Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make a special dinner with a special someone. Many recipes cook for 4-6 servings, when you just need a recipe for two! The dinner also has to be special. The same ol’ dish won’t cut it when you’re trying to impress a loved one.

We found 6 amazing two person recipes that would be perfect dishes for Valentine’s Day dinner. We have classics like lobster, steak, and some surprises. We hope you love these dishes as much as we do!

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6. Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan is a tradition in our family for Valentine’s Day. We always make extra so that we can make chicken Parmesan sandwiches the next day. This fatty dish can be very heavy for Valentine’s, so this lower fat version is a winner.

[Source: Can You Stay For Dinner]


5. Rib Eye Steak With Sherry Cream Sauce

This delicious rib eye steak is a great dish for Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to make, and the steak is seasoned simply with just salt and pepper. The author adds a great tip- cook your steak from room temperature. It helps the meat cook evenly.

[Source: Cooking With Sugar]

4. Roasted Lobster Tails With Ginger Sauce

Lobster is a traditional Valentine’s Day dinner. It can be messy and time consuming to break down a whole lobster, and then you smell like seafood for the night. A good option is just cooking the lobster tails. Mix it up with this delicious ginger sauce.

[Source: My Recipes]

3. Tuscan Porterhouse Steak With Red Wine Peppercorn Jus

The porterhouse steak cut is a great alternative to splurging on tenderloin. You still get a large portion of the tender meat, but you also get a whole New York strip steak. It’s a good size for two people, so you need only buy one steak for dinner.

[Source: Gourmet]

2. Steamed Mussels In Coconut Milk

Mussels are a great protein for Valentine’s Day. Buy them right before using, or else you might find they have died in your fridge. They should be very affordable, but some inland cities have a markup on their shipping costs. This coconut sauce gives a unique touch to this dish.

[Source: Serious Eats]


1. Cast Iron Roasted Game Hens

This magnificent one dish dinner is a real winner. Game hens are cooked with potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Bacon is added to the pan first, seasoning the dish and adding a delicious flavor to the meal. You can use any tiny poultry bird, or break down a conventional chicken into smaller parts.

[Source: My Man’s Belly]

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