Rise and shine like a holiday star this Christmas morning when you get a whiff of these delicious and traditional holiday sweet bread and Christmas loaves from around the world.

We have handpicked recipes from across the globe. Each bread is savored on holiday mornings or as an evening dessert among families and friends, making the holiday extra-special and keeping with heart-warming customs. Sample the sweet and spicy flavors of breakfast cakes, yeasted bread, and wreath loaves to enjoy Merry Christmas tidings from Mexico, Germany, Holland, Croatia, France, and beyond!

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1. Spiced Apple Loaf

Filled with warm chunks of apple, butter, sweet sultana raisins, nutmeg, and cinnamon the spiced apple loaf exemplifies all that’s warm and comforting about winter for North Americans. Bake the deliciously heart-warming cake and slice it right out of the oven for a fruit-filled moist slice that’s perfect with spiked coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.

https://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/spiced-apple-loaf-186262 PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: GENIUS KITCHEN

2. German Christmas Stollen

This German-inspired, yeasted cake is a tradition in any house with an Oma (a beloved term for “grandmother” in German). Each slice is filled with a spicy combination of dried fruits such as raisins, currants, and citrus peel. Some of the spices you’ll experience in this German stollen are cloves and nutmeg. All of these lovely ingredients are combined with a decadent swirl of marzipan.

https://www.bbc.com/food/recipes/stollen_27553 PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: BBC

3. Mexican Three Kings Bread

This traditionally Mexican holiday bread is fashioned in a wreath shape, and filled with cinnamon, anise seed, vanilla extract, and several cups of candied fruit. A small figurine of Jesus is also baked right into the loaf. The dinner guest who chooses the slice with the figurine baked in is expected to make the tamales for the next gathering.

https://www.thespruceeats.com/rosca-de-reyes-three-kings-bread-2343084 PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE SPRUCE EATS

4. Ontbijtkoek (Dutch Breakfast Cake)

This original, old-fashioned gingerbread loaf recipe hails from Holland, where the sweet, spicy smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, and molasses fill family kitchens throughout the holiday season. Once baked, the delicious smell of this moist bread will beckon guests from around the community to come to enjoy a slice smeared with butter.

https://spicedblog.com/ontbijtkoek-dutch-breakfast-cake.html PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SPICE BLOG

5.Twelfth Night Epiphany Bread

Spanish King Cake, also called Twelfth Night Epiphany bread, is named because loaves are prepared on the twelfth night and eaten as part of the Feast of the Epiphany celebrations. According to French and English custom, a pea and a bean were baked into each Twelfth Night cake. Lucky guests who found them were honorably dubbed the king and queen of the night’s revelries.

https://www.lavenderandlovage.com/2013/01/twelfth-night-epiphany-and-delicious-bread-king-cake-rosca-de-reyes-recipe.html PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: LAVENDER AND LOVAGE

6. Julekake

This traditional Norwegian Christmas bread, known as Julekake, is like a hug on a cold, wintry day. Each cardamom-scented slice is quintessentially Christmas for Norwegians who enjoy thick raisin- and candied citron-studded slices smeared with butter and topped with slices of brown goat cheese. This yeast bread takes time, as the dough is prepared in the morning to rise multiple times before baking.

http://www.outside-oslo.com/julekake-norwegian-christmas-bread/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: OUTSIDE OSLO

7. Pompe de Noel

If you’ve ever wondered how Christmas morning is spent in Provence, France, take a long whiff of this Pompe de Noel, a traditional Provence Christmas bread. The loaf gets its delicate sweetness from floral water, most often orange flower water is used to infuse a delicious citrus flavor to this traditional sweet, holiday morning bread.

http://www.midwestliving.com/recipe/yeast-breads/pompe-de-noel PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: MIDWEST LIVING

8. Nana’s Potica

Enjoy a potica that tastes as it came straight from Nana’s kitchen. This Slovenian nut roll is traditionally served at both Christmas and Easter. This recipe will make 4 loaves so you can keep a couple for yourself and gift a couple to friends or family. This savory bread has a delicious nut filling that is made up of ground walnuts, sugar, and a couple other ingredients.

https://www.trialandeater.com/nanas-potica/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: TRIAL AND EATER

9. Czech Christmas Bread (Vanocka)

This is a simpler version of a traditional Czech Christmas bread. Traditionally the loaf would be made of 3 braids that decrease in size and are placed over one another. To make it easy for this recipe you’ll make a simple 3-strand braid. This bread is infused with sliced almonds, raisins, and chopped citron.

https://www.thespruceeats.com/czech-christmas-bread-vanocka-recipe-1135676?utm_source=pinterest_ip&utm_medium=sm&utm_campaign=shareurlbuttons PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE SPRUCE EATS

10. Italian Panettone

Italian panettone is a fluffy Christmas bread your whole family will enjoy Christmas morning. It is essentially a sweet bread that is filled with raisins and candied oranges. Bake the bread using a round pan and finish by sprinkling icing sugar on top. Enjoy a slice with a cup of hot coffee or even wine!

