If you find yourself going stir crazy being at home so much don’t fret! Starbucks has created a new way to keep you entertained through its new in-app game called Starland. The game prompts you to select a star of your choice to unveil a prize behind it. You’ll either win an instant prize or a ticket to enter a raffle draw. Follow along as we share how it works, and how to win these exciting prizes from Starbucks!

How To Get The Game

To be able to access the game you’re going to need the Starbucks app. Then open the app and make sure you’re logged in. Next head to your inbox and you should see a link to start playing the game right away. You’ll get 1 free play per day but you can also earn more plays when you make a to-go order. Keep in mind, Starland is only available for U.S. Starbucks members (for now at least).

How to Play

Each play gains you the chance to win an instant prize or a raffle ticket to enter a bigger prize. You’ll need to use the augmented reality feature which uses your phone’s camera to make the gold stars appear. Then select a star of your choice to unveil what’s underneath.

Potential Prizes

Some of the instant prizes include a free drink, a free baked good, or Uber Eats promo codes. But if you don’t win an instant prize you’ll get a raffle ticket to enter a raffle draw for the bigger prizes. The grand prizes include free Starbucks drinks for an entire year, free breakfast for an entire year, and a $500 Starbucks gift card! Winners of the grand prizes will be announced when the game ends on April 8, 2020! So get cozy on your couch and start playing!

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