Forkly continues it’s countdown to 4th of July today with 10 easy red white and blue recipes for kids! In case you missed it, yesterday we posted 25 great 4th of July appetizers to make your party sizzle this year. While you sit back and enjoy your delicious appetizers, your kids will be looking for some fun treats to celebrate this special occasion. From red, white and blue pretzels to a unique 4th of July snack mix, there’s no shortage of great recipe ideas to help make this day fun for your kids. The best part? Most of the options below are not only quick, easy and inexpensive but they’re also fairly healthy too. Can’t beat that, right?

Here are 10 Easy 4th of July Recipes for Kids:

1. Red, White and Blue Sprinkled Ice Cream Sandwich

Red White and Blue Ice Cream Sandwich

2. Watermelon Star Pops

Watermelon Star Pops

3. Red White and Blue Rice Krispies Squares

Red White and Blue Rice Krispies Treat

4. 4th of July Jello Feast

Red White and Blue Jello Feast

5. Red, White and Blue Homemade Ice Pops

Red White and Blue Homemade Popsicles

6. 4th of July Snack Mix

4th of July Snack Mix

7. Red, White and Blue Covered Marshmallows

Sprinkle Covered Marshmallow Pops

8. Patriotic Fruit Flag

US Flag Food

9. Red, White and Blue Sprinkle Covered Pretzels

Red White and Blue Pretzels

10. Red White and Blue Chocolate and Sprinkle Covered Strawberries

Red White and Blue Covered Strawberries

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