Starting a new diet or following through with your diet can seem hard but really, it’s all about the planning. Breakfast can be that one meal of the day that if you’re in a hurry can easily be neglected or even skipped.  With the Keto diet, to really see results you need to follow through 100%. A lot of breakfast foods contain a ton of carbs such as bread or oats and can make choosing Keto breakfast choices to seem very difficult. But don’t stress,  we have compiled some of the best low-carb recipes to eat for breakfast while on the Keto diet.

1. Low-Carb Keto Everything Bagel

You know that warm fuzzy feeling that carbs give you? Well, don’t miss out on the Keto diet because these low-carb everything bagels won’t make you think twice.

These bagels hold all the flavor that your average everything bagel carry but without the guilt, and gluten. Enjoy with cream cheese and never feel heartbroken about missing your morning Starbucks run again.

PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: Peace, Love and Low Carb

2. Keto Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

You don’t have to miss out on your morning breakfast sandwich any longer. Maybe your morning routine was to grab a coffee and a breakfast sandwich at a drive-thru or your local coffee shop. As an alternative, try making this recipe at home.

These breakfast sandwiches are perfect if you’re looking for a satisfying breakfast item or even a great brunch item. It will help you stay on track with your diet and your family will love it too.


3. Baked Mini-Frittatas

Muffin tin recipes are so fun and easy. Make a whole weeks worth of breakfast in one tray saving you time and energy for those early mornings.

If you need a break from all the meat intake on your Keto diet then this recipe is perfect for you. Avoiding all your diet restrictions, but hitting high on flavor, these mini frittatas will be sure to please you. The combination of the savory fried mushrooms and cheesy feta and cottage cheese will make you want these weekly.


4. Keto Taco Breakfast Skillet

There is no better way to kick off taco Tuesday than to have tacos for breakfast. Or have them any day really, let’s be real… you don’t need a special occasion to have tacos! There is nothing like fun dinner items that you can turn into a yummy breakfast bite.

Meal prepping or planning is vital to staying on track with a diet. Make this recipe during your downtime on the weekend so that you and your family can enjoy a delicious breakfast during the week. Simply heat, eat and head out the door.

PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: Peace, Love and Low Carb

5. Healthy Fluffy Low-Carb Waffles

There is nothing like waking up slowly on a Saturday and indulging in some delicious waffles with some sweet syrup. Being on a diet does not have to distract you from your ordinary traditions or cravings.

These low-carb waffles will satisfy your weekend craving. You can even make an extra batch and freeze to have later in the week. These Keto friendly waffles are made with coconut flour, a great source of fiber, and egg whites, a great source of protein. Choose a sugar-free syrup, raspberries or enjoy them savory with a fried egg for a perfect breakfast solution you’ll come back to again and again.


6. Keto Overnight “Oats”

Do you miss the convenience of your traditional overnight oats? Then this unique take on overnight oats is a great alternative for you. Overnight breakfast recipes are a great option because you make them the day before, pop in the fridge overnight and grab your ready-made breakfast to go on your way to work or even give to your kids on their way to school.

This recipe uses hemp hearts as a substitute for oats because they give the closest texture to traditional oats. They are also an excellent source of dietary fiber, essential fats and a great source of protein. Just 3 tablespoons (30 grams) of hemp hearts contain 11 grams protein. This recipe contains 1/2 a cup of hemp hearts, just think about all of that protein. This recipe caters to all different kinds of palates as it provides you 3 different flavor choices; vanilla, fudge, and pumpkin.


7. Cheese Crusted Keto Quiche

Quiche is another fun breakfast item that you can enjoy for breakfast and also for dinner. Traditionally quiche is made with a flaky pie-like crust which we all recognize is not okay when it comes to the Keto diet. But, why have a traditional quiche crust when you can make a crispy cheesy one? By making the bottom layer of your quiche with baked cheese slices you will never miss that carb-y crust anymore.

This recipe is both satisfying, cheesy and filling. Even your friends or family members not on the Keto diet will be begging you to make this again. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

8. Avocado Bacon And Eggs

Have you jumped on the latest avocado obsession? There’s a good reason why it’s so popular. Not only is the desirable fruit beautiful but it is also extremely healthy. Most fruits are considered to be high in carbs, which is a no go on the Keto diet. Unlike traditional fruits, avocado is low in carbs and high in good healthy fats. Avocado also contains more potassium than a banana which is vital for healthy blood pressure levels.

This breakfast recipe is a triple threat when it comes to necessary fats for the Keto diet. Avocado, bacon and eggs, this recipe has your Keto requirements covered. The combination of cheesy egg topped with crispy bacon will have your mouth watering just by the sight of it. This recipe is delicious and Hipster approved. Make sure to photograph this breakfast because it is definitely Instagram worthy.


