Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family and friends. Before you tuck into a big dinner, there are many appetizers to enjoy. We love nibbling on snacks while drinking good wine. It can be easy to accidentally eat too many calories just with appetizers. Many are fried or covered in fatty foods. Moderation is key! You don’t want to spoil your appetite by overeating with the snacks. We collected our top 10 appetizer recipes submitted by users on Half Hour Meals.

1. Roast Beef Crostini

This little bite of deliciousness is the perfect appetizer. Top them with a touch of horseradish for the full taste of a roast beef dinner in one little bite. Don’t be scared of using thick sliced deli roast beef. No one will know you didn’t roast it yourself and you will save yourself a ton of time. These can be served hot, room temperature, or chilled.

2. Cheese Straws

These cheesy bites are a great start to a fun evening. The salty cheese will pair beautifully with wine, beer, or juice for the little ones. You can make these with many different types of cheese to suit your tastes. Parmesan would be brilliant! Sprinkle on your desired spices before they cook. Paprika and chipotle, or an herb mixture would be great.

3. Fruit and Cheese Plate

Kick up your average cheese plate with some fresh new ideas. The pears in this dish were caramelized. The sweet fruit with the salty cheese, strong cheese, peppery greens, and acidic balsamic vinegar make a beautifully balanced dish. Use any cheese you love if the blue cheese is too strong.

4. Sun Dried Tomato Crackers

This is one simple appetizer that looks brilliant. Shh, we won’t tell them it only took you 5 minutes to throw together! The key to this treat is to have a good quality dried tomato. Try a few brands to find your favorite, but unfortunately you get what you pay for. Some cheap brands taste too acidic, and can even start going bad before you get to use them.

5. Potato Skins

This deviously simple appetizer will be loved by all of your guests. They are a great finger food. Top with classic baked potato fixings, like green onion, cheese, and bacon. You can also get fancy and top it with antipasto and more. The potato skin is a great vehicle for delicious toppings. You can find frozen potato skins and that will make this dish even easier.

6. Ham and Cucumber Bites

There’s a reason why classic combinations never go out of style. The cucumber sandwich is a brilliant sandwich but it could use a kick of salt. This little bite fixes that with some parma ham. Use any sliced meat you want. It can also be made vegetarian by just living the meat out all together. Smoked salmon would be a great substitution.

7. Crab Salad

This unique crab salad has an Asian flair. It is a deconstructed California roll. The salty crab and the creamy avocado are brought together with the wasabi dressing. This spicy salad would be a perfect match for a cold, crisp white wine. It will be sure to impress your guests with a fusion flair for Thanksgiving.

8. Mini Smoked Salmon Frittatas

Use mini muffin papers to make these tiny frittatas. Restaurant ketchup cups would also be adorable. Flavor the egg with chives and parsley. Top it with cream cheese and a thin layer of smoked salmon. Fish lovers will adore these luxurious appetizers. They are easy to make but scream fancy dinner party.

9. Prosciutto Crostini

Salty is the perfect start to a big meal. It gets your taste buds all excited and makes you hungry. Go Italian with this appetizer. It doesn’t look like much but we guarantee it’s delicious. This recipe uses goat cheese. If you like your cheese mild, look for a light tasting goat cheese. Goat cheese can range from blue cheese strong to mild mozzarella strong.

10. Herbed Pastry Sticks

This unique appetizer is a beautiful addition to your table. It also uses store bought ingredients to make it even easier to make! Simply sandwich herbs between sheets of phyllo pastry and glue them together with butter and wine. Each one will be packed with flavor and the herbs peek through, giving it an artistic flair.

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