Party planning doesn’t have to be stressful and you shouldn’t go bankrupt over it either. You really can throw an epic party on a budget and we’re going to show you exactly how! This Fourth of July show your patriotism and throw the best red, white and blue party. The big secret to making this a budget-friendly party is to decorate using only dollar store items!

We searched high and low to create you a list of awesome tutorials to make your own decorations as well as products you can buy from the dollar store. As a bonus, we’ve provided links to all of the Dollar Store items we’ve featured to help make shopping for your party easy and convenient. Thankfully sites like the Dollar Tree allow you to shop online in the comfort of your own home. So catch up on your favorite show and start planning your epic fourth of July party! It really is that easy!

1. Giant Pool Noodle Firecracker

Who knew a pool noodle could serve another purpose other than being a floating device for the pool! This awesome tutorial proves how you can transform a simple pool noodle into a fun 4th of July decoration.

These pool noodle firecrackers will definitely make a big impact on your table and is a great way to add some color to your space. Have the whole family join you because this DIY decoration is so easy! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: MY PINTERVENTURES

2. Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

These mason jar lanterns would be a great addition whether you’re having an outdoor or indoor 4th of July party! This fun DIY project requires jars and paint from the dollar store.

This tutorial will walk you through how to create different designs and you’ll be pleasantly surprised once you discover how easy it is too. PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: ADDICTED 2 DIY

3. Confetti Launcher

Celebrate this Independence day with confetti launchers! This awesome confetti launcher is made from recycled paper rolls and a few items found at your local dollar store.

You could prepare them ahead of time or turn it into an activity for your party. Either way, your guests will love launching confetti in the air! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: KENARRY

4. DIY Fourth of July Chargers

A charger plate is a decorative base for a plate setting. It’s a simple way to dress up a table, however, store-bought chargers are not always cheap.

This tutorial offers a budget-friendly option that will jazz up your table without breaking the bank. Simply pick up a few plastic plates and paint and get crafting! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: ANGELA EAST

5. DIY Dollar Store 4th of July Chip Bowl

Get ready for your 4th of July party and create these fun chip bowls with your kids! This fun DIY project transforms a plain clear bowl into an incredible 4th of July party decoration.

This craft requires a clear bowl from the dollar store, red paper, newspaper, and Mod Podge. Your kids will surely be proud of their work. PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: CATHIE FILIAN & STEVE PIACENZA

6. 4TH of July Outdoor Game: American Cannons

You’re definitely going to need fun party games! This blogger shares how a few buckets and plastic baseballs can be used to create a fun game of toss, called American cannons!

You can play for fun or make it competitive and have prizes! Each bucket can represent points and the player with the most points wins! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: FOUR HATS & FRUGAL

7. Patriotic Wreath Using Dollar Store Leis

Decorate your front door with a patriotic wreath! This tutorial combines dollar store leis with a straw wreath to create a beautiful 4th of July piece.

It comes together quickly and is very budget-friendly, especially compared to pre-made store-bought wreaths! Hang it on your front door, on a wall in your house, or lean it on your food table! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: ACROSS THE BOULEVARD

8. Patriotic Lollipop Topiary

This awesome idea serves both as a centerpiece and an edible treat for your party! All you’ll need is a bucket, styrofoam ball, and lollipops all of which can be found at your local dollar store.

To ensure this lollipop topiary is patriotic, choose lollipops that are blue and red. They’re so easy to put together which means you can assign your kids the task of making them for the party. PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: GLUESTICKS BLOG

9. Easy Paper Goodie Bag July 4th Garland

The dollar store is often swarming with patriotic decor, and party items around 4th of July. With that in mind, head to your local dollar store and pick up patriotic party favor bags, twine, and patriotic stickers!

This tutorial will walk you through step-by-step on how to achieve the perfect folds and how to string the garland together. This simple party decoration will make an excellent contribution to your party. PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: DAZZLE WHILE FRAZZLED

10. Easy DIY Red, White, and Blue Candle Holders

In addition to the patriotic lanterns, you can also make these awesome red, white, and blue candle holders. They would look lovely as a centerpiece on your table!

This DIY project is so easy that you could turn it into an activity to do with your kids. To achieve the patriotic colors all you will need is rice and food coloring! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: FROM HOUSE TO HOME

11. DIY Tiered Serving Tray

Check out how a few dollar store platters and shot glasses can come together to make an awesome tiered serving tray! Keep it patriotic and be sure to use red and blue platters.

If you can’t find shot glasses, the tutorial recommends using a small candle holder. In addition to these materials, you’ll also need glue dots to adhere them together. Use it to serve chips and dip or even desserts! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: CATCH MY PARTY

12. DIY 4th of July Balloon Arch

Balloon arches can be very expensive, especially if you order them from a party store. Instead, make one yourself! This tutorial proves how easy it is and your guests will be astounded once they learn that you made it yourself.

