The holiday season seems to creep up on us each year.  After all, we’re busy gift shopping, grocery shopping and preparing menus for holiday parties. If you’re hosting Christmas dinner or attending a holiday party this year consider sharing an exciting dessert. Instead of baking a pie or cake whip up a lovely Christmas tart that will blow everyone away.

It can be hard to decide what a tart is. The British use the word “tart” where we would say “pie”. We count any dish with a pastry bottom and no top to be a tart. Yes, pumpkin pie is actually pumpkin tart! Whether you call them tarts, or pies, or something else, we’re sure its all just as delicious.

20.  Bourbon And Butterscotch Nut Tart

A holiday tart gets an adult makeover! This tart is filled with a creamy butterscotch filling and has a hint of bourbon.

Each bite is exciting because the assorted nuts create a lovely texture. The crust and the tart filling come together effortlessly. You’ll have this made quickly and it will surely become a new holiday favorite. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SAVING DESSERT

19. Cranberry Eggnog Tart

Are you lining up at the grocery stores the day eggnog hits the shelves? Then you need to try making this cranberry eggnog tart this holiday season!

You’ll begin by creating a lovely tart crust followed by the filling. Instead of adding eggnog to the filling, you’ll create a homemade version using fragrant ingredients such as nutmeg, vanilla, and bourbon! Lastly, you’ll top the tart with a delicious cranberry jam. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: EPICURIOUS

18. Sugar Cookie Lemon Tarts

I love to make sugar cookies, especially during the holiday season. Dedicating a night to cookie decorating has become quite the tradition in my house. This tart recipe uniquely utilizes sugar cookie dough! Here, you’ll use it as the tart crust, sounds delicious right?

The sugar cookie crust is filled with a creamy lemon filling. The vibrant yellow will be enough to intrigue your guests and the fresh lemon flavor will have them begging for more! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: INQUIRING CHEF

17. White Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Don’t have the knack for baking? There is no need to stress! This is a no-bake recipe that makes creating a delicious tart easy!

The tart crust is made from just 3 ingredients and the filling requires only 4 ingredients! You’ll have this rich white chocolate raspberry tart made in no time. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: MARSHA’S BAKING ADDICTION

16. Old Fashioned Butter Tarts

Butter tarts always remind me of my Grandmothers baking. Crunchy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside- what’s not to like?

Recreate a Grandma’s specialty using this recipe! You’ll be provided with a recipe for both the crust and the filling and it’s easy to follow too. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: LITTLE SWEET BAKER

15. Dark Berries Tart With Basil

This dessert is rich in color and flavor! It also happens to be dairy-free and gluten-free.

A dark berry and basil filling accompany a nutty base. The basil provides a unique flavor that balances the berries perfectly. This tart may look gourmet but with this recipe, you can make it effortlessly! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: KRAUT KOPF

14. Creamy Peppermint Bark Tart

Enjoy a creamy tart infused with lovely flavors of peppermint. This tart begins with a chocolate crust and is layered with a creamy chocolate pudding and topped off with whipped cream.

To make the peppermint flavor stand out you’ll want to add peppermint extract to the chocolate pudding filling as well as garnish the tart with crushed candy canes! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: MAKE AND TAKES

13. Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Tarts

Did you harvest your rhubarb in the summertime? If it’s been sitting in the freezer it’s time to put it to work! These stunning red tarts may taste like summer but they look festive and would be an excellent holiday treat!

This recipe is incredibly easy too! Instead of making your own crust from scratch you can use store-bought tart shells. The strawberry rhubarb filling only requires 6 ingredients so you’ll have these made in a hurry! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: LIVING SWEET MOMENTS

12. Raw Gingerbread Cranberry Christmas Tarts

This Christmas tart not only tastes delicious but it can be a stunning centerpiece too! They’re almost too pretty to eat.

This is a no-bake recipe and these tarts are thriving in wholesome ingredients. The gingerbread tart crust is made from Medjool dates, almonds, and walnuts. The gingerbread flavor is replicated with seasonings of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. The cranberry filling is also made from lovely ingredients that really make this Christmas tart stand out. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: NIRVANA CAKERY

11. Raw Walnut Cranberry Tart

This tart sounds quite similar to the previous one, however, the flavors are different. Like the previous tart, this is a raw recipe which means no baking required!

This cranberry tart has a walnut crust and a delicious date filling. It’s topped with a sweet walnut and cranberry topping and finished with a homemade white chocolate drizzle! As a bonus, this recipe is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: MY DARLING VEGAN

10. Lemon Tart

Change things up and create a lemon tart this holiday season. It’s light, bright and most certainly delicious!

