The best part about Christmas for any kid (or adult for that matter) is the delicious treats that pop up everywhere. This year, make Christmas fun for your kids by whipping up some these amazing (not to mention incredibly cool) Kellogg’s Rice Krispies treats.

From dazzling Christmas balls to tasty turkey treats, there’s no shortage of amazing Rice Krispies Christmas-inspired treats to warm up the holidays this season. The best part? These delicious snacks are so affordable you can make enough for all of your kids’ friends as well!

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1. Christmas Tree Ornament

Spruce up Santa’s snack with your little helpers by decorating each tasty “ornament” with frosting and Christmas-colored M&M’S candies.

A little marshmallow and licorice for the handle of the ornament is a fun, edible touch and an easy way for people to eat their treat. Photos and Recipe By: Kraft Recipes

2. Colossal Candy Canes

The kids will love wrapping these giant candy canes with licorice for a festive snack the whole family can share.

If your family is not a fan of licorice, try using icing instead. Another alternative is to add food coloring to melted white chocolate if your family happens to love white chocolate. Photos and Recipe By: Rice Krispies

3. Stuffed Stocking Treats

Personalize these cute stocking-shapes by letting your little ones “stuff” them with their favorite candies and add their names in the frosting.

The most fun part about this treat is having your kids decide what gifts will be in the stocking! Let them go crazy with icing and candy to create the ultimate stuffed stocking. Photos and Recipe By: Rice Krispies

4. Santa Clause Treats

Make these jolly, round faces with your kids on Christmas Eve. Then leave them out for Santa to enjoy while he delivers presents.

Santa Claus must always make an appearance at a Christmas party! This dessert’s decorations are best achieved with some food coloring and icing, along with some small pieces of candy for the details. Photos and Recipe By: Rice Krispies

5. Christmas Turkey Treats

An array of twisted pretzels gives this goofy-looking turkey plenty of tail feathers. Your kids will think they are so cool!

Who doesn’t love some turkey at Christmas!? You can also use red and green fondant to create festive colored turkey feathers if your crew is less about those starbursts and more about icing. Photos and Recipe By: The Celebration Shoppe

6. Reindeer Treats

These friendly little reindeer are almost too cute to eat, but only almost.  These fun Rice Krispie treats are a perfect party snack for your younger guests and would make a great edible craft project for a classroom party.

You can also use some icing to create funny expressions on the reindeers faces if you are making these reindeer pops for an elementary school party – the kids will love the humor! Photos and Recipe By: Eighteen 25

7. Christmas Tree Lights Treat

Deck the halls with Rice Krispies Treats Christmas lights. A truly unique snack that’s perfect for a kids’ snack, an office potluck party or any Christmas event this year.

You can also add bits of candy cane to the Rice Krispies for an extra kick of Christmas in their dessert if you want to take it to the next level. Photos and Recipe By: Edible Crafts

8. Chocolate Rice Krispie Gingerbread Men Pops

Gingerbread cookies are the best cookies at Christmas, but you can also create them with the help of Rice Krispies as well! Don’t forget to pick up some fun straws to pop the gingerbread men onto for easy eating.

If M&M’s aren’t allergy friendly, use smarties instead, or mini Hershey kisses! No matter what you use, it will be absolutely delicious. Photos and Recipe: Clean and Scentsible

9. Christmas Presents Treat

Frosting “wrapping paper” and little licorice bows make this recipe a deliciously thoughtful gift for friends and family around the holidays.

You can also hollow out of the middle of your “gift box” and fill it with M&M’s as a treat inside a treat! Kids will absolutely love that surprise. Photos and Recipe By: Listen To Lena

10. Fancy Christmas Ornaments

This is our favorite Rice Krispies holiday treat. It’s so fancy and dazzling that everyone will comment on how beautiful it is. You can even wrap them up and give them away as mini gifts for your kids’ friends or your co-workers.

Don’t forget to add a festive little Christmas card with this sweet treat to make someone feel extra warm and fuzzy over the holidays. Photos and Recipe By: Listen To Lena

11. Christmas White Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Squares don’t just have to be for the kids! You can create gourmet looking desserts in no time for your adult Christmas party that will fit the theme but let your guests reminisce about their childhood as they bite into the classic dessert.

