Valentine’s Day is a huge deal at most elementary schools. From the Valentine’s Day cards with your children’s favorite TV characters on them to the treats to the parties, falling in love may be our goal for Valentine’s Day, but in the early years, it’s about friendship. Kids get so excited about what treats they are going to bring to school for Valentine’s Day, and are so enthusiastic with helping to make them, it is crushing when they get to school and their treats are ruined from the journey. To prevent this from happening, here are some simple treats that are easy to transport from home to school.

1. Rice Krispie Bites

Rice Krispie squares have become a go-to favorite for kids bringing snacks into their class – not only for them but for the parents as well!

Now you can work with the student in your home to create Rice Krispie bites that are Valentine themed with the help of some simple food coloring. Toss them in a Rubbermaid container and you can be confident they will arrive at school in the same number of pieces your child left home with. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: TWO SISTERS CRAFTING

2. Double Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are a great option if you’re worried about your child somehow wrecking their treats in between home and school.

They stack nicely in a Rubbermaid container or can be individually wrapped or bagged for each student in the class. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: SHAKEN TOGETHER LIFE

3. Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

After you make these amazing cookies look like they just came out of a bakery, the last thing you want to have is a pile of crumbs instead of cookies by the time your child gets to school.

Stack these super yummy treats up inside a container and send them to school with your mini-me! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: SUGAR HERO

4. Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cookies

Not only are these probably one of the easiest treats to make, but they are also the prettiest. It’s pretty ideal when easy and pretty co-exist in a recipe.

These cookies can be stored in the same way they were packaged using some saran wrap. If you aren’t so keen on this option, try using a cookie tin or a plastic container. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: THE IDEA ROOM

5. Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats, while very delicious, can become a little repetitive when they show up at every single party at school.

This doesn’t mean you need to forget all about them though! Turn them into chocolate dipped treats on a stick for a fun and innovative way to serve up a traditional treat. Add some sprinkles and transport in a plastic container. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: FAMILY FRESH MEALS

6. Red Velvet Cake Bites

These mini treats are so easy to make and will get to school in one piece, thanks to the hard chocolate coating on the outside.

Have your little one work with you to create the velvety inside of the cake bites and then dip and drizzle chocolate all over them! A cookie tin is a great way to get these to school safely. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: SIX SISTERS STUFF

7. Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

When your little one wants to get creative in the kitchen, making some delicious Oreo cheesecake cookies can be the perfect solution.

The problem is when they get all squished in a backpack, well they don’t look too much like cookies anymore. Refrigerate your cookies a little bit ahead of time and pack them tightly in a rectangular container. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: NEST OF POSIES

8. Valentine Fruit Wands

It’s a simple and healthy Valentine’s Day treat that is sure to please a crowd of hungry kiddies! These fruit wands are definitely something to be enjoyed.

You can be sure that after packing them in a plastic container, these wands will make it to school safely while also giving students some good nutrients. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: A FEW SHORTCUTS

9. Marbelized White Chocolate Dipped Unicorn Oreos

Okay, before you say these cookies look too complicated to make, we have one question. Can you dip a cookie in chocolate? If the answer is yes, this will be one of the easiest treats you will ever make.

After you dip the Oreos in chocolate and sprinkle with edible gold, pack a plastic container tight and refrigerate until your kids are leaving for school. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: A SIDE OF SWEET

10. Red Velvet Cookie Dough Bars

Cookie bars are a great alternative to cookies that tend to crumble. Make a tray of these amazing red velvet cookie dough bars and send them to school without any hassle.

You can even have your little ones add their own loving touch for Valentine’s Day by adding sprinkles on top. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: WE ARE NOT MARTHA

11. Chocolate Covered Pretzel

Pick up some pretzels from the grocery store and simply dip them in chocolate and sprinkle with some fun toppings!

It’s a Valentine’s Day treat that is appropriate for any age and can be individually bagged or tossed in a container without a worry that they will be crushed. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: LOVE FROM THE OVEN

12. Strawberry Crinkle Cookies

What’s the main issue when it comes to cookies being transported to school? Cookies getting crushed!

If your cookies are already crinkled, you have less to worry about when it comes to the cookies getting crushed. Always send your cookies to school with your little one in a container so they don’t turn into crumbs. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: MEATLOAF AND MELLOW DRAMA

13. Yogurt Dipped Ombre Strawberries

Packing your child’s treat for the school Valentine’s Day may make you have some sympathy for the teachers who will have to endure the insane level of hyperactive behavior after the treats have been consumed.

Instead of sending a sugar coated fruit to school, try dipping them in yogurt! Place them in a container and send to school without any worries. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: EAT YOURSELF SKINNY

14. Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops

These adorable little lollies are definitely delicious, pretty and completely safe to travel to school!

You can pack them in baggies individually or place them in a long rectangular container for a safe trip to school. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: HAPPINESS IS HOMEMADE

15. Old Fashioned Cinnamon Sugar Baked Cake Donuts

These may look like regular doughnuts, but they can be jazzed up pretty quickly to be Valentine’s Day themed! Add some pink and white sprinkles on top!

The best part is, you can fit a whole line up of these donuts into a plastic container and send them to school. Even if they get squished, they’ll taste just as good! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: THE BUSY BAKER

16. Valentine’s S’Mores Snack Mix

This snack mix is the perfect solution for when you forgot about Valentine’s Day and you need to put something together super quickly for your child’s class party!

Mix marshmallows, candy, chocolates and graham crackers together and fill a big jar with it. Send a scoop for easy serving! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: A NIGHT OWL BLOG

17. Coconut Flour Brownies

These easy to transport brownies are made with coconut flour which is extremely helpful for those cannot eat regular flour.

Bake ’em up quickly and then, once they’ve completely cooled, send them to school with your little one with a note for the teacher to cut them. It will prevent squares from getting squished before the class can enjoy them! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: TEXANERIN BAKING

18. Heart Shaped Cake Bites

Cake bites are always a good idea because they are proportioned to prevent a crumbly cutting mess once in the classroom.

Dip the cake bites into chocolate and add some sweet messages to finish it all off. Pack in a plastic container and send to school! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: IT’S ALWAYS AUTUMN

19. Valentine Shortbread Cookies

These cookies look beautiful, but to create them it’s quite an easy process that doesn’t require any type of precision or technique. Perfect for little hands that love to cook!

The cookies look messy already so if they get a little jostled up on the way to school, no harm, no foul! Pack them tightly in a plastic container for the trip to school. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: TUTTI DOLCE

20. Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookies
We’re a little biased but we swear by these incredible dark chocolate salted caramel cookies. It’s such a simple recipe but it is well loved by all.

Pack these cookies in a plastic container or cookie tin and pack in your little ones backpack. They will be ready to eat by that 2pm Valentine’s Day party at school. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: FORKLY

Lindsay Duncan

Lindsay loves cooking fun and creative meals for friends and family. At home, you can find her trying out a new recipe found on Pinterest while trying to balance her husband's sweet tooth with her healthy eating habits. If she's not in the kitchen, you'll find Lindsay photographing people she loves and going out with friends to try the newest restaurant in her small town.

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