Have you been hearing about the “Ketogenic” diet (aka The Keto Diet) as much as I have lately? This latest diet craze comes at a time that ironically the plant-based veganism continues to rise. Ironic because, well…the Keto Diet is a low-carb diet (like many before it cough*Adkins*cough) which is also high fat, high protein which typically means LOTS of meat. Trying to do both keto and plant based? There is hope there too for the Vegan Ketogenic (it involves a lot of peanut butter…hey, that doesn’t sound too bad!).

The word “ketogenic” in the title comes from the metabolic process called “ketosis” where the body uses stored fats instead of glucose (sugar) for energy, which results in an accumulation of acids called ketones in the body. Still following? Well, doing this causes a high fat-burning rate, which is why it’s so popular. Ketones are energy molecules, much like blood sugar – which turn into fuel for your brain once the liver does it’s thing and converts it to energy! So blah blah blah, burns fat, gives you energy…but sorry, no (or little) carbs. It seems a little crazy to eat fat to burn fat, but sometimes science is crazy like that. Shockingly enough, even though it seems like a bit of a fad diet, it’s been around since 1924!! Now to be clear, everybody is different, and while this is meant to help you take charge of your body and goals, it’s also pretty important that you talk to your doctor before trying out any big changes to your diet, so you can be guided along accordingly.

If you’ve got the green light to try out The Ketogenic Diet, well – lets keep you well fed with some amazing recipes from snacks to supper, to keep you going well-fueled and strong!

1. Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Popper Casserole

It’s really difficult to miss carbs when bacon and cheese and buffalo chicken are all out to play.

2. Chicken Bacon Crock Pot Chowder

Looking to free up some time in your evenings to use all that new fat-generated energy to workout and get fired up? Well, making a crock pot recipe will certainly give you that time you need! This recipe is low-carb, and high-flavor.

3. Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

Starting to see a trend here? CHEESE! yumm-o. Forget the carb-laden macaronis and make a simple swap for cauliflower (which, is rather mild in taste, much like pasta making it the perfect swap out in a mac & cheese style meal).


4. Low Carb Waffles

Low carb, low calorie, high protein. You don’t have to give it all up to enjoy this diet! Using egg whites, and some other key ingredients – these waffles will have you whistling your way through your morning.

5. Keto Korean Beef Bowl

Get some Asian inspired ketogenic plan approved meals with these Korean Beef Bowls! Served up in lettuce cups, and filled up with perfectly marinated beef, this one will be one for the books.

6. Keto Lasagna

There’s this amazing vegetable that keeps replacing the carb loaded noodles we are all so used to cooking and eating – and that vegetable, is zucchini. God bless the veg.

7. Sea Salted Fat Bombs

In the Ketogenic Diet, the words “fat bombs” are essential. They are exactly what they sound to be, bombs of fat to kick up your intake and keep you fueled as you need. Sea salt chocolate fat bombs? I’m there!

8. Keto White Pizza Frittata

One of the best natural “fat bombs” (as those Keto-lovers like to call it) is eggs! Made up of both proteins and fats, which most of that fat is the good “healthy” fat – the kind the ketogenic diet encourages a lot of, for all that keto-kickstarting-fatty-goodness (science is strange…but delicious).

9. Cauliflower Crusted Grilled Cheese

No carbs? No problem. Get your grilled cheese fill with the low carb version, using cauliflower “bread”, and all the ooey gooey cheese you want.

10. Keto Friendly Cloud Bread

Made up of the heavens themselves (not really, but I wanted to use the word heavenly when talking about clouds)! Cloud bread is everything you need to get you through those carb cravings with a bread you can be ok with eating, and supporting your ketogenic diet. There’s only 4 ingredients in this cloud bread recipe – can you guess what they are?

11. Edible Keto Cookie Dough

Not for baking, it’s for eating – RAW. Your inner emo teenager is so so happy right now. Completely safe to eat, and gluten-free (coconut flour, y’all!) it’s going to be one sweet indulgence!

12. Coconut Oil Fudge

So that fat bomb term again – well it works in square form too! With only 5 ingredients, this is a protein and fat packed fudge that you’ll be so so glad you made. Thankfully, it’s also a completely clean recipe too, using real ingredients…ones you might just already have in your cupboard!


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