https://theseamanmom.com/classic-easy-panettone-cake-recipe/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: EASY PEASY CREATIVE IDEAS

11. Greek Christopsomo

Christopsomo is a traditional Greek Christmas bread. Christopsomo translates to “Christ Bread” and this is why the bread is adorned with a cross. This bread is full of exciting flavors such as cardamom and cloves. It also has raisins and chopped walnuts mixed in.

http://www.thegreekglutton.com/christopsomo-greek-christmas-bread/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE GREEK GLUTTON

12. Romanian Cozonac

Cozonac is a simple yeast bread that will allow you to experience a little slice of Romania. This sweet bread is a little different than the past couple recipes we’ve been talking about. Instead of raisins and nuts, this sweet bread contains nutty cocoa swirls throughout.

https://www.shelovesbiscotti.com/romanian-easter-christmas-bread-cozonac/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SHE LOVES BISCOTTI

13. Finnish Cardamom Rolls

These Finnish cardamom rolls are a delicious flaky roll that everyone will enjoy at Christmas. This treat is delicately rolled with a sugary cinnamon filling. They’re also only 155 calories per roll so you can enjoy 1 or 2 guilt-free!

https://www.jocooks.com/baking/breads/finnish-cardamom-rolls/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: JO COOKS

14. Bulgarian Christmas Bread (Koledna Pitka)

Delicious Bulgarian Christmas bread comes together in under an hour. Koledna pitka is enjoyed on Christmas Eve and all through the holidays. Traditionally, a silver coin would be placed inside and whoever finds the coin is expected to have good luck for the following year. Whether or not you partake in that tradition this bread is definitely worth a try and is made up of simple ingredients too!

https://www.thespruceeats.com/bulgarian-christmas-bread-koledna-pitka-recipe-1135743 PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE SPRUCE EATS

15. Slovenian Potato Bread (Krompirjev Kruh)

Slovenian potato bread, known as krompirjev kruh, is a moist bread with a crusty outer layer. The bread contains one mashed potato and a few other simple ingredients. It tastes lovely with butter or jam and can be used in a delicious bread pudding once it begins to stale. This recipe will make two loaves so consider making one for your family and one to give away this holiday season!

https://www.thespruceeats.com/slovenian-potato-bread-recipe-krompirjev-kruh-1137394 PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE SPRUCE EATS

16. Cranberry Cream Cheese Babka

Babka is an Eastern European Jewish tradition and can be known as a sweet yeast cake or potato pie. Traditionally, babka recipes are embellished with lovely ingredients such as chocolate or cinnamon but here, you’ll use a delicious cranberry cream cheese!

http://www.littlefiggy.com/cranberry-cream-cheese-babka/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: LITTLE FIGGY

16. Canadian Gumdrop Fruitcake

If you didn’t love fruitcake before you need to try this traditional Canadian gumdrop fruitcake recipe! It’s a classic Canadian Prairie recipe that is infused with chewy gumdrops and sweet fruits. This dense fruitcake is exploding in exciting textures and flavors and will pair perfectly with a warm drink.

http://www.kitchenfrau.com/gumdrop-fruitcake/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: KITCHEN FRAU

17. Fruit Cake Bread Pudding

This fruitcake bread pudding may not stem from an extravagant corner of the world but it is definitely worth noting. This fruitcake bread pudding can come together in minutes. It is also a great way to use any leftover fruitcake! Combine dark fruit cake with a delicious creamy mixture and top with chunks of white chocolate. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes and garnish with fresh pomegranate seeds and chopped walnuts.

https://girlheartfood.com/fruit-cake-bread-pudding/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest&utm_campaign=tailwind_tribes&utm_content=tribes&utm_term=491504472_17453188_181768 PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: GIRL HEART FOOD

18. Eggnog Bread With Rum Glaze

Eggnog may have originated from medieval Britain but this recipe is new and exciting and may certainly become a new Christmas tradition in your household. This eggnog bread is infused with spiced rum, nutmeg, vanilla and of course, eggnog. You’ll also be provided with a luxurious eggnog rum glaze that complements the bread perfectly!

http://kneadtocook.com/eggnog-bread/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: KNEAD TO COOK

19. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Banana bread is a classic American recipe and can be enjoyed on Christmas morning as well as all year round! Indulge in a classic banana bread recipe that is embellished with delicious chocolate chips. This recipe is simple, requires minimal ingredients and can be put together quickly!

https://www.somethingswanky.com/chocolate-chip-banana-bread/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SOMETHING SWANKY

20. Apple Cinnamon Bread

I love cinnamon all year round but especially over the holidays! This apple cinnamon bread is fragrant, sweet and would make a delicious Christmas morning breakfast. This recipe is similar to the spiced apple loaf but doesn’t contain any chopped nuts or raisins and is incredibly moist! This bread is flavored with chunks of apple, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. It also has a wonderfully moist texture thanks to the addition of Greek yogurt.

https://marshasbakingaddiction.com/apple-cinnamon-bread/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest&utm_campaign=tailwind_tribes&utm_content=tribes&utm_term=430503810_14568710_257985 PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: MARSHA’S BAKING ADDICTION

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