Thanksgiving is just around the corner and people are planning their menus. Many families celebrate with a multiple course dinner, starting with soup. This is the perfect opportunity to kick your dinner off on a high note. We love mixing up the flavors and putting in something unexpected. We brought together our top 10 soups from the Half Hour Meals website. All these recipes were submitted by people like you. What are you serving this Thanksgiving?

1. Pumpkin Spice Soup

This classic soup has all the flavors of Thanksgiving in one delicious bowl. The richness of the squash makes this a perfect meal on its own. The sweet pumpkin works beautifully with the meaty mushrooms. Serve this soup warm and drizzle spicy chipotle oil for an extra kick. A great extra addition would be bacon sprinkled over top.

2. Asparagus Soup

This vibrant green soup is creamy and a little spicy. It will blow you away! Asparagus can be hard to find this time of year. When buying a bundle of asparagus in store, check for flexibility and color. They should have a bit of give but shouldn’t be too wobbly. If you can’t find fresh asparagus, frozen is the next best thing. They flash freeze it so it should be just as tasty as fresh.

3. Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup

This warming soup has all the pieces of a delicious baked potato. The slow cooker instructions means you will have extra room on your stove. We love to top this with baked potato fixings, including cheese, green onion, and bacon. It’s a warming soup that’s quite filling. If you’re using this as a first course, make sure you give out small portions.

4. Minestrone Soup

This classic Italian soup is warm and filling. The ingredients can vary, so use your left over vegetables for this dish. Traditionally this soup has kale, which is a very healthy leafy green. Kale can be bitter, but soup brings out the best in this vegetable. It is also found in Italian wedding soup. Add it at the end to keep the freshness of the green.

5. Creamy Pumpkin Soup

This lightly spiced soup is the perfect appetizer. The pumpkin is caramelized with bacon before boiling. That brings out the natural sweetness of the vegetable. Pumpkin can give up a lot of water, so be careful how much extra you add. When shopping for a cooking pumpkin, make sure you buy one labeled specifically for cooking rather than a carving pumpkin. They’re different vegetables all together!

6. Spiced Squash Soup

Butternut squash has amazing flavor and makes perfect soups. The apple gives this dish a nice surprise. When shopping for a butternut squash, look for one heavy for its weight. An uncooked squash can last for weeks in storage at your home until you’re ready to use it. Once you cook it or cut into it, use it within the week.

7. Broccoli Soup

We love how green this beautiful soup is! It would be the perfect start to a festive meal. The simple soup base is made simply to bring out the true flavor of the broccoli. To top it off, earthy mushrooms are added to give dimension to the dish. Lemon and oil are drizzled over top to bring a freshness this rich dish needs.

8. Lobster Bisque

Change it up with a great seafood soup. This dish would be unexpected but your guests will be amazed at the flavors. Our first Thanksgiving probably had lobsters served, so pay homage with this dish. If fresh lobster is too expensive, look for cold pack canned lobster. You can find it in the freezer section in large grocery stores.

9. French Onion Soup

We adore this cheesy, warming soup. The caramelized onions in the broth will be the perfect start to a meal. This soup is amazingly easy to make and yet packed a heck of a punch with the flavor. It’s simple, just an onion, and old piece of bread, and some cheese make this soup. Cutting your onion in different shapes change the flavor of this soup, so experiment to find your preference.

10. Butternut Squash Soup

Top this hearty soup with candied pumpkin seeds for a special touch. This soup has the addition of sweet potatoes which add more sweet/savory flavors to the dish. Cinnamon and ginger flavor this thick soup and add a great spicy contrast. If you want your soup thinner, just add hot vegetable stock to taste.

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