Are you single this Valentine’s Day? No need to be so negative about such a positive thing. Being single is a great opportunity to get to know yourself, your priorities and have a blast with your friends! Do you have other friends who are single as well? Get them together and celebrate your singleness with an amazing Gal-entines party that is sure to change the way you and your friends view this holiday of love. While love is so wonderful, it’s important for us to celebrate solid friends as well! Happy Gal-entines Day!

1. Rosé Raspberry Sorbet Mimosas

What signifies a girls party? Mimosas! These beautiful, colorful, fruity drinks are delicious to sip on any time of the day, no matter what you’re eating.

Similarly, a gal-entines party would not be complete without an extra special mimosa to get the party started! Appreciate your lady friends by concocting them a drink they will never forget. Photos and Recipe By: Fox and Briar

2. Raspberry Sweet Rolls

Having a sleepover? After a night that didn’t include sleep, a good breakfast is always the right way to start the morning. For gal-entines day though, you need a little pink in your breakfast!

These raspberry sweet rolls are definitely a cheat day meal as they are packed with buttery, fluffy dough and held together with raspberry filling and creamy homemade icing. Photos and Recipe By: Two Peas And Their Pod

3. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies

What’s better than brownies? Chocolate covered strawberry brownies! This sweet combination of flavors is absolutely to die for – especially when valentines day rolls around.

Serve this amazing dessert up to your best friends during your annual Gal-entines day party and you won’t hear the end of it! These squares leave a lasting impression on its consumers, just like a good old love story. Photos and Recipe By: If You Give A Blonde A Kitchen

4. Pink Strawberry Sangria

Another drink that is known for its presence at girls nights, is Sangria! Whether you are making it yourself or buying it from the store, sangria is a sweet way to transition from morning to night.

Use the colors of valentines day to make this sangria look beautiful and on-trend for February. Make sure you add a little twist that will make your guests love it even more – maybe some mint? Photos and Recipe By: Simply Whisked

5. Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies

Raspberry. Cheesecake. Brownies. We don’t know if there’s any other way to make them sound better because they are already sounding heavenly.

If you aren’t a fan of raspberries, try using another red or pink fruit such as strawberries to maintain that delicious, sweet flavor. Photos and Recipe By: Bake.Eat.Repeat

6. Mini Eclairs

Eclairs are one of those desserts that just look so pretty, and also aren’t too heavy of a dessert where you feel like garbage afterward.

For your Galentines Day party, try making them in line with your red, pink and white color scheme while adding some fun and delicious toppings as well. Photos and Recipe By: Camille Styles

7. Puff Pastry Nutella Apple Roses

These pastries not only look absolutely beautiful, but they taste incredible as well. What makes them so delicious is the mix of Nutella with a light and fluffy puff pastry.

Serve with some icing sugar and you can even add a few berries to go with these lovely treats as well. Enjoy! Photos and Recipe By: Hapa Nom Nom

8. Yogurt Dipped Ombre Strawberries

Every basic chick loves a good ombre colored food! These strawberries break away from the typical dark chocolate and instead opt for white chocolate.

If you have a crowd that loves both dark and white chocolate, you can definitely incorporate both into the mix! You truly won’t be able to stop eating these. Photos and Recipe By: Eat Yourself Skinny

9. Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

These cookies are absolutely stunning, especially when it comes to the color. You must be thinking that these are obviously artificial colors created to make desserts look extra appetizing.

The truth is that these beautiful shades of pink were created by the color in beets! This all natural approach to Gal-entines day with make everyone love these cookies even more. Photos and Recipe By: Half Baked Harvest

10.  Strawberry Lemonade Cake Bites

Cake Bites are all the rage when it comes to easy desserts to make and eat! For your next Gal-entines day party, try making this strawberry lemonade flavor!

Dip in white chocolate and then drizzle with some pink white chocolate for added texture and visual appeal. Photos and Recipe By: Six Sisters Stuff

11. Vintage Cherry Chip Layer Cake

When you see a cake like this, do you not start craving dessert right away? Just look at those thick layers of frosting and the fluffy cake!

This traditional cake is the perfect fit for Valentines Day and Gal-entines Day celebrations because it aligns perfectly with the color scheme of the holiday! Photos and Recipe By: House Of Nash Eats

12. Mini Heart Shaped Pizzas

Are you more of a savory person and steer clear of sugar-loaded desserts? While everyone is enjoying their cake, you can be making your own masterpiece.

Heart shaped pizzas make an excellent appetizer or a main dish if you want to make your hearts a little bit bigger with more toppings. Photos and Recipe By: Sarah Hearts

13. Strawberry Mousse Cheesecake Parfaits

Mmmm, combine cheesecake, strawberries, parfaits, and mousse and what do you get? This masterpiece – and don’t forget the Oreos!

This incredible recipe is sure to not only satisfy your sweet tooth but having you crave it every single day. In which case you may want to only have a small portion to start. Photos and Recipe By: Inside Bru Crew Life

14. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cupcakes

There’s always a fine balance between the perfect amount of chocolate flavor versus strawberry flavor when it comes to recipes like these.

This cupcake recipe has the perfect balance with a rich chocolate cupcake paired with fresh strawberry icing. The chocolate dipped strawberry to top it all off is just perfection! Photos and Recipe By: Garnish & Glaze

15. 2 Ingredient Quinoa Chocolate Bark

If you’re looking for a healthier approach to Valentines or Gal-entines Day, try creating this snack for your friends and loved ones.

It’s packed with protein and fiber-rich quinoa while filling your body with amazing antioxidants that will help lower your chances of getting cancer. Photos and Recipe By: Well Plated

Lindsay Duncan

Lindsay loves cooking fun and creative meals for friends and family. At home, you can find her trying out a new recipe found on Pinterest while trying to balance her husband's sweet tooth with her healthy eating habits. If she's not in the kitchen, you'll find Lindsay photographing people she loves and going out with friends to try the newest restaurant in her small town.

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