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Summer is when chilled wines make their honorary debut back onto patios, backyards and poolsides everywhere. A drink like wine you don’t want to be chugging back to quench your thirst, you want to enjoy it along with your meal, or sitting out enjoying the fresh air. What’s tricky is that chilled wine doesn’t stay chilled long in the hot summer heat. Adding ice cubes to it, waters it down. There’s those plastic ice cubes of course, but they often give off a plastic taste, and then you have to wash them. Who wants to wash ice cubes? Nobody, that’s who.

Freezing grapes ahead of time will solve this first world problem! Simply use those frozen grapes in your wine as ice cubes (green looks best with white, and red grapes with red wine, of course). They will keep your drink nice and chilled, while not to dilute it. The grapes also won’t add any flavor that will change the taste of the wine like other frozen fruits would. Not only that, but they look really classy sitting in the bottom of a sparkly wine glass in the summer sunlight. Oh, you fancy.

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