Simply dip your Rice Krispie Squares in white chocolate and add some decorative sprinkles to pull the whole dessert together. You can also swap out the white chocolate for dark chocolate or milk chocolate depending on what your guests like the best. Photos and Recipe By: The Kitchen Is My Playground

12. Easy Christmas Tree Rice Krispie Treats

Everyone loves decorating their Christmas tree as a way of welcoming the holiday season into their home. Make dessert tonight match your home decor by creating some homemade Christmas tree Rice Krispie Treats.

You can add sprinkles as Christmas tree decorations, and even use icing as a garland around the tree. The pretzel makes a great tree stump and a handle for your little ones to hang onto while they’re eating their dessert. Photos and Recipe By: Rachel Cooks

13. Rice Krispie Treats Santa Hats

Santa hats are everywhere at Christmas, and they’ve even made their way into our desserts. Instead of using a triangle shaped Rice Krispie Square for a Christmas tree, you can also use it to create a hat.

Use vanilla or cream cheese icing to add white “fluff” to the bottom and top of the Santa hat. You can always use a skinnier icing tool to create fun designs on the hat as well. Photos and Recipe By: Wine and Glue

14. Christmas Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treats

Do you have some Disney fans in your home this Christmas? Make these lovely little Mickey Mouse silhouettes out of Rice Krispie Squares and use a little food coloring to create different colors.

Adding sprinkles of any kind can add a fun and festive holiday aspect to the dessert, while some icing can help make the Mickey Mouse face. Photos and Recipe By: Two Sisters Crafting

15. Grinch Rice Krispie Cake

The Grinch may have tried to steal Christmas in Whoville, but not at your house! Create this colorful Rice Krispie Cake that has a heart for Christmas in a short amount of time.

It really does look more impressive than it actually is! The color is achieved with food coloring, while you can use icing or melted chocolate for the drizzle on top. Photos and Recipe By: Two Sisters Crafting

16. White Chocolate Peppermint Rice Krispies Treats

It may not be a white Christmas outside yet, but with these treats, you can definitely pretend it’s a snow day. Use a cookie cutter to create fun snowflake shapes for your Krispie dessert and soon you’ll have a whole snowbank of them!

For the sprinkles, you can use red and white sprinkles or you can use a variety of crushed candy canes and coconut flakes for a more gourmet twist. Photos and Recipe By: A Latte Food

17. Peppermint Rice Krispies

Candy Canes are a sweet staple around Christmas time, and it’s obviously going to make it’s way into our Rice Krispie Treats. Instead of creating a bright red, create a lighter red color and incorporate some candy cane pieces in the squares as well.

You can slice this dessert up into traditional squares, or get your little ones to use cookie cutters to make them into Christmas tree shapes or stocking shapes. Photos and Recipe By: Nums The Word

18. Merry Christmas Rice Krispie Treats

If you’re ready to take your Rice Krispie game to the next level, you’re ready for this recipe! Instead of dying a full batch of Rice Krispie Squares one color, try making each square multicolored.

Simply cut your traditional Rice Krispies into squares and then use a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes. Make sure you make a red batch, green batch, and uncolored batch so you can swap out the colors. Photos and Recipe By: Two Sisters Crafting

19. Rice Krispies Treat Christmas Ornament

If you’re having an adult Christmas party, these ornaments are a great option. You can use a very skinny icing tool to write festive words on Christmas bulb shaped Rice Krispies.

If you want to make them more modern, use blue and white with silver sprinkles for a Winter Wonderland themed dessert. Photos and Recipe By: Eighteen25

20. Christmas Wreath Rice Krispie Treats

Everyone needs a Christmas wreath! These Rice Krispie Treats are a fantastic favor to send home with guests and are so easy to make.

Instead of using your cookie cutter as a Rice Krispie cutter, simply fill the wreath cutter with the Rise Krispies as they harden so you can fit in both a little green and red. Stick M&M’s or another small candy in the green wreath for decorations. Photos and Recipe By: Two Sisters Crafting

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