9. Cauliflower Hashbrown Egg Cups

The muffin tin saves the day yet again. These easy to make hashbrown egg cups are another great recipe to make ahead ensuring you are having a fulfilling breakfast throughout the week. The cauliflower hashbrown substitute will give you confidence that you are staying on track with your low-carb Keto diet.

This cauliflower hashbrown cup is filled with cheesy flavor from mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Baking these cups are easy and you can tell they are done when the cauliflower smell changes to cheesy. Finish your breakfast dish off by adding an egg and baking it until the yolk is cooked to your liking.


10. Scrambled Egg Muffins

Another Muffin tin recipe? There’s a reason why they are so popular, because it is well, easy! What better way to enjoy scrambled eggs than a ready-made version. This is such a fun versatile recipe. Change up the toppings to suit your taste and help you stay on track with your low-carb keto diet.

This recipe includes toppings such as tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and ham. But if you don’t enjoy those choices simply opt out of what you don’t like and change up your vegetable choices. You could even go meatless or change up the ham to sausage or bacon, whatever floats your boat!


11.Keto French Toast

This easy french toast recipe can be made as a delicious breakfast item but also as an excellent dessert choice. If you’re feeling adventurous this recipe includes two different home-made bread recipes both low-carb friendly for your Keto diet. Although, if you’re not much of a baker use a store bought low-carb bread that will work great too.

This delicious French toast is coated in a rich creamy and egg mixture that will definitely satisfy you. Dust your French toast with cinnamon and Erythritol (an excellent sugar substitute) and top it off with sugar-free maple syrup for extra sweetness.


12. Keto Blueberry Smoothie

Did you know you can still have some fruits while one the Keto diet? While it is best to avoid most fruits as they are high in carbs, you can eat most berries on the Keto diet, but always in moderation. Eating low-carb fruits such as berries in moderation is important because they are still packed with natural sugars (fructose). Some low-carb fruits include; avocados, tomatoes, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, peaches and many other great choices.

What better way to start your day off or finish a workout with this beautiful Keto approved smoothie. Let’s put the unicorn frappuccino to shame with this healthy and easy on the eyes smoothie, like how beautiful is this? Easy to put together, the combination of vanilla and blueberry will feel like a dessert for breakfast. Blueberries also contain a lot of healthy nutrients such as a great source of anti-oxidants (damage control), Folate-or known as Vitamin B9 (an important mineral for pregnant women, and regulates cholesterol), as well as a great course of vitamin C. Finish your smoothie by adding full fat yogurt to give it that stunning galaxy swirl and top it off with (optional) unsweetened coconut shreds. Your masterpiece drink is only minutes away.


13. Spaghetti Squash Hashbrowns

Hashbrowns are an awesome side that can complete any breakfast dish. However, when you’re on the low-carb Keto diet you have to say goodbye to your beloved potatoes. That doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to hashbrowns though. Enjoy this awesome twist on hashbrowns by substituting potatoes for spaghetti squash. What better way to use up your leftover spaghetti squash than to make these hashbrowns.

This recipe is both easy and a great way to not let your left-overs to go to waste. Packed with a great flavor of garlic and chives your mouth is bound to start salivating as soon as you start to cook this dish. Adding an egg to your hashbrowns will help bind them together but also adds extra protein to your breakfast. Top off these delicious hashbrowns with cheddar cheese and enjoy with a fried egg or even bacon for good measure.


14. Low-Carb Cinnamon Keto Cereal

There is nothing like an easy bowl of cereal in the morning. However, a lot of store-bought cereal is full of not only carbs but also tons of sugar. Both are a heavy no-go while being on the Keto diet. Don’t miss out on your favorite cereal with this easy low-carb recipe.

This recipe contains both flavorful ingredients and has a crunchy taste you may desire. Made from unsweetened coconut flakes, unsweetened shredded coconut, almond flakes, sunflower seeds, cinnamon and so many other great whole ingredients you are bound to love this. Store your cereal in an airtight container either in the fridge or in a cool climate area and enjoy on your hurried mornings.


15. Flour-less Crepes

This super easy 2-ingredient low-carb recipe is a great alternative to your traditional pancakes or crepes. Not only are they easy to make but they are also flourless, and gluten-free! The batter is made up of a combination of eggs and cream cheese which help balance the taste and in turn doesn’t give you that “eggy” flavor.

Make these crepes even more delicious by adding your favorite toppings such as sugar-free maple syrup or unsweetened shredded coconut.


16. Instant Pot Customizable Egg Bites

These little egg bites can be whipped up in your Instant Pot on a Sunday to fuel you every weekday morning. Packed with eggs, cottage cheese, shredded cheese, and bacon or ham, you can customize them to be full of whatever low carb, high fat mix-ins you want. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: Forkly

Clarissa Vanner

Clarissa loves experimenting with food of all cultures to make unique healthy dishes. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for new recipe inspiration she likes to pick up a DIY project and use her creative hands to make art or crafts. In her down time you can find her watching the latest documentaries on Netflix or going for nature walks.

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