Stuffing is a turkey’s sidekick come the season of holiday feasts. No matter how much you stuff that turkey, there just always seems to be a heaping mound of leftovers. Stuffing is delicious, flavorful and aromatic – but day after day of it? Yeah, that gets old real fast. Keep food boredom at bay by taking the leftover stuffing and recreating how you serve it, for an entire week! No waste, no complaints of the same thing served over and over. With these reinvented leftover stuffing recipes, you can keep meals hot and fresh (in taste and in style) so much so – you’ll forget they were leftovers at all.

1. Breakfast Stuffing Cakes

It makes the most sense to start with a breakfast idea, as the first meal after a turkey dinner is this one. Served with a side of bacon and a freshly cracked fried egg, it’s a great way to keep on loving those savory flavors right into the morning.

2. Turkey & Stuffing Dumpling Soup

Making dumplings out of stuffing? Genius. Making a soup from both turkey and stuffing leftovers? The perfect next-day comfort food.

3. Bacon Wrapped Stuffing Balls

The perfect appetizer and snack that will take little to no effort to make, but aims to please those palates!

4. Leftover Casserole

Casseroles are a life essential. Why? Because all the prep is done in advance, meaning nobody needs to stand by the stove AND…you can freeze it to use at a later date. Not looking to have the same type of meal with leftovers this week? Freeze a casserole and rock it next month!

5. Leftover Sandwich

This takes your stuffing, and all it’s best buddies and makes it into a gorgeous sandwich that you can feel good about eating after the holidays.

6. Stuffing Muffins

Let’s just call these STUFFINS! These leftover muffins look a little like cupcakes – but that’s not frosting you see on top, that’s mashed potatoes. YUM.

7. Stuffed Squash

Spaghetti squash is my favorite squash for one main reason – it’s easy to serve in boat form, filled with delicious things and then baked to perfection. Since it all comes apart delicately with a fork, it’s easy to eat and will be an entirely new take on the leftovers.

8. Mozzarella Stuffing Balls

Cubes of cheese encased in stuffing, rolled in panko and fried to perfection. These are something you’re going to be SAVING stuffing for, forget accidental leftovers. Plan for these. Make all the stuffing!

9. Stuffing Stuffed Peppers

What to do with leftover turkey stuffing? Stuff it in something new! Peppers make a great little carrier for this – and brings a whole new flavor element to reinvent the leftovers.

10. Stuffing Waffles

The easiest fool-proof way to eat up that stuffing, is by wafflefying them. It only takes a few ingredients added to the already-amazing leftover stuffing, and you’ve got yourself a whole new plate.

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