To help get everyone in a cheery mood, brands are getting ready for a new year of holidays! We’re skipping right over Valentine’s Day and jumping right into Easter with these new limited-edition Easter Egg Oreos. The new Pink Easter Egg Oreos will be popping up in stores across America in February 2020. But this bright and bold snack will only be here for a limited time so be sure to snatch a package or two when you spot them!

Source: Nabisco

The new cookies are pink-tinted golden Oreos and feature festive egg shapes. The packaging even states that there are 5 unique cookie designs in each package. Let the egg hunt begin!

Can’t get enough of Oreos? Did you know Oreos has an online Merch shop where you can get yourself Oreo themed apparel, accessories for your pets and even home decor? Let’s take a look at their collection!

Oreo Double Stuf Cookie Couch Pillow

Get cozy and catch up with your favorite shows with Oreos in hand, and an Oreo behind your head with their Double Stuf Cookie Couch Pillow. This is a pillow every home needs!

Oreo Milk n’ Cookie Charm Bracelet

Step up your accessory game with an Oreo Milk n’ Cookie Charm Bracelet. The expandable bracelet features 2 adorable charms; an embossed Oreo cookie and a glass of milk.

Oreo Cookie Pet Leash

Take your furry best friend for a walk and show up in style with the Oreo Cookie Pet Leash.

Oreo Campfire Mug

Fill your campfire mug with milk and dip your Oreos in style! These mugs are available in either white or black and can hold 16 ounces of milk, coffee, tea, or a beverage of your choice!


Oreo Cookie Graphic T-Shirts

The online Oreo shop features several apparel options. From t-shirts to sweatshirts, and hats, you can score everything you need to show off your love for Oreos. To view the full online merch shop, read HERE.


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