Whether you roast, fry, or barbecue your turkey, it will surely be the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table. Every family has their own turkey cooking traditions. We remember when the trend was to cook your turkey 8+ hours, or until it looked like it crawled through the Mojave Desert to get to your dinner plate. Thankfully we now know that turkey can be cooked thoroughly and still be juicy and tender.

We collected 7 amazing turkey recipes from around the internet. We love the classic roast turkey, the bacon wrapped turkey, and the southwestern kick turkey. We have also included recipes on how to barbecue a turkey, how to smoke a turkey, and how to fry a turkey.

Will you be having turkey this Thanksgiving?

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7. Bacon Lattice Turkey

This beautiful turkey is seasoned simply with salt and pepper. Fancy sea salt is used to elevate the natural flavors of the bird. This is a great way to experiment with luxury salts. Don’t worry if you don’t have any fancy sea salt though- table salt will work perfectly well. Reduce the amount of salt slightly, as sea salt tends to be more mild than iodized table salt. The bacon lattice is beautiful and delicious. The flavors of the bacon will help give a wonderful smokiness to the turkey meat.

[Source: Good Food]

6. Citrus and Thyme Turkey

This delicious turkey is flavored with citrus and thyme. Orange and lemon are zested and infused with lemon thyme leaves. Lemon thyme has a slight citrus scent that makes it unique for cooking. If you can’t find lemon thyme, use regular thyme. Make sure you pull the stems of the thyme off. While you can cook with the leaves, the stems are too woody to eat. Stuff them inside the turkey cavity instead to help flavor the turkey inside and out.

[Source: Good Food]

5. Honey Glazed Turkey

This sweet glazed turkey gives a beautiful presentation at Thanksgiving. Cook the turkey for two hours in your oven, and then brush with the glaze. If you put the glaze on at the beginning it will surely burn before you’re finished cooking the meat. After it has cooked for half the required time, start glazing with the delicious honey herb mixture. Every 15 minutes add another layer of the glaze. If it starts getting too dark, loosely cover it with foil.

[Source: Healthy Hut Kauai]

4. Smoked Turkey

This unique turkey dinner uses a grill/smoking technique that you can do on your charcoal barbecue. The resulting turkey has a deep golden brown color and a rich, smokey taste. The key to this recipe lies in the brine. It will help ensure the turkey flesh stays tender and juicy. This is a great option for the warmer States that don’t want to heat their house with the oven on all day.

[Source: Chow]

3. Southwestern Rubbed Turkey

This uniquely flavored turkey will really wow your family and friends. Paprika, cumin, and cinnamon spice this turkey. When rubbing the spices into the bird, lift off as much skin as possible and rub it directly into the flesh. Lay the skin back down and finish by rubbing the spices all over the outside. If you have any extra, coat the inside of the turkey too. This recipe calls for roasting the bird breast side down for the first half of cooking. This technique lets the breast meat collects the juices from the rest of the turkey, leaving the meat very moist.

[Source: Kitchen Daily]

2. Barbecued Turkey

This detailed recipe will bring you through every step on how to barbecue a turkey with a goal grill. The key is indirect heat. You can do this on a gas grill, but keep the indirect heat idea. Light up one half of your gas grill and keep the turkey on the other side. Every 30 minutes, turn the turkey so it evenly cooks. Barbecuing requires time, skill, and experimentation. If you’re trying out a new cooking technique this Thanksgiving, it’s a great idea to have a trial run.

[Source: Coupon Clipping Cook]

1. Fried Turkey

Fried turkey is delicious! It sounds fatty, but the flesh cooks at such a high temperature, the meat doesn’t absorb the oils. This recipe calls for injecting a marinade. You can buy marinade injectors at kitchen supply stores- they look like giant needles. In your marinade, use melted butter as a base and add in your spices. Keep it traditional with a little citrus and sage, or go wild with Creole seasoning. The addition of an outside rub kicks the flavors up even more. Be careful with frying, as it is a potential fire hazard.

[Source: Dawns Recipes]

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