Get ready Disney fans, now you can channel your inner Disney Princess with tasty snacks! Pepperidge Farm joins forces with Disney to unveil special-edition Disney Princess Goldfish. But don’t worry, this new snack features the same iconic cheesy flavor you have come to know and love but this time the crackers are shaped like Disney princesses instead of Goldfish!

The new shapes are featured in sparkly collectible packages that will be available in colors like blue, pink, and purple. Each limited-edition package will feature two princesses from Jasmine and Rapunzel to Moana and Ariel as well as Tiana and Cinderella. Fans can find the royal crackers exclusively at Target starting in June 2020.

Source: Pepperidge Farm

But that’s not all, Pepperidge Farm also partnered with Marvel to unveil their first-ever Avengers-themed crackers! Fans can snack on crackers shaped like Iron Man, Black Widow, Black Panther, and the legendary Avengers symbol. The new special-edition Marvel Avengers packages will come in three colors; red, green, and blue. Keep your eyes peeled next month and score yourself a few packages while they are here!

Source: Pepperidge Farm

ICYMI: This isn’t the first time Goldfish collaborated with Disney. Back in 2018 Goldfish debuted special edition Mickey Crackers in honor of Mickey’s 90th birthday. Then, earlier this year Mickey Mouse Goldfish returned with an all-new Minnie Cracker! The special edition snack features red Mickey Mouse-shaped crackers and Pink Mini Mouse-shaped crackers. Just like the Disney princess, and Marvel Avengers crackers, the Mickey crackers also features the same legendary cheddar flavor you love!

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