This is a traditional French-style lemon tart that has a creamy lemon curd filling. You’ll be dreaming of French cuisine the moment you take a bite. The recipe will provide you with a link to make a homemade crust but a store-bought one would work too! The lemon curd recipe is made from simple ingredients that make the preparations a breeze. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: PRETTY SIMPLE SWEET

9. French Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart

A rich chocolate ganache and salted caramel sauce come together to create a delightful tart. This dessert would be a lovely addition to your holiday dessert table!

You’ll be provided with a recipe to create the crust, salted caramel sauce and chocolate ganache filling all from scratch. It may seem like a lot of work but the pay off will be well worth it! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE HUNGRY TRAVELER BLOG

8. Rustic Apple Tart

If you’re looking to shake things up this holiday season, instead of making a traditional apple pie consider making this rustic apple tart. It will surely be a crowd favorite!

From crust to filling you’ll only need 7 ingredients! First, you’ll create the dough, then you’ll need to slice the apples into 1/4 inch thick slices. Arrange the apple slices by overlapping them in a circular pattern. Lastly, brush the apples with melted apricot preserves and finish by baking in the oven. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: RASAMALAYSIA

7. Mini Cider Spiced Cranberry Apple Tarts

If you need a little more excitement in your life try making this cider spiced cranberry apple tart recipe! Apple tarts get a holiday transformation with cranberries.

These tarts are made in store-bought tart shells which means the preparations are easy! First, you’ll create the filling then you’ll create the streusel. These mini tarts are generously sweet and your guests will go crazy for them! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE RECIPE REBEL

6. Baileys Chocolate Caramel Tarts

Baileys is the perfect holiday beverage. Add it to a cup of hot cocoa or enjoy on its own! In this case, add it to a delicious chocolate caramel tart that will excite all the adults who try it.

To create this tart you’ll need to make the tart dough, the Baileys salted caramel, and the Baileys chocolate ganache. This may sound like a lot of steps, however, the ingredients list is simple and the instructions are easy to follow! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SUGAR HERO

5. Blueberry Tart With Lemon Mascarpone Cream

Much like the lemon tarts, these blueberry tarts are a breath of fresh air! While many holiday treats are rich and chocolatey this fresh-flavored tart would be an excellent change of pace over the holidays.

To make things easy use a store-bought tart crust. The filling is made from frozen blueberries, sugar, lemon and cornstarch. While the tart is baking in the oven you can whip up the delicious mascarpone cream. Lastly, garnish the tarts with fresh blueberries and zest from a lemon. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: DELIGHTFUL E MADE

4. Cheesecake Tart With Fresh Raspberries

Cheesecake and a tart come together to create one stunning dessert. The vibrant raspberry red and sprinkled sugar are perfect for the holidays!

Make a homemade crust or to make this dessert extra easy, buy a store-bought one, your choice! You’ll only need a few ingredients to make the cheesecake filling. Some of these include heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla. Top the tart with fresh raspberries and sprinkle with powdered sugar. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: BAKED BY RACHEL

3. Vegan “Twix” Tart

Do Twix candy bars catch your eye at the checkout counter? While you indulge in your candy bar consider making this Twix tart for the holidays!

This may be a vegan recipe, however, even if you don’t follow a plant-based diet you’ll love it too! The tart starts with a delightful shortbread base followed by a chewy caramel filling and is topped with a rich chocolate ganache. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: WALL FLOWER KITCHEN

2. Nutella Tart With Toasted Hazelnut Crust

Are you obsessed with Nutella as much as the rest of us? Then, make sure to add this Nutella tart to your to-do list this Christmas season.

A toasted hazelnut crust is paired with a dreamy Nutella ganache. This tart will definitely be a crowd favorite and those you share it with will be begging you for the recipe! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SALLY’S BAKING ADDICTION

1. Cranberry Orange Custard Pie

Tart cranberries are paired with an orange custard to create a delicious holiday tart. To create this dessert you’ll only need 5 minutes to prep and a few ingredients.

The recipe suggests that you begin by using a store-bought pie shell. The orange custard is made from heavy whipping cream, orange zest, sugar, and a few other ingredients. This stunning dessert will surely catch everyone’s eye! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE CREATIVE BITE

Clarissa Vanner

Clarissa loves experimenting with food of all cultures to make unique healthy dishes. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for new recipe inspiration she likes to pick up a DIY project and use her creative hands to make art or crafts. In her down time you can find her watching the latest documentaries on Netflix or going for nature walks.

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