cracker crust is placed on the bottom and miniature marshmallows are baked into the chocolate. Top with homemade marshmallow icing and flame for an authentic taste. Both adults and children will love these cupcakes.

[Source: Home Is Where The Holman’s Are]

2. Christmas Ornaments Cupcakes

These cupcakes are a great craft for children. Ice them and coat them in colored sugar and let it set in the refrigerator. When you to start the craft, pull out candy and gel icing tubes. Let your children decorate the “Christmas tree ornaments”. Add a jujube with a licorice string to the top to complete the look.

[Source: Cute As A Fox]

1. Snowman Cupcakes

These adorable little snowmen are actually made healthy and still taste delicious. Use an 18.25 box of cake mix and add in 6 oz of plain Greek yogurt, 1 1/3 cups of water, and two egg whites. The Greek yogurt keeps the cake moist and delicious. Don’t tell your guests or children that you’ve make cupcake low fat, and no one will know the difference!

[Source: Skinny Taste]

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