Keep in mind this tutorial uses yellow balloons, however, you can simply swap out the colors for red, white, and blue! In addition to balloons, you’ll need Command hooks, fishing line, scissors, and a bobby pin! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: ADRIANNA BOHRER

13. Easy Decorated Plastic Flatware

Is plain plastic cutlery not cutting it for you? This super easy tutorial proves how patriotic washi tape can transform cutlery from boring to awesome!

Be sure to add plastic flatware and washi tape to your dollar store shopping list! You can decorate plain white flatware, red, or even blue! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: TIKKIDO

14. DIY 4th of July Backdrop

Every party needs an epic photo backdrop! Instead of buying some overly expensive backdrop, make your own!

This DIY tutorial repurposes dollar store table cloths into this awesome red, white, and blue backdrop. Create the wall and then set out a few fun photo props and watch your guests have fun with it! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: OH HOW CHARMING

15. 4th of July Kids Craft

Keep the kids entertained by creating a fun craft station. This cute 4th of July craft requires materials you can find at your local dollar store.

All you will need is popsicle sticks, tissue paper, ribbon, glue, and embellishments. Older kids will definitely be able to create these on their own, however, you may need to help the little ones! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: HAPPINESS IS HOMEMADE

16. DIY Tassel Garland

Want to feel like a professional decorator? Head to the dollar store and pick up red, white and blue tissue paper and create this tassel garland!

This inexpensive party decoration requires tissue paper and twine! Consider stringing the garland across the food table or on the wall as a photo backdrop! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: CASSIE SCROGGINS

17. Easy DIY Pom Poms

This is another excellent idea that utilizes tissue paper! Simply switch out the tissue paper colors for red white and blue and make these lovely pom poms!

You’ll quickly discover that this tutorial is incredibly easy! Aside from the tissue paper all you’ll need is floral wire. They come together quickly and would be a great addition to your party. PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: TWO TWENTY ONE

18. Napkins

Your guests are going to need napkins while they enjoy their delicious 4th of July appetizers! However, don’t serve just any boring napkins be sure to keep your theme going strong and set out patriotic napkins.

The dollar store has a large assortment of different colors and patterns to choose from. You could stick to the solid colors of red, white, and blue or try a fun pattern instead – your choice! PHOTOS AND PRODUCTS HERE: DOLLAR TREE

19. Table Covers

Folding tables are great for parties. You can use them for additional seating or for a food table and they can be stored away when you don’t need them. Unfortunately, folding tables are quite boring and if you’re looking to really make your party epic make sure you add these table covers.

You’ll have your choice of solid red, white, and blue or a patriotic pattern! The dollar store often offers these tables covers for both rectangular and round tables. Be sure pick up a few additional packages to create the fun photo backdrop that we discussed earlier.×108-in/195673 PHOTOS AND PRODUCTS HERE: DOLLAR TREE

20. Stainless Steel Patriotic Solar Stake Lights

Are you planning on having an outdoor 4th of July party? You’ll want to add these patriotic solar lights to your outdoor space.

During the day these lights will be charging. Come evening, they’ll shine bright and help keep your yard lit up. Plus, their patriotic design will fit in perfectly with the holiday! PHOTOS AND PRODUCT HERE: DOLLAR TREE

21. Disposable Plates

Let’s face it, the food always steals the spotlight of every party. With that in mind, you’re going to need plates to serve your red white and blue appetizers for 4th of July!

Once again the dollar store offers a large variety of different colored plates. Your friends and family will truly appreciate your attention to detail. PHOTOS AND PRODUCTS HERE: DOLLAR TREE

22. Balloons

A great way to jazz up any space is to add balloons, of course! The dollar store offers solid colored balloons as well as these awesome patriotic balloons.

Tie a few balloons together or try making an epic balloon arch through the tutorial we shared earlier! Some dollar stores even offer helium! This is a budget-friendly option especially compared to traditional party stores. PHOTOS AND PRODUCTS HERE: DOLLAR TREE

23. Patriotic Balloon Weights/Centerpieces

Why not keep those balloons in place with these awesome patriotic balloon weights. They’ll fit in with the party theme perfectly all the while serving a practical purpose.

If you don’t need them to hold balloons in place they would also make excellent centerpieces! PHOTOS AND PRODUCTS HERE: DOLLAR TREE

24. Patriotic Plastic Bowls

You’ll most definitely need serving platters and bowls at your party! Purchasing plastic bowls is a great way to ensure your beloved fine china isn’t ruined.

Plus this budget-friendly option allows you to choose bowls that fit in with your party theme. The dollar store offers bowls in sets of two. Once again, you could stick to one color or purchase all three to add more red, white, and blue to your table! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: DOLLAR TREE

25. Disposable Cutlery

Alleviate some of the cleanup duties by serving disposable cutlery. The dollar store offers plastic utensils in so many different colors!

Pick up a package of red, white, and blue utensils for your 4th of July party. If you’re feeling ambitious don’t forget about the easy decorated plastic flatware tutorial we shared earlier! PHOTOS AND PRODUCTS HERE: DOLLAR TREE

You’re going to need some delicious food and drinks to go with your 4th of July party! Check out these ideas:


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