There is no shortage of delicious beverages to choose from at Starbucks and people are getting more creative than ever with secret menu items! So far we’ve seen Starbucks’ drinks that taste like peach gummy rings, drinks inspired by mermaids and Disney characters like Cinderella and even festive holiday drinks inspired by the Grinch. Now there’s a new intriguing pink drink floating around the internet and you seriously need to try it! This new secret menu item features cold brew and the most charming pink foam on top and people are saying it tastes like chocolate dipped strawberries!

Now here’s the thing, because it’s a secret menu item you can’t exactly ask your barista for a Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cold Brew because they won’t know what you’re talking about. Instead, you simply need to show up with a recipe in hand and kindly ask your barista to make you a custom drink. While you can really customize the drink to however you like, most people start by ordering a Cold Brew in any size of your choice (we highly recommend a Venti) with 2 pumps of raspberry syrup and 2 pumps of white mocha syrup. Then you’ll want to ask for it to be topped with cold foam made from strawberry purée and finished with a sprinkle of chocolate curls. You’ll then be welcomed by the most divine pink drink. Just don’t be surprised when this secret menu item becomes your new favorite afternoon pick-me-up!



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#ThatKnoxvilleGirlDrinks @starbucks — what I like to call a — Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day Drink! ? IT WAS DELISH!! ?? It’s a Venti Cold Brew with White Mocha, Raspberry, + Strawberry Purée Cold Foam ? Here’s how I ordered: _ Venti cold brew ? 2 pumps raspberry 2 pumps white mocha Cold foam made with strawberry purée Topped with chocolate curls (my location was out so I subbed in mocha drizzle) _ I’d add an extra pump of raspberry + white mocha if you like it extra sweet. An iced Venti drink normally has 6 pumps of something if that helps gage your sweetness level. ??❤️ _ . . . . #thatknoxvillegirl #knoxville #tennessee #starbucks #starbucksdrinks #starbuckscoldbrew #cameradrinksfirst #coffeeislife #coffeecoffeecoffee #coldfoam #foodielife #foodielife #knoxfoodie #coffeeloversclub #coffeeloversunite

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