Many restaurants are temporarily closed, but that isn’t stopping them from getting creative to ensure their fans can still enjoy their favorite foods. Last week, Waffle House launched bags of waffle mix that you can buy online for the first time ever! Let’s just say you all love those iconic waffles so much that the mix sold out in just four hours! But luckily for us, the breakfast chain just announced that they have restocked their online shop so we can all get another chance to have those iconic waffles in our life! Source: Waffle House

Each order contains 1 jumbo bag of Waffle House’s Original Recipe Waffle Mix and it costs $15.00. It’s also worth noting, that’s enough batter to make about 20-24 waffles! Not a pro waffle maker yet? Don’t fret, each order also comes with a recipe card. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll have those iconic waffles ready to eat in no time. PS, the recipe card also recommends that you prepare the batter one day in advance and allow it to refrigerate overnight. Perhaps, this is the big secret we’ve all been missing in our lives!

Want to order the Waffle House Waffle Mix? Simply, make your order on the Waffle House website.

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ICYM: Waffle House isn’t the only restaurant helping you enjoy your favorite restaurant foods at home! Shake Shack launches DIY burger kits that you can have delivered to your home, and you can get a make-at-home pizza kit from Paisano’s Pizza. Finally, Texas Roadhouse is selling ready-to-cook steaks!

Clarissa Vanner

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