Sharks are rad. Year after year, with shark week and little boys (and girls!) everywhere wanting shark themed everything, this party trend seems to be here for the long haul, and why not? Sharks never go out of style. They’re feared and beloved creatures of our ecosystem, that also just happen to be unapologetically badass. Here’s some bite-worthy recipes to make your party extra fin-tastic.

1. Shark Fin Jello Cups

These are not only decorative and creative, but they are purposeful! Those little fins? They’re made of foam and taped to the back of a clear spoon, so guests can simply pick up a cup and enjoy!

2. Shark Shaped Sandwiches

Using a shark shaped cookie cutter, found easily online, you can create shark shaped sandwiches (try saying that three times fast) by simply using the cookie cutter to cut and shape your bread before filling them with sandwich toppings. This idea even comes with some free printables to use for an extra added touch for your sandwiches or even water bottles for your guests!

3. Life Preserver Donuts

When hosting a shark-themed party, you don’t have to make everything about the shark itself. There are many different things that people naturally associate with sharks and can help really set the scene for your party, instead of being overkill on one main point. These life preserver donuts do just that. They keep with the theme, without going overboard (ha!).

4. Cake Batter Shark Bait

Anything this colorful AND shark infested is sure to be a hit at your party. Using popcorn, cake mix, white chocolate and some yummy sharky sprinkles and gummies, this is a treat that will stand out at your party and have everyone diving their hands in for more.

5. Shark Popsicles

Shark popsicles are a great addition to a hot summer shark themed birthday. Since they lack food coloring using clear sports drink, or even water or lemonade as the popsicle itself, you won’t have to worry about sticky food colored fingerprints all over your house either. The addition of the shark gummy in the middle still shows through, and when frozen it takes kids an extra long time to devour.

6. Shark Teeth

Using bugles as the base, this recipe makes big shark teeth snacks using chocolate chips, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. Amazing! Kids will be shoving their mouth full of them, mocking them as real shark teeth and be honest, so will the adults.

7. Chocolate Shark Bark

Colorful chocolate wafers, red pop rocks and gummy sharks all make this oceanic scene that’s easy to make ahead of time, cut up and serve at a party, or bag up for individual take-aways for your guests!

8. Shark Bite Cupcakes

Want to take your shark theme cupcakes up a notch and really wow everyone who bites into them? How about a little sharky humor with jelly filled cupcakes that simulate the look of blood. Nobody likes the idea of eating blood, but make it this sweet and pretty and you’ll have everyone delighted by this little sneaky surprise on the inside.

9. Marshmallow Chocolate Shark Pops

Love the look of cake pops, but don’t have the time or energy for all the extra steps required to make them? Marshmallow pops will solve that! Using marshmallows, popsicle sticks, colored white chocolate, a food coloring pen, candy eyes, and some blue construction paper, you can complete this look for a really fun bite that makes for great table decor, too.

10. Watermelon Shark

This project may be of pinterest fame for the last couple years, but it’s so genius and makes one jawsome centrepiece to any ocean or shark themed party, that it’s gotta be done! Bloggers have become more creative with this idea, some adding in a barbie doll as “bait”, while others fill the shark mouth watermelon bowl with all types of fruits and treats.

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