If you love snacking on M&M’s then you’re in for a true treat! M&M’s, part of the Mars Retail Group announced today that they will be opening three new retail locations including Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Disney Springs, in Orlando, Florida, and Berlin, Germany. The expansion to Germany will be their first location in Europe. These retail stores are meant to provide consumers with an inspiring and immersive experience.

Example layout of the new M&M’S experiential stores coming to Disney Springs®, Mall of America® and Berlin.

The stores are said to bring an authentic experience to M&M’s consumers through design and merchandise that features bright and bold colors of the brand as well as a unique spin to honor the culture and essence of the local community. Guests can expect to experience Character moments, an iconic Wall of Chocolate, and a personalized experience that allows guests to create their own custom M&M’s.

Example layout of the new M&M’S experiential stores coming to Disney Springs®, Mall of America® and Berlin.

“Our aspiration will always be to bring the best of the M&M’S Brand experience to our consumers in each retail location,” said Patrick McIntyre, Director of Global Retail at Mars Retail Group. “Our new stores are advancing in design and experience to create a true connection and commitment to place alongside exciting digital and analog moments. We are bringing the brand to life in an immersive way.”

“The future stores, strategically placed in culturally-vibrant areas where our shoppers would expect us to be, reaffirm our goal to connect with fun-seekers and chocolate enthusiasts,” continued McIntyre. “We’re bringing more than 20 years of innovation in experiential retail to these new stores and cannot wait to open our doors to a global audience who will engage with our brand like never before.”

Example merchandise in the new M&M’S experiential stores coming to Disney Springs®, Mall of America® and Berlin.

Here’s what you can expect from the three new M&M’s retail stores.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The new flagship location will be two-stories and located centrally on Level 1 and 2 of the Mall of America. The store will feature a store footprint of more than 24,000 sq. ft and will offer guests an immersive experience with a touch of Midwestern culture. This location is said to have its grand opening in late 2020.

Orlando, Florida

The existing M&M’s retail store will relocate to Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort offering a whole new experience for family fun. The construction of this location is said to start immediately and hopes to debut its grand opening this year.

Berlin, Germany

The new M&M’s retail location is set to open its doors in early 2021. This location will be the first experiential store in Europe and is said to be located on one of the most famous locations in Berlin, Kurfürstendamm in City West. While the store will still feature the brand’s iconic bold colors, it will also be inspired by the local beauty of Berlin.

Outdoor façade of new M&M’S experiential store coming to Disney Springs®.

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