In our Christmas dessert series, we’re covering 12 easy and delicious Christmas tarts. It can be hard to decide what a tart is. The British use the word “tart” where we would say “pie”. We count any dish with a pastry bottom and no top to be a tart. Yes, pumpkin pie is actually pumpkin tart! In North America, we most commonly think of tarts as sweet with a short crust. Tarts can be savory too, such as with quiches.We’re just focusing on the sweet treats here. Whether you call them tarts, or pies, or something else, we’re sure its all just as delicious.

We collected 6 user submitted recipes and 6 recipes from around the internet. We hope you love these 12 delicious Christmas dessert tarts!

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12. Plum Galette

Galette is a free formed pie. They look rustic but beautiful. Normally the top is brushed with an egg wash and sprinkled with coarse sugar, giving a great crunch. They really highlight the fruit and vegetables used in the recipe. Plums are a great flavor at Christmas.

11. Creamy Peppermint Bark Tart

This light tart has a chocolate crust. You can add flavor to pastry dough by adding spices and cocoa powder, like this recipe does. The crust is filled with chocolate pudding and whip cream and topped with peppermint and chocolate.

[Source: Make And Takes]

10. Tarte Tatin

This classic tart is actually upside down! Apples are cooked with sugar and butter, making a delicious caramel sauce. The tart dough is layered over top and the whole thing is cooked together. After letting it rest, carefully flip it over. Some apples may fall off in the process, but stick them back on and no one will know what happened.

9. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Tart

This rich tart has a thick layer of ganache. Peppermint candy is sprinkled over the chocolate and it’s set in the fridge. You can make tarts days in advanced to your party. This is a great option because it will keep your kitchen free for all your savory cooking.

[Source: Bon Appetit]

8. Maple Cream Pie

Don’t forget pies are also tarts! This delicious, sweet pie is perfect for Christmas. The only sugar in the pie is provided by the maple syrup, and it’s a nice level of sweetness. Be sure to use a good quality maple syrup so the syrup can really be the star. This pie is cool, creamy, and just delightful.


7. Bakewell Tart

Bakewell tarts are a traditional English dessert. They’re made with a short crust pastry, which is thick like a cookie. The old recipes actually show it made with puff pastry and a lighter custard filling. This recipe takes us back to the traditional recipe.

[Source: Wannabe TV Chef]

6. Pumpkin Tarts 

Many families have the traditional pumpkin pie both for Thanksgiving and for Christmas dessert. We played with that idea with these pumpkin cream tarts. They are topped with candied cranberries for a tart burst of flavor. We think you’ll love these delicious tartletes.

[Source: Delish]

5. Pumpkin Mousse Tart

This pumpkin tart is much more traditional, with the custard filling we all know and love. To make it extra special, cream cheese is added and the whole dish is topped with a pecan crumble. A drizzle of caramel tops it and gives a showstopping appearance.

4. Buttermilk Maple Pie

Buttermilk pie is a traditional Southern States holiday dessert. We love the flavor of maple for Christmas, and the zing from the buttermilk balances the whole dish. Give this fluffy pie a try for your Christmas party and watch as your guests light up. The flavor is really unique!

[Source: Krissy Creations]


3. Chocolate Ganache Tart

This super rich tart is a really special dessert. If you are a chocoholic then you will love this! A simple tart crust is filled with chocolate ganache, giving a truffle taste and texture. The tart needs to be quite short, or else you’ll be overwhelmed with the richness of the filling.

2. Pear Almond Tart

This beautiful tart has very sophisticated flavors. The light flavor of pear is pared with the nuttiness of almonds. The top is decorated with a rose of pears, and slices of pear all the way to the edge. Make sure each piece gets some pear when you go to serve.

[Source: Carolynn’s Recipe Box]

1. Mince Pies

Traditionally this Christmas pie was made with lamb and pork fat along with the sweet ingredients we know today. It evolved over the ages and now it’s rare to find meat inside it. These little pies are a very seasonal dish and we couldn’t forget them!

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